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New 2018-2019 Suzuki SX4 second generation – who replaced the class and matured

Japanese compact crossover 2018-2019 Suzuki SX4 2 was one of the stars of the Geneva Motor Show . 2018-2019 Suzuki Company is not often pleases its fans with new models. The previous version of the 2018-2019 Suzuki CX4 were produced with minor changes in appearance since 2006, that by modern standards, the automotive business very much. So the change of generations of urban crossover SX4 predictable and pleasant for motorists. Our review will introduce readers to the new exterior and interior design Japanese trends, inform the increased dimensions of the body, passenger compartment and boot, evaluate options enamel color, Example tires and rims, find out the full specifications. Photo and video materials will help to consider the compact crossover is not only outside, but also to assess the views have changed the vehicle.

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New 2018-2019 Suzuki CX4 – increased in size compared to the previous generation model, so much so, that jumped from the B-Class into a higher C-Class.

  • New Japanese crossover up to 150 mm in length up to 4300 mm, was 10 mm wider – 1765 mm wheelbase stretched at 100 mm to 2600 mm, and the body height decreased by 30 mm and is 1585 mm, the clearance (clearance) 180 mm.
  • 2018-2019 Suzuki CX 4 set of tires 205/60 R16 on steel or alloy wheels 16 range, as well as tires 205/50 R17 on 17 discs the size of a light alloy.

Increase the overall dimensions of the body and new design exterior 2018-2019 Suzuki 4×4 – reflected favorably not only on the exterior of the car, but also in the domestic space. About salon talk later, but first we estimate the appearance of a new model.

Top notes of the external design – emotional forms, smoothness of lines multiplied by the bright bumper aerodynamic elements and sculptures false radiator grille, bonnet transforming into a hill. Stylish and masculine front end with organically inscribed large headlamps with a modern attribute of LED daytime running lights complemented necessary for crossover protection plastic lower bumper and foglights.

A review of the new 2018-2019 Suzuki SX4 with a side window sills highlight the rapidly ascending line, gradually declining to the roof of the stern, large radii of the wheel arches, stylish aerodynamic touches the lateral surface of the back of the compact with a minimal overhang. Smooth line originating on the front wing, turning into a bright edge, giving the body a dynamic and sporty look.

When looking at the back of the compact crossover admire original overall lighting units with bizarre twists lines, a large tailgate and bumper Compact with additional elements of light less stylish, but perfectly fit into the overall picture without disturbing the harmony.

Having made a detour around the body Autonovelties by 2018-2019 Suzuki catch myself thinking that the new 2018-2019 Suzuki SX4 has become more solid and brighter than its predecessor. Designers creating beautiful, fast-moving and aerodynamic body, do not forget carefully painted plastic to protect not only the front and rear bumper, and side skirts, door panels, and the edges of the wheel arches. Before us is a true crossover, ready to storm not only the urban jungle.

  • To add bright appearance can palette of colors offered to choose from: Cosmic Black Pearl Metallic (Black Pearl), Sunlight Copper Pearl Metallic (orange), Bright Red (bright red), Kashmir Blue Pearl Metallic (light blue), Galactic Gray Metallic (Gray ), Grey pearl Metallic (dark gray), Silky Silver Metallic (silver), Superior white (white), Cool white pearl Metallic (white pearl) and Crystal Lime Metallic (linden leaf color – dark green).

Salon 2018-2019 Suzuki SX April as a completely new. Front panel with large-screen multi-function center console look stylish and modern, set a new multifunction steering wheel, informative dashboard.

Seats for driver and front passenger heated in addition to the anatomical shape got the bright side support and the recesses on the rear side backs to provide more space for rear seat passengers lap.

In the second row thanks to stretching up to 2600 mm wheelbase and front seat backs with thin accommodate three adult passengers. Legroom and head over to the reserve, but that’s only the width of the interior and the high transmission tunnel on the floor mean comfortable accommodation of two back row inmates.

Cargo space with a full passenger cabin can accommodate 440 liters of cargo, with the addition of rear seat backs his cargo luggage carrier increases to 1269 liters (loaded up to the ceiling) or 875 liters (up to loading level glass).

According to information from representatives of the company 2018-2019 Suzuki quality trim materials was much better. The upper part of the dashboard, upholstery and door cards all the visible elements of the passenger compartment of a soft textured plastic. seat upholstery can be ordered from the fabric or artificial leather. As standard equipment the new crossover has all the trappings of a modern car, starting from the air conditioner and audio systems, ending with ABS with EBD, BA (Brake Assist) and electric power steering. As an option, you can even order a huge glass roof is 1000 mm in length with a hatch that opens 560 mm aperture.

Specifications: new crossover 2018-2019 Suzuki CX4 – motorists will be offered with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive transmission, the new generation of 4WD AllGrip. The driver with the help of the rotary knob can select one of four modes of operation of all wheel drive, the most suitable for the movement in certain road conditions: Auto, Sport, Snow and Lock (forced coupling lock). Suspension front McPherson struts on – an independent, rear with torsion beam at – semidependent, brakes front and rear disc.
two engines and three transmissions are available for the new crossover.

  • The petrol 1.6-liter 2018-2019 Suzuki engine (117 hp 156 Nm), mated to a 5 speed manual or a CVT automatic transmission with manual mode selection 7 fixed gear (paddle shifters).
  • Diesel 1.6-liter (118 hp) in tandem with a 6 speed manual or automatic box – CVT CVT, officially in Russia will not be delivered.

Production of a new generation of Japanese crossover 2018-2019 Suzuki CX4 will be carried out solely on the plant Magyar 2018-2019 Suzuki Corporation in Hungary.
According to preliminary information, 2018-2019 Suzuki engines will be complemented by a start-stop system significantly reduces fuel consumption in urban driving conditions.

Buy a new generation of 2018-2019 Suzuki SX4 official dealers will be after the announcement of the price and with the beginning of the start of sales, which is scheduled in Europe and Russia in the autumn of this year.
Added: the price in Russia on a new 2018-2019 Suzuki SX 4 would be a little less than 800 kDa rubles (799,000 rubles) for the vehicle in the initial configuration GL with front-wheel drive and a 1.6 petrol (117 bhp) paired with a 5 speed manual, CVT presence will raise the cost of new 2018-2019 Suzuki SX4 up to 879 thousand rubles. 909000 RUB The estimated all-wheel drive version of the new SX4, well, most packaged Japanese crossover new generation 2018-2019 Suzuki CX4 will cost 1149 thousand. Rubles.

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