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New Citroën C1 city-dude

His winning streak on the expanses of the global automotive market new Citroën C1 launched in the spring of Geneva Motor Show. When the city hatchback A-class 2nd generation was presented to the public.

2018-2019 Citroen C1



According to experts, the cost of a regular model 2018-2019 Citroen 1 (9950 Euro) distinguishes it from compact hatchbacks, which together with Toyota Peugeot produce and 2018-2019 Citroen. Their assembly been established in the town of Kolin, located in the Czech Republic. In the spring of 2018-2019 Citroen 1 will be available in stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and other Russian cities. Approximate price of the model in the base will be about 460 thousand. Rubles.
Photo and video materials allow to consider in detail the automotive leader. Due to this, interested buyers can appreciate the comfortable interior and a roomy trunk New 2018-2019 Citroen C1. Which in style bodywork contours almost no way inferior to the representatives of the sports class Peugeot 108 and the Toyota the Aygo year.

Many experts agree that the compact hatchback from Toyota and PSA its original appearance far superior to the first generation of cars that appeared in 2005 and were almost identical.
The attention of the public were presented different cars, the creation of which used a similar solution, including not only technical issues, but also the design of interior decoration. Because of this, customers have a wide variety of options that are expected to serve as the best incentive to increase sales. According to statistics, the total number of the three models that have been implemented in Europe, reached 160 thousand. Pieces for .

The most popular among Europeans uses Toyota Aygo sales, which amounted to over 57 thousand. Second place went to 2018-2019 Citroen 1 (sold more than 56 thousand. Pieces). The third place was Peugeot 107 – he expressed a preference for about 55 thousand Europeans.. Based on these figures, we can conclude that a new line of htchbekov 2018-2019 Citroen C1 and his colleagues expect a very promising future.

3-door Citroën C1

City new 2018-2019 Citroen C1 is sold with two body styles: three-door versions and vpyatidvernom. At the request of the customer they can be equipped with Airscape soft top (size 800h760 mm), which is removed in a special compartment by means of the electric drive mechanism. Thus, the car transforms into a full convertible.


Dimensions 2018-2019 Citroen C1 of the new generation are compact:

  • Body length is 3466 mm;
  • width – 1615 mm;
  • height – 1460 mm;
  • wheelbase new items – 2340 mm;
  • Vehicle clearance equipped with standard tires 165/54 R14 or 165/60 R15 on steel rims (14-15 inches) up to 150 mm.

As it can be fitted with alloy wheels as an additional R15 hatchback option.

Soft roof (optional)


According to experts, due to its original design, the new generation of 2018-2019 Citroen C1 in can claim the title of most stylish city car. By newfangled strokes include massive bumper with huge air intakes. The lower version of its location gives the car share and solidity of moderate aggressiveness. The radiator grille with the company logo and the chain of LED running lights underline the stylish design of the hatchback. Complement the front part of the body of the original form headlamps with integrated direction indicators compact.

2018-2019 Citroen C1 year

For new French model is characterized by minimal overhangs at the front (666 mm) and rear (460 mm) of the body. A distinctive feature of the car is the small size of the hood and the stern, which smoothly into the roofline sweeping. Paying tribute to the automotive fashion designers equipped the Citroën C1 inflated wings and high sills. The bulk of the door creates the visual effect of increasing the dimensions of the car.
Aft hatch marker lights adorn the updated forms, creating a 3D effect. The LED lamps are used as a light source. At the bottom of which is located a large spoiler with integrated stop lamp. The general picture is complemented by a massive bumper and tailgate trim frameless type.

Back view

Color spectrum

The color palette of the 2018-2019 Citroen C1 bodies has eight options, including: black, olive-brown, dark blue, bright red, dark gray, light gray and radiant white.
In addition, the soft roof can be colored one of three colors:

  • Sunrise Red;
  • Grey;
  • Black.

Interior and luggage compartment

As for the interior hatchback 2018-2019 Citroen C1, it is in the smallest details repeats the design registration Peugeot 108 and Toyota Aygo.

Controls, such as the steering wheel with thicker rim offers the convenience. Rate their dignity can be practically any driver who has at least minimal experience driving the new hatchback. The instrument panel is equipped with a speedometer surround, next to which is located in the central part of the on-board computer display. Front seats have high backs. The center console, door cards and a tunnel decorated with original inserts.

Front seats

The interior of the cabin does not shine sophistication, but nevertheless, in spite of its brevity and simplicity differs ergonomics with pretensions to style. 2018-2019 Citroen C1 can rightly be attributed to a series of family cars, as freely in it can accommodate only the driver and front seat passenger. The rear 2018-2019 Citroen C1 places for adults not so much. Therefore, it is best to rear seats accommodate children.


The volume of the luggage compartment of the new hatchback, the 2018-2019 Citroen C1 has a capacity of 196 liters, but if desired, it is quite simple to increase the folding rear seats. After a simple transformation, it increases to 780 liters.

Configurations and comfort

The standard base model 2018-2019 Citroen C1 includes 6 airbags, running lights, LED equipped, special attachment for Isofix child seats. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with an onboard computer, an anti-lock system, AFU and the REF, as well as the steering column adjustment mechanism. On the new model of the French hatchback can be a choice of one petrol engine installed. Power of the first 68 liters. . With the second unit is a bit stronger – 82 l. from. Both are equipped with 5-speed manual gearbox or a robotised ETG.


As for fuel consumption Citroën C1 year, both motors consume it quite economical – with 100 km driving in mixed mode consumes 4.1 to 4.3 liters of fuel. 68-horsepower engine accelerates the car from 0 to 100 km / h in 13 seconds. More powerful unit provides acceleration up to a hundred in 10.9 seconds. The maximum speed of the equipped hatchback ranges from 160 to 170 km / h.

Videos 2018-2019 Citroen C1 :

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