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2018-2019 New Renault Alpine A110 – the revived sports car Alpina

New cars Renault 2018-2019 replenished with a unique mid-engine sports car Alpine A110, presented officially at the Geneva Motor Show in 2017 . In the review photo and video, the price and equipment, specifications of the compact French Renault Alpine coupe with a 250-horsepower engine installed within the base, driven by the rear wheels and light, only 1080 kg body. The serial version of the Renault Alpine A110 model is presented exactly one year after the public debut of the prototype – Alpine Vision, also shown at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2016. The Alpine A110 coupe is scheduled for release in a limited edition of 1955 cars. Sales of the new mid-engine sports car Renault – Alpine A110 will start in Europe before the end of 2017 at a price of 58,500 euros. But those who want to buy a stylish French coupe are asked to make an advance payment of 2000 euros and apply for a car.

All available versions of the car with the left steering position are reserved only 5 days after the opening of the application for the new Alpine A110 in December 2016, right-hand drive versions can be ordered for now.

Our readers can have several reasonable questions about the new model of the French company Renault with such an unusual name – Alpina.
First, why did the model get the name Alpine A110?
Secondly, it is interesting, why the circulation of the model is 1955 copies?
Thirdly, what is the novelty of Renault, offered for such a high price?

The new two-door Alpine A110 coupe of the 2017 model is named after the rally car Renault Alpine A110 (1962-1977), created on the basis of the civil sports car Alpine A108 (1958-1965). For fifteen years of production, 7,176 copies of the Alpine A110 were produced for racing and rallying. In 1971 and 1973, the riders at the wheel of the Alpine A110 Berlinetta won the European and World Rally Championship. So the modern Renault Alpine A110 has something to suit, and with the pedigree of the coupe full order.

Limited edition of the novelty perpetuates the year 1955 – the date of the founding of the company Alpine, which, incidentally, has been under the control of Renault since 1978. However, in 1995 the French manufacturer refused to produce sports cars under the Alpin brand, giving preference to the production of compact sports cars by Renault Sport. Twelve years later in 2007, after the death of Jean Redele, the founder of the company for the production of sports and racing cars Alpine, in the depths of Reno talking about the re-creation of the brand, but only in the spring of 2016 the world saw a prototype of the new Alpine A110.

But the cost of the novelty only to an uninitiated motorist may seem high. The new Alpine A110 coupe from Renault is a modern, highly technological and unique car of its kind. So the price is real, especially with regard to the cost of the main competitor, the Porsche 718 Cayman with a price tag from 51600 euros in Germany (in Russia the price is from 3811 thousand rubles).

Let’s start with the most important technical characteristics of the French coupe Alpine A110 2018-2019. Within the base of the sports car is a turbocharged 1.8-liter petrol four-cylinder engine (250 HP 320 Nm) transmitting traction to the rear wheels through a robotic box with two clutch discs 7 DCT, specially developed for the coupe by Getrag specialists. The power of the engine is possible especially not impressive, but … the mass of the coupe in the cramped version is only 1080 kg. So the dynamics of the acceleration from 0 to 100 kc for 4.5 seconds is really sport-karovskaya. The maximum speed is limited by an electronic “collar” on the figure of 248 km / h (155 mph).

The weighting along the axes shows 44% for the front wheels and 56% for the rear wheels. Suspension of all wheels is independent, in the presence of the system Driver modes (Normal, Sport and Track), which allows you to choose the optimal mode of settings for units and aggregates of cars.

Such a meager curb weight of the car is achieved by a number of original technical solutions. The body of the Renault Alpine is made up of 96% aluminum parts, the flat bottom allowed to refuse from the spoiler, not only adding extra pounds, but depriving the stern coupe of smooth lines. Used forged aluminum 18-inch wheels from the company Otto Fuchs. And the chair-buckets of the driver and passenger are specially designed by Sabelt specialists with just a funny mass, each weighing only 13.1 kg !!! The Brembo brake system with aluminum calipers and a compact parking brake integrated in the rear brakes, allows you to drop 2.5 kg compared to the traditional design.

When developing the body of the serial coupe, the prototypes of the novelty simply lived in a wind tunnel. Before the engineers and designers was the task to create not only an attractive and stylish two-door, but also to give the model excellent aerodynamic characteristics.
The coefficient of the frontal aerodynamic resistance of the body is 0,32 Cx, and the exterior design of the body is admirable. On the one hand, the sporty two-door coupe looks modern and stylish, and on the other hand, the designers have tried to keep the features and proportions of the body of the legendary Renault Alpine A110 model of 60-70 years of the last century as much as possible.

The newly-made Renault Alpine A110 fascinates with its stylish appearance with classic proportions of the two-door coupe, LED headlamps and dazzling lights, soft lines and lush forms. In this novelty is very compact and looks like a toy, of course, until the engine is activated by a special button. When starting the engine, not only the owner, but also the surrounding people will understand that before them a real sports car with a characteristic timbre of the exhaust system.

  • The outer overall dimensions of the body of the Alpine A110 2018-2019 year are 4178 mm in length, 1798 mm in width and 1252 mm in height.
  • The body of the French coupe is painted in three possible color options: Blanc Solaire (white), Alpine Blue (branded Alpine blue) and Noir Profond (black).

The double salon of the novelty hints at every detail that the interior of a sports car is in front of us. There is a highly informative digital instrument panel, a compact steering wheel with undercut rims, bucket seats with combined leather trim, aluminum pedals and a left foot rest area, a hovering central tunnel with control buttons for a robotic gearbox, as if taken from a Ferrari saloon . The French did not forget to install a modern multimedia complex with a large touch screen, premium music (Focal audio system) and decorative inserts of carbon fiber.

For the coupe, by the way, there are a lot of options for personalizing the interior. Various combinations of materials, color solutions, decorative inserts and, of course, a long list of options.

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