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New Chevrolet Captiva 2018-2019 model year

In 2013, the international AUTOFORUM in Geneva, the official premiere restyled Chevrolet Captiva 2018-2019. Quite popular in Russia crossover slightly updated appearance, it changed inside and has acquired additional equipment. The list of changes, of course, is not as impressive, but still it makes sense to look at the updated Chevrolet Captiva more closely.

For the first time on the road Chevrolet Captiva 2018-2019 crossover appeared in 2006.
The vehicle is based on GM Theta platform, and its establishment was engaged in the South Korean unit of US automaker.
In 2010, the crossover has undergone its first major restyling: has been completely redesigned chassis, engines replaced, upgraded interior and exterior.
Since then, the popularity of Chevrolet Captiva has grown steadily, but in recent years major competitors have made significant steps forward, and that has forced developers to think about the next restyling.

This time, the changes are not as grand as three years ago.
Technical filling the car is practically not changed, only slightly changed the chassis setup, but some elements are updated engines.
But externally and inside the cabin a little crossover podrihtovali, adorned with modern elements.
Major transformation for the Chevrolet Captiva in 2013 are in a slight change in the shape of the front bumper, the use of other protivotumanok and adding extra strips in the center of the radiator grille.
In the rear bumper has also changed, there were larger reflectors, round exhaust pipes gave way to the chromed rectangular pipes sporty design, and the rear lights have become larger and have got LEDs.

Dimensions remained the same: 4673 x 1868 x 1756 mm.
The length of the wheelbase – 2707 mm.
It is worth to pay attention to the clearance of Captiva, which the manufacturer prefers to remain silent, without giving him even in official brochures.
Independent measurements showed that the average height of the clearance Chevrolet Captiva is 170 mm, but in front of the bumper in the overhang area it is even lower.
Bitter Pill fans threw crossover current and restyled bumper dipped even a few centimeters.
This means that outside the city is a bumper hitch almost all the bumps, so that even if they wanted to promote the products as the Captiva SUV, it is no more than the usual urban SUV.
Not even the presence of rescued wheel drive.
The interior received even fewer changes than the exterior crossover.
Moreover, in the basic version, these changes and does not substantially visible.
In the eye catches only updated instrument panel and improve the quality of finishing materials.
But in the more expensive versions have become available, new color options leather interior, others lining the front panel and a number of other minor changes.

If we talk about the technical characteristics, in Russia, as before, crossover Chevrolet Captiva will be sold with a slightly truncated range of engines in which there was a place with two petrol and one diesel engine.
Junior has four cylinder petrol with a total displacement of 2.4 liters (2384 cm / cc) and is able to develop about 167 hp
(123 kW) of power at 5600 revolutions / minute.
Torque peaks at 230 Nm is achieved at 4600 rev / min.
With this engine under the hood of the Chevrolet Captiva easily accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 10.3 seconds and average fuel consumption in urban areas is 12.2 liters.
This machine can be equipped with a 6 -step “mechanics”, and 6 A range “automatic”.
Gasoline flagship, in turn, has a six-cylinder, which is equal to the total volume of 3.0 liters (2997 cm / cc).
Power of the power unit achieves 249 hp
(183.5 kW) at 6900 rev / minute and a torque peak of 288 Nm to the mark at 5800 revolutions / minute to provide excellent acceleration dynamics: from 0 to 100 km / h crossover accelerates in 8.6 seconds.
As for the gasoline consumption, this unit is very voracious, in city traffic for every 100 km of track will take about 15.5 liters of fuel.
Aggregated three-liter engine with automatic transmission only.

The only diesel available for the Chevrolet Captiva in Russia, has a four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.2 liters (2231 cm / cc) and is able to develop up to 184 hp
(135 kW) of power at 3,800 rev / min.
The torque of the power unit reaches 400 Nm at 2000 rpm / min, which makes it possible to accelerate to the first hundred on the speedometer in 9.6 seconds.
Consumption of diesel engine fuel is acceptable: 8.5 liters in a dense urban stream.
Diesel, as a junior gasoline engine, may be aggregated with the “mechanics” and “automatic”.
As reported at the beginning of the review, a technical stuffing crossover this time significant changes have not been subjected to, which means that the car will be delivered with the same suspension.
Moreover, there is no evidence, and to change its settings, ie
restyled version, most likely, retained all the advantages and problems of the past: lightweight and smooth running on a flat road, but excessive body roll in sharp bends, large vibration on a country road, a tough response to the major road obstacles in the form of holes and stones.
Recall that the Chevrolet Captiva crossovers are equipped with independent suspension on the basis of MacPherson struts in front and multi-link independent rear outboard system.
The brakes on all wheels disc, ventilated, supplemented by ABS systems, EBD and BAS.

All the vehicle is equipped with an electric parking brake, electronic stability control (ESC) and a hydraulic power steering.
Americans have a serious approach to the issue of safety of the driver and passengers Chevrolet Captiva.
Body crossover is based on a sturdy steel frame, equipped with special areas programmed deformation of the front and amplifiers stiffness in the door constructions to protect in side crashes.
In the passenger compartment in the basic equipment includes two front airbags, three-point seat belts with pretensioners, active front seat head restraints and attachment for child seats.
In the more expensive models or side airbags and curtain airbags are installed as additional options.

As a result, in the EuroNCAP tests dorestaylingovoy Chevrolet Captiva I have received four stars, and now, according to experts, by adding some electronic systems able to improve this result and become the full owner of five stars for safety, but for now it’s only expert assumptions.

During the Geneva Motor Show official representatives of the American automaker has not reported accurate information concerning the delivery parameters, in which the novelty will go to the European and Russian markets.
It turned out only what is now in the basic equipment crossover added keyless entry system, 18 -inch alloy wheels new design, help system at the start of the hill, as well as heated front seats.
The top trim levels will be heated rear seats, a panoramic ambient interior lighting, dual-zone climate control, start the engine by pressing the button, MyLink multimedia system with voice control.
No trendy “excesses” in the form of a rear-view camera, anti-dazzle mirrors or color touch screen manufacturer has added.
Releases redesigned crossover Chevrolet Captiva will be like in five-seater and seven-seater in performance.
In Russia, the new Chevrolet Captiva 2013-2018-2019 model year will be approximately in November of this year, the only all-wheel drive variant.
As for the price, it is, according to the leadership of the Russian representation of concern Chevrolet, and if the change is insignificant.

Recall that the current version of the Chevrolet Captiva 2012-2013 model year is sold at a price of 1.065 million rubles.

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