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New 2018-2019 Toyota Camry (2018-2019 Toyota Camry)

Read about the new 2018-2019 Toyota Camry 2015 .

Constructors 2018-2019 Toyota Motors company could implement in the dimensions of the previous model Camry is much more interior volume, after which the new Camry has become more comfortable and more solid.

New 2018-2019 Toyota Camry just on what is 10 mm longer and wider than 5 mm on the previous model, and the height and wheelbase remained the same.
Despite this, in the new Camry it has become significantly much more spacious.

Now the rear passengers by changing the shape of seats, in the area of ​​knee space is increased by 46 mm and the seat backrest is changed by one degree made it possible to sit more comfortably.
The space for the front passenger in the new 2018-2019 Toyota Camry has also been expanded.

For the driver, more pleasant novelties, this high-quality finishing materials, new ergonomics and no mechanics – yes, yes, that’s right, now all versions Camry will be equipped with 6-speed automatic, so it’s time to forget about the cheaper version with a manual transmission.

It has become more expensive, but better.
For the new Camry will have to pay a minimum of 1.02 million rubles, which is more expensive than the previous model.
However, this price surge is understandable.
Firstly, now even the base model is equipped with the automatic transmission.

Second, the standard equipment model was better.
And thirdly, instead of 167-horsepower engine capacity of 2.4, the new sedan received a 2.5 engine capacity 181 hp

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