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New BMW M5 2018-2019

At first glance – the new BMW M5 2018-2019 does not differ significantly from the already familiar to us the 5th version of the BMW.
What new can we please craftsmen from BMW?
The machine is equipped with a completely new engine, smaller volume, which corresponds to head for reduced fuel consumption.
Instead of the previous 10-cylinder, in an updated version there are only – 8.

As said Michael Mann, BMW Manager: “The main advantage of the new engine – a high torque even at low speed and low fuel consumption.
In addition, the new engine is equipped with an automatic adjustment system of valves. ”

A further air valve throttles have functions, in this case achieved a large charge air admission rate into the cylinder, and this in turn increases the mixing process of the gasoline-air mixture.
“Power – 412 kW, which is 10% higher than the previous model.
Maximum torque – 680 Nm, already at 1.5 thousand revolutions per minute.
This achieves an average fuel consumption of 9.9 liters per 100 km, “- said the manager of BMW – Michael Mann.

However, this car will not only acquire in order to reduce fuel consumption, he’s just asking for the racing track.
However, for the test car (worth over 100 thousand euros) for the speed, it is best to invite a professional racer, as this car has a speed of 305 km / h.
Such characteristics of a sports limousine other vehicles can only dream of.
In addition, the view stops at the huge air intakes, attracts attention and the overall aerodynamics of the car.

The sports car has a good comfort, another proof – comfortable interior of the new BMW M5 2018-2019.
Inside, the atmosphere combines the luxury and a unique combination of sporty cockpit.
The combination of the dashboard is full of unique M-style.
For example, a car seat is particularly comfortable, and the headrests are mounted directly to the seat.
In the center of the back of the sofa is a comfortable armrest, which, moreover, can be used as a small table.

Speeds are switched via a 7-speed gearbox with two clutches.
It should be recalled that the choice of settings in the machine can be selected individually.
These settings are displayed on-board computer by lightly pressing the buttons or the joystick.
But the sound of the engine of the new BMW M5 – will be a boon for fans of sports cars.

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