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New Citroen Berlingo 2020

The new Citroen Berlingo 3 generation is presented officially on February 15, 2020 and will soon be a public premiere at the Geneva Motor Show . The new PSA Group compact Citroen Berlingo having moved to a new platform (a combination of the modular EMP2 platform for the front end and the rear with a compact suspension borrowed from the predecessor) became the first-born of the French automotive giant, followed by the debut of the new generation of the sibling brothers Peugeot Partner and Opel Combo . In our review, the new Citroen Berlingo 2019-2020 – photo and video, price and configuration, technical specifications of the French “heel” 3 generation. The start of sales of the new Citroen Berlingo in the European market is planned in the second half of 2020. The price of the novelty has not yet been announced by the manufacturer, but it can be assumed that the basic version of the novelty will receive a price tag in the region of 15,000 euros for the cargo version of the model and from 20,500 for the passenger modification. A new generation of Citroen Berlingo will appear in Russia, but it will not happen until mid-2020.

photo Citroen Berlingo 2019-2020

The Berlingo model for Citroen is a real hit and locomotive of sales. Since the launch of the first generation “heel” in 1996, the French manufacturer has sold over 3300,000 copies of compact cargo vans and compact cars with the original name of Berlingo for 22 years. At the same time, following the results of the last year of 2019, the predecessor of Citroen Berlingo’s new generation of the 2nd generation became the most popular model of Citroen in 17 countries of the world. So the third generation of the model is simply obliged to consolidate and multiply the successes of its predecessors.

The new Citroen Berlingo will traditionally be offered to buyers, both in the form of a utility cargo van (two wheelbase variants) and in a compact car format in two versions of the Berlingo M – with standard wheelbase dimensions of 2780 mm and a 5-seater saloon and Berlingo XL with a stretched 2970 base, an increased total length of the body, a 5-seat saloon and an optional 7-seat saloon. Also, the all-road version of the Citroen Berlingo XTR, equipped with an off-road body kit around the perimeter of the body and a Grip Control system that helps when driving off-road with a hard surface with the help of individual settings of the traction control system, is also promised.

photo Citroen Berlingo 2019-2020

photo Citroen Berlingo XL 2019-2020

In our review, we will tell you in detail about the passenger versions of the new Citroen Berlingo and begin with the stylish appearance of the novelty, which received the front part of the body with a two-story layout of the head optics, like the Citroen C3 Aircross and Citroen C5 Aircross crossover , as well as the Citroen C3 and Citroen C4 Cactus hatchbacks. The new French compact in front looks cool and original thanks to this aesthetic arrangement of LED parking lights and main headlights. At the same time, the remaining details organically supplement the “face” of the novelty: a hood with a stylish relief, neat falshradiatornaya grille, a massive bumper with solid plastic overlays and fog-lamps in deep boxes.

When reviewing the bodywork of a new generation of French compact cars, we catch ourselves thinking that designers have tried to keep the proportions, lines and even the shape of the side windows of the predecessor as familiar as possible to the buyers (they will surely like the continuity of generations). At the same time the body of the new generation looks more strictly and solidly, in a word, the new Berlingo has matured.

  • The external overall dimensions of the Citroen Berlingo (Citroen Berlingo XL) 2019-2020 are 4400 mm (4750 mm) in length, 1850 mm in width, 1810 mm in height, with 2,780 mm (2970 mm) of wheelbase.

It only remains to supplement our story about the new Citroen Berlingo body with several details that differentiate the novelty from the predecessor: the front overhang of the body became more compact, the hood is located much higher, the windshield frame shifted forward, there are Airbump pads that protect the side doors from minor damages if other owners are inaccurate parking, parking lights have received a partial LED filling.

Inside, the new 3 generation of Berlingo has been transformed so qualitatively and multifaceted that the spirit captures. Let’s start the interior … from the luggage compartment. The Berlingo M with a standard wheelbase is capable of taking 775 liters of cargo volume behind the backs of the second row of seats, the long Berlingo XL with a five-seater cabin configuration will allow a minimum load of 1050 liters. The manufacturer does not indicate the maximum useful volume of the luggage compartment, but reports that in the case of ordering a folding front passenger seat, items up to 2700 mm long can be carried in the Berlingo M saloon and up to 3050 mm in the Berlingo XL. Further even more pleasant bonuses are waiting for buyers in the cabin.

photo interior Citroen Berlingo 2019-2020

The armchairs of the second row, like those of the pre-reform model, are separate, but now the Isofix anchorages are present not only on the side sidons, but also on the central armchair. The place of the sliding windows in the rear doors was occupied by the traditional lowered windows with electric windows. Well, most importantly, the presence of a new system of rear seat rearrangement, which makes it easy to fold the rear row, while the backs of the rear seats lie flat with the floor of the trunk.

In the salon of the new generation of Citroen Berlingo there are 28! compartments, niches and containers, including two glove boxes on the front panel for storing small loads with a total capacity of 186 liters. Owners who believe that these storage areas are not enough, as options offer a multifunctional roof Modutop (volume 92 liters).

All the seats in the cabin will be pleased with a dense stuffing, the correct anatomical profile of the backrest and solid side support rollers. Well, the interior and the level of its equipment – a real leap forward in comparison with the predecessor’s interior. The photo shows the salon of the rich versions of Citroën Berlingo and what we see is impressive. There is a well-read instrument panel, a multifunctional steering wheel with a rim cut from below, a modern multimedia system (rear-view camera, navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) with a stand-alone 8-inch color screen, a projection display, a proximity access system and a button start / stop, dual-zone climate control, electric handbrake. In the arsenal of security systems adaptive cruise control, a system for tracking traffic signs, marking and the state of the driver.

Technical characteristics of Citroen Berlingo 2019-2020.
The new generation of the French compact will be offered to buyers with a pair of engines, gasoline and turbo diesel, 6 manual transmission and 8 automatic transmission from Aisin.
Petrol versions of Citroen Berlingo with a 1.2 PureTech engine (110 hp) paired with 6 manual gearboxes and 1.2 PureTech engine (130 hp) in the company with 8 automatic transmissions.
The diesel versions of the Citroen Berlingo are represented by three diesel engines of different capacities: 1.5 BlueHDi (75 hp) with 6 manual gearboxes, 1.5 BlueHDi (100 hp) in the company with a 6-speed manual transmission and 1.5 BlueHDi (130 hp) paired with 6 manual gearboxes or available as an option 8 automatic transmission.

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