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New Cadillac CT6 2020

Updated Cadillac CT6 in 2020 presents new products of the American company Cadillac 2019-2020 model year. Having survived the restyling sedan Cadillac ST6 got a chic exterior in the style of the show car Cadillac Escala , modernized interior, new petrol engine V8 4.2 Twin Turbo and sports version of the Cadillac CT6 V-Sport. In our review Cadillac CT6 2019-2020 – photo, price, specifications and specifications of the flagship Cadillac. The world premiere of the updated Cadillac ST6 is timed to the automotive exhibition New York Auto Show 2020, the start of sales of new items in America will be in the summer of this year at a price of 55,000 dollars for the basic version of the sedan with 2.0L Turbo engine, the cost of the “charged” Cadillac CT6 V-Sport with 557-horsepower engine V8 4.2 Twin Turbo has not yet been announced by the manufacturer cars.

photo Cadillac CT6 2019-2020 front view

It is too early to speak about the release of the modernized Cadillac CT6 on the Russian market, for the simple reason that the pre-reform Cadillac ST6 appeared on the domestic market a little over a year ago and, frankly, “there are not enough stars from the sky” – at the moment only 12 American sedan. The Cadillac flagship is created for the American market, where it successfully competes with such representative sedans as the Lexus LS , the BMW 7 Series and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class . Last year, Americans bought 10,542 copies of Cadillac CT6 and only 4,094 Japanese Lexus LS sedans, German sedans BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class finished last year, respectively, with results in 9276 and 15888 cars. So the main competitor for the CT6 is the S-Class from Mercedes-Benz, but … as a “gift” to a German competitor, the American company has prepared a “charged” Cadillac CT6 V-Sport with a very serious technical stuffing, which should focus on.

Technical characteristics of the Cadillac CT6 V-Sport 2019-2020.
Under the hood of the new modification of the American sedan is a unique petrol engine V8 4.2 Twin Turbo (557 hp 850 Nm), transmitting traction on all wheels (all-wheel drive) through a 10-speed automatic transmission Hydra-Matic 10L90. The engine is assembled manually in the center of the Performance Build Center (Bowling Green, Kentucky) in the immediate vicinity of the conveyor, from which the Chevrolet Corvette sports car comes off.

photo Cadillac CT6 2019-2020 side view

The main technical features of the unique turbocharged eight-cylinder engine, created, by the way, from a clean slate are a cylinder block with a collapse of 90 degrees, made of aluminum, four camshafts, 32 valves, a crankshaft and connecting rods forged from steel, a high compression ratio of the motor 9 , 8: 1, twin-scroll turbochargers, electronically controlled bypass valves, a pair of water intercoolers and dual throttle bodies. The engine is equipped with a direct fuel injection system, an independent change in the timing of the valve timing for intake and exhaust, a system for deactivating cylinders at low loads and a start / stop system, a variable displacement oil pump, oil injectors in the cylinder block, providing additional lubrication and cooling of the pistons from below. Turbines provide a pressure of 1.38 bar, while in a wide range of rotation of the crankshaft from 2000 to 5200 rpm, 90% of the maximum torque is available.

Of course, not only the unique engine in the arsenal of the new Cadillac CT6 V-Sport. There is a full-wheel drive, a full-mounted chassis, a rear mechanical differential of increased friction, modernized steering, an adaptive suspension Magnetic Ride Control with electronically controlled dampers, an exhaust system supplemented with active valves, an original program that ensures the operation of the stabilization system and distributes traction along the axles, Brembo brakes monoblock 19-inch brake discs and 4 piston calipers, 20-inch alloy wheels and special tires, manufactured by a person for a “charged” version of the CT6 sedan.

It is interesting that in the engine line of the updated Cadillac ST6 there is also a “civilian” version of the new V8 4.2 Twin Turbo engine, which produces 507 horsepower and 750 Nm of maximum torque. Although the presence of more than 500 horses under the hood is difficult to call a modest performance.

photo Cadillac CT6 2019-2020 rear view

With the introduction of a new gasoline turbo “eight” in the engine line of Cadillac models, perhaps one or even several engines installed on the pre-reform Cadillac CT6 will go into retirement. What kind of engine the American company will donate is not yet known, but there are only three of them: a four-cylinder 2.0 Turbo (265 hp) and two six-cylinder, atmospheric 3,6-liter (335 hp) and 3.0 Twin Turbo (404 hp) .

Having dealt with the technology of the surviving Cadillac ST6 upgrade, we return to the new exterior design of the body, which was solved using the Cadillac Escala concept car and the modernized interior of the sedan.

Having survived the restyling, the 5-meter flagship of the American company received a chic, stylish and aggressive front part of the body, formed by a new trapezoidal falshradiator grille, a tightened grid with an openwork pattern, predatory LED headlamps with LED waterfalls of daytime running lights and a sports bumper with pronounced air intakes and aerodynamic chips. The stern of a large four-door American premium sedan flaunts new pointed light bulbs with LED fill, a new trunk lid and a modernized bumper.

photo interior Cadillac CT6 2019-2020

Changes in the interior restyling versions of Cadillac CT6 are visible, as they say, with the naked eye. However, they, as they say, “a cat for crying.” In the presence of a completely new design of the central tunnel with a pair of rotating washers, providing management of the multimedia system, and a new control joystick automatic transmission. Declared by the manufacturer of better quality than pre-reform sedans, finishing materials.

It only remains to add that the Cadillac CT6, if desired, can be equipped with a huge set of the most advanced and advanced equipment: a virtual instrument panel, a system of cameras with a recording function (Surround Vision Recorder), a thermal night vision system, an automatic braking system capable of identifying pedestrians and cyclists, multimedia with a color touchscreen 10.2-inch screen (navigation, multimedia, OnStar 4G LTE and Wi-Fi), a premium Bose Panaray audio system with 34 speakers, four zone climate control and, of course, dor All kinds of finishing materials (leather of various grades, natural wood, polished aluminum, carbon).

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