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New GMC Sierra 2020

The American pickups of 2019-2020 represent the new GMC Sierra (GMC Si Sierra) – the 5th generation of a full-sized pickup truck from the General Motors Truck Company. In our review, a new pickup of GMC Sierra 2019-2020 – photos and videos, the price and specifications, specifications of the brother of the new Chevrolet Silverado , presented in the Detroit Auto Show in January 2020. Changing the generation of the pickup Sierra not only moved to the new T1 platform, but got a different appearance from Silverado, as well as several unique options. Sales of the new generation of the GMC Sierra pickup truck and its luxury version of the GMC Sierra Denali will start in the US market in the fall of 2020 at a price of respectively $ 29500 and $ 53,000.

It should immediately be noted that the new generations of GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado, like the previous generations of pickup trucks, twin brothers. At the heart of the novelties is the new T1 platform with a powerful and sturdy frame made from high-strength steel, as well as hinged body parts (doors, tailgate and hood) made of aluminum. The new platform allowed to reduce the curb weight of the new generation of the Sierra pickup truck by 160 with an extra kilogram, in comparison with its predecessor. At the same time, the wheelbase has increased by 100 mm, in a double-row cabin, passengers have been allocated 40 mm more legroom, and the useful volume of the cargo compartment has increased to 1,784 liters.

However, GM MC Sierra of the new generation acquired a different appearance, so that GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado are now brothers, but not clones. At the same time for the pickup General Motors offers several unique options not available not only to competitors, but not even offered in the entire global automotive industry.

The first feature is the MultiPro Tailgate tailgate (standard equipment for the Denali and SLT versions) with a built-in folding part that has 6 foci of transformation. The MultiPro Tailgate board equipped with an electric drive will help to extend the body and climb onto the cargo platform, provide easy access to the cargo hold and help secure the cargo, and the board can be used as a seat (can withstand up to 170 kg) and even as a workstation at 110 V).

The second unique feature is only available as an option – the CarbonPro cargo compartment, made from a combination of 5 materials (plastic, fiberglass, steel, aluminum and carbon fiber). From the carbon are produced internal load-bearing elements of the cargo compartment – the side and front walls of the body, the floor and wheel arches. The CarbonPro cargo compartment is not only 28 kg lighter than the standard steel, but is more resistant to mechanical damage and is not subject to corrosion.

The new generation of the GMC Sierra pickup truck (in the review on the photo and video the pick-up in the expensive Denali package is presented) is endowed with modern, stylish and charismatic appearance by the designers. At the same time, Sierra looks more solid and representative than the Silverado’s brother, sporting not only the original design of the front part of the body with the grand falshradiator grille and all-LED headlamps, but also the individual external body parts. The doors and wings, wheel arches and sides of the body of the pickup GMC are decorated differently than the model from Chevrolet.

Quite a lot of work on the appearance of the pickup designers decided not to touch the interior of the car. And the new GM MC Sierra received the same interior as the Chevrolet Silverado, but with a modified instrument panel, an original steering wheel and more expensive trim materials (the GMC Sierra Denali salon trimmed with premium “coarse” leather, complemented by contrast stitching and panels of dark wood with open pores). Also appeared a pair of super advanced chips, not available, by the way, to other American pickups: a color projection display that displays a 3×7 inch image on the windshield and a digital salon mirror that displays a picture from the rear view camera.

Add to the arsenal of a new pickup camera, a panorama camera, an automatic braking system with pedestrian detection, a blind zone monitoring system for rear-view mirrors and marking, adaptive cruise control, a new assistance system for towing a trailer ProGrade Trailering System, as well as a Trailer Theft Detection system capable of Tell the owner about the theft of the trailer in case of unauthorized disconnection of the trailer from the pickup truck using the OnStar service.

Specifications GMC Sierra 2019-2020 year.
Under the hood of the new generation of GM MC Sierra, the same three engines (turbo diesel and a pair of gasoline ones) will be prescribed, as proposed for the Chevrolet Silverado pickup. Turbo diesel Duramax 3.0 with six cylinders and petrol V8 5.3 and V8 6.2 with the system of deactivation of cylinders (Dynamic Fuel Management) at low loads. The diesel engine Duramax 3.0 and the powerful petrol V8 6.2 work in tandem with the newest 10 automatic transmission, for the low-end gasoline engine V8 5.3 an 8-speed automatic transmission is offered.
Buyers of the GMC Sierra Denali pickup will be able to evaluate the Adaptive Ride Control’s adaptive suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers capable of changing performance every two milliseconds.

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