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New Bentley Continental GT 2019 – the third generation of the British Coupe

In the last days of August 2019, the British luxury car manufacturer Bentley Motors introduced the third generation of the Bentley Continental GT sports coupe. The new model of 2019-2020, like the previous two generations, sold in more than 66 thousand copies, will be assembled at a factory in Crewe, Great Britain. During the renovation, the luxurious two-door car moved to a new platform, gained other body proportions, changed significantly externally, acquired a technological cabin with a mass of advanced equipment, received a new biturbated motor 6.0 W12 TSI with a payback of 635 hp.

In front of the general public, the new Bentley Continental GT 2019-2020 will appear for the first time at the September motor show in Frankfurt. The launch of new products in the European and Russian markets will take place approximately in the spring of 2019. At home, the coupe is estimated at about 150 thousand pounds, in other European countries the price will fluctuate around 200 thousand euros. That’s the amount you’ll have to pay for a modification with a six-liter W12 unit, in the future, versions with a motor of 4.0 V8 and a hybrid installation are planned.

Dimensions and body design Bentley Continental GT

The basis for a new generation of premium sports coupe lay the modular MSB platform, which was recently switched to the “hot” liftback Porsche Panamera . The use of a new trolley resulted in a serious increase in the wheelbase – if earlier the distance between the axles was 2746 mm, now it has increased to 2851 mm (+ 105 mm). At the same time, the external dimensions of the novelty have changed minimally: the length was reduced by 2 mm (up to 4805 mm), the width increased by 7 mm (up to 1954 mm), the height decreased by 9 mm (up to 1392 mm).

In order to optimize the distribution of weight, the developers significantly changed the profile of the car. The front axle was moved forward by 135 mm, because of which the front overhang became shorter, and the rear, on the contrary, increased the length. This correction made it possible to achieve an improvement in weighting up to 55/45 in favor of the front axle, whereas on the pre-reform machine, 58% of the mass was on the front. Meanwhile, the curb weight itself was reduced by 70 kg – instead of the previous 2320 kg the machine weighs 2,250 kg. It was easier to make the body easier due to an increase in the share of aluminum in the overall structure, from which most of the exterior panels are now made.
Photos of Bentley Continental GT 2019-2020

In the new configuration, the coupe became not only more balanced, but also much more adventurous and dynamic. In addition to visual sensations, aerodynamic indicators speak about this – the coefficient of resistance to oncoming flows decreased from 0.31 to 0.29.

If we talk about specific changes in the external appearance, then they are of an evolutionary nature. Designers tried hard not to depart from the brand stylistics, which became a business card of the car and brought him incredible success (recall that Continental GT – the best-selling model in the history of the brand). In front of the novelty slightly increased in size grille, and the bumper has acquired a slightly different architecture. At the same time, the headlights, completely retaining its shape, acquired a completely new optical filling on the basis of high-tech LED matrices, giving the coupe a more expressive “look.”

New stern design

Changes in the aft zone of the Bentley Continental GT of the third generation are much more striking than those from the front, and they are produced with an eye for the concept EXP 10 Speed ​​6 of 2019. At the show car, the updated two-door car borrowed oval lights, exactly repeating the outlines of the exhaust pipes.

Since the start of the sale of the new Bentley model, there are 17 colors of body color available and several variants of wheel disks measuring 21-22 inches. The wheels with tires 265/40 R21 at the front and 305/35 R21 at the rear will be basic, as an option will offer wheels with rubber 275/35 R22 for the front axle and 315/30 R22 for the rear.

Instrumentation and Assistance Systems

Salon Bentley Continental GT with a change of generations transformed beyond recognition, while simultaneously receiving a bunch of advanced electronics. Let’s start, perhaps, with the instrument panel – now it is made in the format of a digital screen with virtual scales of a speedometer and a tachometer. Another innovation is the original three-faceted rotating unit, located at the top of the center console. On one of the planes of this rotary element, called the Bentley Rotating Display, is a 12.3-inch touchscreen display of the multimedia system MMI, on the other – analog dials (temperature indicator, compass and chronometer), the third is a plug with the same finish as the panel. The three-way section automatically rotates when the engine starts, and it can also be manually manipulated using a dedicated button on the console. By the way, the lion’s share of control elements in the new Continental GT is made in the form of physical switches, not touchscreens, as on many modern models.

Updated Salon

Of course, only high quality materials are used in interior decoration of the premium British sports coupe – genuine leather, precious wood, hand-polished chrome parts. Customers will be offered a variety of personalization options using various combinations of materials and color shades.

Rear Seats

By default, the car is equipped with all-LED optics, front seats with 20 electric adjustments (ventilation and massage available) and an initial audio system with ten speakers (power 650 watts). For a surcharge, you can install Bang & Olufsen acoustics (1500W, 16 speakers) or Naim (2200W, 18 speakers). Also, optional packages of the City and Touring help systems are available as an option. The first includes a non-contact opening of the trunk door, a warning about pedestrians, recognition of traffic signs, a camera of a circular view, in the second – adaptive cruise control with traffic assistance in traffic jams, a projection display, control of the driving range, pre-braking, a night vision system with infrared camera.

The volume of the trunk compartment during the modernization has not changed – in the cargo bay is still placed up to 358 liters of luggage.

Specifications of the Bentley Continental GT in the body of 2019-2020

Under the hood of the new Continental GT, the 6.0-liter W12 TSI engine from Bentley Bentaiigi was registered . The presence of two turbochargers allows it to generate a peak power of 635 hp. and a torque of 900 Nm. To handle such a pulling force is designed 8-speed robotic box with two clutches. The classic all-wheel drive system with a fixed thrust distribution between the axles in the 40/60 ratio was replaced by a constant rear drive scheme and a front axle connected if necessary. Forward can be sent to 38% (Comfort and Bentley modes) or only 17% (Sport mode) effort. That is, the car has clearly rear-wheel drive habits.

The chassis of the novelty consists of a front suspension with double wishbones, a rear multi-arm, three-chamber air springs, adaptive shock absorbers, active anti-roll bars with electric actuators. The braking system consists of 420 mm front discs with 10-piston calipers and rear discs with 4-piston calipers. Power steering – electric.

Spurt from 0 to 100 km / h in the new Bentley Continental GT takes only 3.7 seconds (before it was 4.5 seconds), the maximum speed of a two-door is limited to 333 km / h. The average fuel consumption of the car is declared at the level of 12.2 liters and this is 16% less than the car of the previous generation.

In the future, the lineup of modifications of the British model will be replenished with versions with a gasoline engine V8 from Panamera and benzoelectric units. Not far off is the Bentley Continental GT with an open body type.

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