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New 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux – the eighth generation of hardworking pickup

New Japanese pickup eighth generation 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux model year officially presented May 21, in Australia and Thailand. Having gone through a generational change of the Japanese model of pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux acquired more modern exterior design, stylish and high-quality interiors, upgraded technical stuffing (frame, chassis, new engines and gearboxes). Pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux 8th generation has kept the reputation of a reliable, robust and hardy car, but the new Hilux driver provides easier and more predictable behavior on the road will appreciate the great comfort level and improved cabin noise and soundproofing.
Sales of the new generation 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux year started in Thailand in the opening day, with the October car novelty will be available in Australia, and in early a new pickup will be in South Africa. But in Russia the 8th 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux buy can only be in the spring of next year.

Pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux – survivor in the global automotive market. The first generation model appeared in 1968. Over 47 years of production, the Japanese 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux pick-up frame of different generations has earned a reputation for durable, reliable and unpretentious car. Total production of the model in 180 countries sold more than 12 million pickups. Different generation Hilux pickup romp through many countries on five continents, and sometimes remain virtually non-alternative means of transportation in heavy traffic conditions in South Africa, South America and Russia. According to the results of the last Russians bought 6790 copies of the 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux previous seventh generation model (first in the pickup segment).
Having a new and modern appearance pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux eighth generation has become more like a passenger car model of the giant the 2018-2019 Toyota Motor Corporation, . Official photos and a video presentation of the 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux year allow us to consider new narrow headlights with LED daytime running lights garlands, compact false radiator grille with four chrome crossbars, powerful bumper with large air intake section and the classic round foglights. Solidly and excitedly looks new Hilux front.

Profile Body new items typical for pickups, but the designers have tried as much as possible juicy accents: vyshtampovki powerful wheel arches, body trim door mirrors with LED repeaters, harmonious surfaces of the side doors.
Feed the new generation Hilux flaunts a stylish marker lamps, folding rear sides padded chrome handle and an extra stop lamp with LEDs, bumper with chrome-clad canines.
New 2018-2019 Toyota Hilyuks made with three cab types – Single Cab (single), Extra Cab (queen) and Double Cab (double).

  • External dimensions of the body constitute the 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux 5335 mm long, 1855 mm wide, 1820 mm high, 3085 mm wheelbase, 210 mm ground clearance (clearance).
  • For pickup discount tires 205/70 R16, 265/65 R17 and even 265/65 R18.

The fuel tank is enlarged and can hold up to 80 liters of fuel.
One should note that the basis of the eighth generation of the Japanese 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux pick-up is a new frame with a powerful and thick spars than the previous generation model. It is also an opportunity to choose the suspension (shock absorbers and various characteristics of the elastic elements): Comfort – for asphalt roads, Standard – universal for all types of road surface and Heavy duty – heavy loads and heavy traffic conditions.
Maximum load capacity of the new 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux pick-up truck is 1240 kg, towing weight of up to 3500 kg.
The new interior Hilux pickup produces a nice impression. In the presence of not only high-quality finishing materials, but also plenty of modern equipment, new, more comfortable seats of the first row with a larger range of vertical adjustment and comfortable rear sofa, higher quality sound and noise isolation cabin, it can significantly improve the acoustic comfort. The passengers of the second row is allocated to 35 mm more legroom than the previous generation pickup, through the installation of new seats of the first row with thinner backs.
The modern equipment and safety systems necessary to allocate a new multimedia system with 8-inch touch screen (music, phone, navigation, rear-view camera), the instrument panel with multi-function color screen, two-zone climate control, 7-NIL airbags, stabilization system and traction control, an assistant at the start of the downhill.
New 2018-2019 Toyota Hilyuks downright opens a new page in the history of pickups: elegant appearance, stylish and high-quality interior like in a business sedan, rich equipment. driver and passenger comfort a priority, but about powerful engines and safe chassis developers are also not forgotten.

Specifications of the new 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux pick-up of the 8th generation of the year. Under the hood, the new pickup is possible to install four different engines: two diesel engines with the Common Rail system and a pair of gasoline engines.
Diesel 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux is equipped with new engines:

  • 1GD 2.8 – 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel (177 hp 450 Nm) in tandem with 6 automatic transmission.
  • 2GD 2.4 – turbo-diesel four-cylinder 2.4-liter engine (160 hp 400 Nm), mated to a new 6 speed manual (the technology i-MT, implying automatic peregazovku when changing gears).

The petrol version 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux equipped with four- and six-cylinder engines:

  • Upgraded 2TR Series engine – four-cylinder 2.7-liter (163 hp).
  • The six-cylinder 4.0-liter (278 hp).

Driving under suspension generational change has not changed, front independent double wishbone, rear dependent to a bridge suspended on springs. Rear Wheel Drive system 2WD or 4WD all-wheel drive.
In short, the eighth generation of Japanese pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux year was the best in everything from appearance and interior, pumping engines and transmissions. This new 2018-2019 Toyota cars remained true, honest, frame SUVs, designed for heavy daily work.
Hard to have main competitor Mitsubishi L200 fifth generation to compete with the 2018-2019 Toyota Hilux eighth, pickup from 2018-2019 Toyota and looks better, and the quality factor of the interior, and technical stuffing on top. After a couple of months will premiere brother pickup Hilux – new second-generation seven-seater SUV the 2018-2019 Toyota Fortuner .

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