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Ferrari Portofino 2019 – the new Ferrari convertible coupe

The company Ferrari introduced in the network its new model – a cabriolet with a hard top Ferrari Portofino 2019-2020. The novelty is designed to replace the open two-door California, which has been on the market for almost ten years (three years ago the prefix T was added to the name of the car). A full-scale presentation of a new sports car from Maranello, which received the name of the Italian resort town, will be held at the September auto show in Frankfurt. The new coupe-cabriolet will become the most affordable model of Ferrari, the cost of which will be approximately 190-200 thousand euros. In the current review, we will present photos, complete sets and prices, equipment and specifications of the Ferrari Portofino 2019-2020 – a more modern and sophisticated version of the California T. Convertible.

Design Features

The Italian novelty, apparently, is based on the same chassis as the predecessor. Hence, there are very small differences in the exterior dimensions of the body. The new Portofino has a length of 4586 mm (+16 mm relative to the “Californian” fellow), in width – 1938 mm (+28 mm), in height – 1318 mm (-4 mm). The weighting of the model, if not ideal, is as close to that as possible – 46:54 in favor of the aft part (in California T the mass distribution was 47:53).

Externally, Ferrari Portofino, as befits a high-speed car, is full of dynamics and aggression. When the roof is raised, the car finds absolutely smooth and flawless aerodynamic outlines that form a typical fastback silhouette.
Photos Ferrari Portofino 2019-2020

The configuration of the bow provides the best streamlining and optimal movement of air flows. In the presence of a large, almost the entire width of the body, the central air intake, two more modest niches on the sides of the bumper and a couple of not so noticeable cutouts along the outer edge of the headlights. Compact sections next to the optics blocks ensure the intake of the incoming air, after which it is run through the channels in the front wheel arches and is pulled outward, heading along the sidewalls. This reduces the resistance, and improves the aerodynamic characteristics. An impressive splitter and a hefty hood with an original surface topography add the look of the Ferrari sports car to the drive and excitement.

Exterior of the two-door Ferrari

The stern of the coupe-cabriolet sports stylish ring-shaped LED flashlights, a large sport diffuser and four round exhaust pipe exhaust pipes, which are paired in pairs on the edges of the bumper. The side view gives an opportunity to enjoy an impeccable profile with a long bonnet and solid stern, athletic sidewalls with an interesting relief of punching, powerful wings with huge wheel arches.

Internal layout

Salon of the new Ferrari Portofino has a familiar architecture in California T, but, of course, without local improvements here could not do. For example, on the console appeared increased to 10.2 inches multimedia display, and before the eyes of the front passenger now flaunts a small additional screen.

Interior of Ferrari Portofino Photo

In addition, the model features a new steering wheel with a characteristic undercut on the bottom, a dashboard with an analog tachometer and digital screens on the sides, a modernized climate control unit, front seats with an upgraded profile and 18 electric adjustments. Along with advanced instrumentation, the car offers exceptionally high-quality finishing materials – leather (natural and artificial), aluminum, carbon fiber.

The landing formula of the novelty is declared as 2 + 2, i.е. Back in more or less tolerable conditions can accommodate two riders. And in Portofino free space on the second row was slightly more due to the reduction in the thickness of the backs of the front seats. Addition, even if minimal, but for such a body format, each released millimeter in weight of gold.

Specifications of the Ferrari Portofino 2019-2020 model year

In the bowels of the compartment under the new coupe-cabriolet of the Italian spill, there is a 3.9-liter bi-turbated “eight” with a return of 600 hp. (at 7500 rpm) and 760 Nm (3000-5250 rpm). This V8 is an improved version of the F154, which debuted at California T in 2019 and twice (in 2019 and 2019) recognized as the engine of the year. During the upgrade, the engine received new pistons and connecting rods, a revised exhaust path, and a different control program. The result was an increase in power by 40 hp. and a torque of 5 Nm.

Together with the V8 engine, there is a 7-speed robotic box that allows gear changes with the help of the keys on the steering wheel. This tandem can accelerate the car to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds and give it a top speed of 320 km / h. It is clear that such dynamics are provided by the appropriate configuration of the transmission and the chassis. Scheme of the Portofino chassis provides the presence of an electronic rear differential E-Diff3, magnetorheological damping system SCM-E and electric power steering.

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