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New 2018-2019 Toyota Highlander is presented in New York

At the auto show in New York, an official debut Crossover 2018-2019 Toyota Highlander new generation.
The car finished the third row of seats, which increased the number of seats up to eight, expanded list of standard equipment and increase the capacity of the luggage compartment.

Adding one more passenger seats in the last row of seats has become possible because of the greater width of the cabin, which increased by almost 11 centimeters.
The capacity of the luggage compartment 2018-2019 Toyota Highlander crossover rose 34 percent.
Moreover, cargo door is equipped with electric drive and can be programmed to any height opening.
As stated by the Japanese automaker, the new generation 2018-2019 Toyota Highlander significantly decreased the noise level in the cabin.
This was achieved through the use of special glasses and new sound-absorbing materials.
The standard equipment includes a car multimedia system Entune with a screen of 6.1 inches, the possibility of voice control and Bluetooth, as well as the help system at the start of the hill and a rearview camera.
The power line will include 2018-2019 Toyota Highlander 2 petrol units, the amount of which is 2.7 and 3.5 liters, and a hybrid installation.
The model with 2.7-liter engine is available only with a drive to the front axle, a 3.5 liter engine is available for both cars with all-wheel drive and front-wheel and a hybrid version will be all-wheel drive only.
Power power units has not yet announced, but the engines of the same volume of the previous generation models develop respectively 189, 273 and 280 horsepower.
In addition, at the 2018-2019 Toyota Highlander with a 3.5 liter engine will now be 6 -speed automatic transmission instead of the 5 -step.
In the market of the United States sales of the new crossover will begin early next year, the price has not yet announced.

Recall that the previous generation 2018-2019 Toyota Highlander is available in the Russian market with a 3.5-liter 273-strong petrol unit, and prices start at 1.63 million rubles.

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