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New generation sedan 2018-2019 Mercedes S-Class

generational change in popular models we perceive as a mandatory event in the automotive world.
And the emergence of a new generation of the flagship 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz had been eagerly awaiting and automotive journalists, and fans of the German brand cars.
Discussions on the new S-Class did not stop over the past few years.
And not so long ago passed the pre-opening night car show in Hamburg, and the general public the novelty presented at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in the autumn of this year.
Compared with the previous generation 2018-2019 Mercedes S-Class design of the new flagship of the company is in a more sporty style.
Changed and dimensions.

The new car has increased by several tens of millimeters in length, width and height.
As before, the model is available in two versions – standard and extended wheelbase.
The difference in their length is 10 centimeters.
The car embodies all the latest innovations and developments of German Engineers.
The developers of the new generation sedan 2018-2019 Mercedes S-Class decided to abandon the traditional bulbs.
This model became the world’s first car, which applied only LED elements.
Their total number reaches 5 hundred-ti.
For example, each of the headlights has 56 LEDs, 70 more are used in the rear optics and about 300 light-emitting diodes used to illuminate the interior and luggage space.

Already available 4 versions: 2 versions with hybrid powerplants, turbocharged diesel at 258 horsepower and a powerful petrol version of 455 horsepower.
All motors by 20 percent 2018-2019 Mercedes S-Class more economical as compared to the previous generation counterparts and fully meet the stringent Euro-6 environmental standards.
Regardless of the type of motor vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission 7 -step.
Gasoline S500 first “hundred” is gaining less than 5 seconds, while top speed is traditionally electronically limited to 250 kilometers per hour.

While the car is available only with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive has a modification, as well as the powerful AMG version will be presented before the end of this year.
As stated by the chief engineer of the German company Thomas Helmut: “The car is available in two versions – with standard and elongated wheelbase.
First, mainly provides for the European market.
As for the engines, we offer a very powerful 8-cylinder engine, which, moreover, demonstrates excellent fuel economy.
It is specifically designed for residents of the United States of America.
We also offer diesel 6 cylinders in Europe and several variants of the hybrid power plant. ”

Later it will be presented another version of the 2018-2019 Mercedes S-Class hybrid sedan with the ability to recharge the batteries from a household network.
Average fuel consumption of this “green” version of the car will be about 4 -x liters per 100 kilometers.
Thus, the range 2018-2019 Mercedes S-Class, in addition to standard gasoline and diesel engines will include the most advanced hybrid propulsion systems.
The most resonant innovation in the interior was the dashboard.
Its functions are performed by two TFT LCD monitor with a diagonal of nearly 31 cm each.
Located on the left screen displays the traditional dials and the other plays the role of a multimedia system.

German company’s engineers believe that the sensory functions too distracted from the road, so the systems management is performed via circular joystick on the center console between the front seats.
Climate control Thermotronic allows you to create in a sedan 2018-2019 Mercedes S-Class the perfect atmosphere.
It has a function of ionization, filtering and fragrance.
The new flagship car the French perfumers have created 4 flavor.
The idea of fragrance in the car was borrowed from the Maybach models.
Engineers have hinted that can apply to this brand and other developments.
The basic equipment of 2018-2019 Mercedes S-Class provides sound system with 10 speakers th.

Alternatively, you can order exclusive stereos company Burmester.
The increase in body size machines allowed to make interior more spacious and, as a consequence, more comfortable, especially for the passengers of the second row of seats.
For them, the list of options is offered five different seating options that are equipped with the latest Energizing massage system.
The principle of its action is based on the techniques of massage with warm stones.
The choice of six programs that activate massages 14 air cushions.
In the center console between the seats back row is a folding table and cup holders with termofunktsiey that will withstand high or low temperature of the beverage.

The new 2018-2019 Mercedes S-Class received the intelligent chassis called Magic Body Control.
Special stereo cameras detects the road surface irregularities, and when the coating is changed, the car automatically changes the damper settings.
If desired, the driver can control the suspension work more dramatically.
In Sport mode it becomes more rigid and the Comfort mode takes bumps in the road smoother.
Road markings are almost everywhere, and it gives the opportunity to experience the work of almost all the vehicle’s electronic assistants.
The developers of the new 2018-2019 Mercedes S-Class assure that the main innovation is embodied in a complex security systems to facilitate the task of the driver and reduce the risk of getting into an accident.

Distronic Plus adaptive cruise control adjusts the speed, focusing on a car that is moving ahead.
When the wheels of the car hit the road markings, it appears in the steering wheel vibration and automatically aligns the sedan in the right direction.
From now on, the electronic assistants are worried not only about the safety of the driver and passengers, but also for those who are outside of the car.
Of course, to check their work on the road is not too generous, so the German automaker has created a special electronic simulator.
All obstacles and living creatures are virtual, but the behavior of the car is the same as in real life.

The representative of the group, Rolf Magnus told the following: “This is where we can feel the how these systems work.
In fact, in the car a lot of electronic assistants, some of which are part of the Intelligent Drive system.
Here, we can test the Pre-Safe Brake option designed for emergency stop in front of pedestrians, intelligent lighting system that allows you to observe the human or animal by the roadside, operating with the help of an infrared camera and showing on the instrument panel, a special mark.
Also, 2018-2019 Mercedes S-Class determines the movement of the oncoming vehicle and corrects the work beam to avoid dazzling other road users. ”

In addition, it is reported that the option Pre-Safe Plus and Pre-Safe Impulse help to minimize damage to the passengers in case of accident – these helpers recognize the danger of hitting the back of the car and adjust the operation of the driver seat belt and all passengers.
Note that for this machine is suitable tires Nokian summer from “Pokryshkin” .
The company says that, traditionally, the latest technology there is on the S-Class cars, and only then get their other models.
Most of these innovations will soon be seen on the new generation 2018-2019 Mercedes cars.
For example, many of the technologies will get a new C-Class, which will appear next year.
Recall that the price of Russian sedan 2018-2019 Mercedes S-Class starts with a new generation of 3 990 000 rubles.

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