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New Aston Martin DB11 Volante 2019

New cabriolets in in the spring of 2019 will be presented by the British DB11 Volante, shown officially on October 13, 2019. The most elegant, stylish and modern convertible DB11 Volante with a fabric 8-layer roof received a 510-strong gasoline “eight” AMG, which allowed to provide a very attractive price novelties. In our review of the DB11 Volante 2018-2019 – photos and videos, the price and specifications, specifications of the new British convertible.

photo DB11 Volante 2018-2019 front view

photo DB11 Volante 2018-2019 rear view

Sales of the new DB11 Volunteer in Europe and America will start in early 2019 at a price of 15,900 pounds in the UK, from 199,000 euros in Germany and from 216495 dollars in the US. Order a new DB11 Volante in Russia is possible from mid-October 2019 at a price of 220,000 euros (15 million rubles) with the delivery of a live car in the spring of the future in 2019.

Just want to offer our readers a visual comparison of the DB11 coupe and the DB11 Volante convertible using the photos posted in the review.

photo DB11 Volante 2018-2019

photo DB11 Volante 2018-2019

Brothers are twins – is not it, but the open version, in our opinion, looks even more harmonious and elegant than a car with a closed coupe. At the same time when raising the soft folding dome of the roof, the convertible does not lose its attractiveness. The process of folding the roof takes 14 seconds, the reverse procedure, ensuring the return of the dome to the place, occurs in 16 seconds. Do this manipulation with a fabric in eight layers of the roof can be, as with static position of the car, and when driving at speeds up to 50 km / h. Controlling the mechanism of folding the roof is carried out using a button located in the car’s interior, or remotely from the key.

photo DB11 Volante 2018-2019 with a raised roof

photo DB11 Volante 2018-2019 with a retracted roof

The choice of the buyer three options for the color of the roof: silver-gray, silver-black and burgundy-red. The flexible Volante folding roof is designed for the entire life of the car, at least in the climatic chamber the roof has withstood 100,000 cycles of folding and unfolding.

photo DB11 Volante 2018-2019 side view

In the arsenal of the cabriolet, the aluminum hood, Curricue active shutters, Dynamic Torque Vectoring system, three modes of engine tuning, transmission and suspension, rear limited-slip differential, 20-inch wheels, all-LED headlights and tail lights. The body weight of the cabriolet in the equipped condition is 1870 kg, which is 110 kg more than the coupler.

photo wheels DB11 Volante 2018-2019

photo headlamps DB11 Volante 2018-2019

Salon DB11 Volante with landing formula 2 + 2. Rear miniature seats are able to accept at best children, but as a bonus there are Isofix mounts.

photo interior DB11 Volante 2018-2019

Interior, of course, premium: genuine leather, Alcantara, finishing the backs of the backs of the driver’s and front passenger’s seats with natural wood and carbon fiber, heated steering wheel, electric steering column adjustment, first row seats with electric adjustment, heated and ventilated, dual-zone climate control , an advanced multimedia system with 8-inch color screen (friendship with iPod and iPhone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, navigation), a digital instrument panel with a 12-inch full-color TFT LCD screen, 400-watt Audio System, 9 pillows without danger.

photo interior DB11 Volante 2018-2019

Premium audio system (700 W) or audio system Bang & Olufsen (1000 W), front seat ventilation, parking assistant, blind tracking system for rear view mirrors, huge choice of colors and combinations of materials for finishing interior.

Specifications of the DB11 Volante 2018-2019. The cabriolet is equipped with an AMG gasoline engine, it is a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8 (510 hp 675 Nm) in the company with 8 automatic transmissions. A powerful engine and modern automatic gearbox accelerate the convertible from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.1 seconds, the maximum speed is 300 km / h.

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