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New BMW 6-series Gran Turismo 2019 – the new practical BMW hatchback

BMW’s lineup was replenished with a luxurious and practical five-door hatchback BMW 6-series Gran Turismo 2019-2020, which replaced a similar in the format of the body of the BMW 5 series with the prefix GT. Along with the advent of the novelty, the “sixth” family lost at once two of its representatives – a coupe-like sedan Gran Coupe and a two-door classic coupe. A new hatchback of the 6th series will offer an elegant body design, spacious interior and a luggage compartment of increased volume with convenient access.

The start of the European model sales is scheduled for November this year, approximately the same time the car will come to Russia. In Germany, the prices for the new BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo 2019-2020 start at 62,300 euros, which are offered to pay for the modification of the BMW 630i with a 258-strong “quartet” of 2.0 liters. The most expensive version was the BMW 640i xDrive with a six-cylinder unit 3.0 340 hp. and a price tag of 70,700 euros.

Features of appearance

The new Bavarian hatch BMW 6-series GT turned out to be bigger than the “five” replaced by it, which is connected with the use of the CLAR platform from the last BMW 7-series as the basis. The developers have identified a short-wheeled version of the “trolley” model with an interaxle distance of 3070 mm. Around it a car was constructed with the following body dimensions: length – 5071 mm, width – 1902 mm, height – 1538 mm.

Designers tried to give the silhouette of the “six” Gran Turismo the most attractive and dynamic outlines, for which they lowered the roof by 21 mm and moved its top point closer to the front pillars. This correction of the dome went clearly for good, and now the exterior of the car has become much more pleasant and harmonious. Positive shifts occurred in the aerodynamic characteristics of the body, the streamlining of which improved to 0.25 Cx. Reducing the resistance to counter flows contributed to active shutters behind the falshradiator and a retractable rear spoiler, reacting to changing the speed limit.
Photo hatchback BMW 6 Series 2019-2020

With all the modifications made, the BMW 6-Series hatchback retained the attributes of the exterior design inherent in all “Bavarians”. This is a classic radiator grille with two oval sections around the chrome, proprietary optics with double rings of lights and a long bonnet with graceful ribs. Headlights, of course, LED, and in richly manned versions – adaptive LED. A distinctive feature of the five-door is the frameless side glazing with chrome edging.

Stylish body design

In addition to the usual exterior design, three design packages will be available for the model – Sport Line, Luxury Line and M Sport. The body color options are twelve – two “non-metallic” and ten “metallic”. Along with the basic 17-inch wheel disks, you can order disks measuring 20 and even 21 inches.

Cabin configuration and equipment

The interior of the BMW 6-series Gran Turismo is an unprecedented level of luxury and the most advanced electronic systems. That is, everything is the same as the elevator of the 5th series, but only now with more spacious and comfortable seats. The vehicle’s instrumentation is impressive – a 10.25-inch virtual instrument panel, an advanced BMW ConnectedDrive media center with a 12.25-inch color display, a projection system for on-board data on the windshield, high-quality Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound with a 10-channel amplifier with a capacity of 1400 watts and 16-loudspeakers, beautiful backlight with adjustable brightness, ionization and air scenting system, front seats with heating and electrical adjustments (plus optional ventilation and massage function), og romnaya panoramic roof (1065×900 mm).

Furnishing and furnishing of the interior

There is nothing to complain about and even the most demanding passengers of the second row. At their disposal will be comfortable seats with electric drive and heating, “their own” climate control panel and screens of the entertainment system.

Rear row of seats

The number of all possible assistance systems and assistants is literally off scale. Here are just some of them:

  • Adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function (works in the range 0-210 km / h);
  • Hold in the lane and automatic correction of the trajectory of the wheel (0-210 km / h);
  • Warning about leaving the occupied strip (70-210 km / h);
  • Warning about the danger of a side collision (30-210 km / h);
  • Rear-view camera or Surround View;
  • Traffic tracking at intersections;
  • Monitoring of “blind” zones;
  • Automatic parking system;
  • Night vision system.

In addition to the highest comfort and abundance of electronics, the new BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo will be pleased with the spacious luggage compartment. The useful volume of the cargo area varies from the base 610 liters to the maximum 1800 liters produced when the backs of the rear seats are folded. The chairs are cut in a proportion of 40:20:40 and folded by an electric drive, which can be activated, including from the trunk itself, by pressing the button. The luggage compartment door is one-piece, not two-section, like the elevator of the fifth series. Already in the standard configuration, it opens / closes electrically. For a surcharge it is proposed to equip the car with a function of non-contact opening by the movement of the foot under the rear bumper (option Comfort Access).

BMW 6-series Gran Turismo in the body of 2019-2020

The new “six” Gran Turismo will be sold with three power units TwinPower Turbo, mated to the 8-speed “automatic” Steptronic. The total number of modifications is five and their designations are as follows:

  • The BMW 630i is equipped with a 2.0-liter quartet of 258 hp. (400 Nm), acceleration to “hundreds” – 6.3 seconds, the average fuel consumption – 6.6 liters.
  • BMW 640i – equipped with a 3.0-liter “six” 340 hp (450 Nm), acceleration 0-100 km / h – 5.4 seconds, consumption – 7.4 liters.
  • The BMW 640i xDrive is the same as the previous version, only with the all-wheel drive BMW xDrive, the acceleration is slightly faster – 5.3 seconds, the fuel consumption is more – 8.2 liters.
  • BMW 630d – hides under the hood 3.0-liter turbodiesel with a return of 265 hp (620 Nm), spurt from 0 to 100 km / h – 6.1 seconds, fuel consumption – 5.3 liters.
  • BMW 630d xDrive – modification with the same 265-horsepower diesel and all-wheel drive, acceleration to “hundreds” – 6.0 seconds, average fuel consumption – 5.9 liters.

For all of these versions, the speed limit is limited to 250 km / h. The drive is either rear or full (for the BMW 630i Gran Turismo only the rear). The standard configuration of the suspension is a front independent double lever and a rear five-link with pneumatic supports that maintain a constant ground clearance. For a surcharge, pneumatic elements can be installed in the front. As an option available adaptive shock absorbers, steering with variable gear ratios and active stabilizers of lateral stability.

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