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New 2018-2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara year

Japanese 2018-2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara underwent another upgrade and with a renewed appearance brought to court Russian motorists at MIAS reviewed (this will help us a photo and video), we estimate the new body, interior, specifications and test drive restyling 2018-2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara – . Consider the information about the equipment and the prices for which are invited to buy an updated model of the popular compact crossover with the makings of an SUV.

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New 2018-2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara in its second generation, made on the account since 2005 (the first generation were produced from 1997 to 2005), for the seven years of presence in the automotive market the car earned a reputation as a reliable crossover, capable of storming quite complicated off-road sections. Let’s look for changes in the exterior and interior of the new 2018-2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara, which received the prefix FL after restyling.

Let’s start with the fact that the crossover in Russia is sold in two versions bodywork, three-door and five-door station wagon variants. Accurately indicate the external dimensions of both vehicles, a reservation at once that the length of the data is given to the coffer into account for fixing the spare wheel on the tailgate.

  • Trehdvernyiy Grand Vitara PL has a length of 4060 mm, 1810 mm wide, 1695 mm in height, 2440 mm wheelbase of 200 mm and clearance. Curb weight, depending on the installed engine is 1407 kg or 1461 kg. Trehdverka boasts an excellent indicator of geometric cross body, angle – 29 degrees, departure angle – 36 degrees, the longitudinal cross-country – 20 degrees.
  • The five-door Grand Vitara FL due to the size of the wheelbase to 2640 mm in length up to 4500 mm, width 1810 mm, height 1695 mm, 200 mm ground clearance. Weight of car varies from 1533 kg to 1584 kg. In pyatidverki with the geometry of the body, things are a little bit worse, if the entry angle is the same as that of the three-door brother – 29 degrees, the ramp angle is already a little less – 19 degrees, well, the departure angle is much smaller, only 27 degrees.

When choosing a car do not forget to take into account the testimony of geometric cross, especially if you are going to travel on country roads.
Regarding the changes in appearance just say a couple of sentences. Updated crossovers have received from designers, heads of the exterior, the new liner false radiator grille adorned with a pair of horizontal bars with an extension in the central part to accommodate the 2018-2019 Suzuki logo, powerful front bumper with the “house” in the form of a curved beam, emphasizing the lower duct from the top, and in turn from the bottom contrastly intake isolated plate under the metal. Changed optic headlamps, foglights housed in wells, apron appeared on the edge of the bumper.
The rear part has remained virtually unchanged – a large tailgate opens to the side, vertical lights. Outside of the Japanese crossover has already become a classic design, large bloated wheel arches, large doors, a flat line window sill and the roof line. The rigor, confidence, identity – in one word car is not flirting with her owner. Readers will be able to assess the changes in the appearance on the materials posted in the photo gallery and a video by the roller.
In conclusion exterior review, specify the size of wheels and tires mounted on Grand Vitara FL, color options Body painting solutions.

  • Depending on the engine version, and power level for the auto features wheels that have tires 225/70 R16 and 225/65 R17, also available tires 225/60 R18, on steel or alloy wheels size 16 and available wheels range 17-18 solely alloy.

For the new Grand Vitara offers the following exterior colors: Pearl Pnoenix Red (red), Silky Silver Metallic (silver), Pearl White Metallic (White), Pearl Nocturne Blue (blue), Bluish Black (black), Metallic Quasar Gray (dark gray) , Metallic Pearl Gaia bronze (bronze), Bison brown Pearl Metallic 2 (brown).

Saloon car continued austerity and straightforwardness of the body lines. Steering wheel with a minimal set of buttons (music control) with adjustable only in height, driver’s seat and front passenger heated sufficient for its convenient location set and adjustment range, a beautiful dashboard to accommodate scales in three deep wells, massive front panel, the traditional form of the central console. Changes interior cosmetic, materials used in the decoration of clearly higher quality steel. Tactilely pleasant plastics, combined with rich pickings dermantinovaya leather-upholstery (natural and artificial leather). In the second row seats with five-door version of the stock for three passengers, but at the back trehdverki accommodate two passengers with difficulty.
The trunk is the five-door Grand Vitara is designed to carry 398 liters with the rear next to busy, the second row seats folded will get the opportunity to download up to 1386 liters.
Korotkoobrazny crossover body with a tiny four-passenger luggage to 184 liters, with the driver and the passenger of its cargo capacity is sufficient for 964 liters of cargo capacity.
In Russia, the new 2018-2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara FL model year is available in three trim fixed. In the basic version of the JX-A will power steering, power windows on all doors, central locking, air conditioning, trip computer, heated front seats, electric heated mirrors, front and rear protivotumannnye lights, 6-Th airbags, Music CD MP3, fabric upholstery , tires 225/70 R16 on steel rims. Maximum grade JLX-EL NAV for crossover Vitara FL boast a combined seat upholstery in leather, color touch screen (6.1 inches), navigator Garmin, audio c voice control (CD MP3 USB AUX iPhone and iPod, Bluetooth), the presence of cruise control , stylish alloy wheels with tires 225 / 60R18, xenon headlamps with washer and filling, button engine start.

In the process of updating the technical specifications of the Japanese crossover is not subjected to the special intervention on the part of the company’s engineers. Fully independent front suspension with MacPherson struts and rear axle mnogoryichazhka (five arms).
Wheel drive transmission with locking center differential and the availability of a downshift is a worthy equipment for the Grand Vitara, and not only inaccessible to many crossover competitors, but even for cars that are attributable to the SUV by some manufacturers.
Under the hood is the familiar dorestaylingovoy models of petrol engines:

  • The initial 1.6-liter petrol (107 hp) with 5 speed manual, is only installed on the three-door version of the car. Motor is clearly weak and reluctant to crossover car accelerates to 100 km / h in 14.4 seconds, top speed 160 km / h is achievable. Fuel consumption averages 8,2-8,5 liters.
  • The following 2-liter 140 strong with 5 MCP (or Automatic transmission 4 automatic) is set to pyatidverku and allows you to accelerate to the first “hundreds” of 10.6 (11.2) seconds and reach a maximum speed of 175 (170) km / h, the engine uses mixed-mode 8.4 (8.9) liters of gasoline, and in urban areas of more than 11 liters of fuel.
  • The most powerful 2.4-liter (169 “horses”) is available for “short» Grand Vitara FL 4 with automatic crossover and accelerates to 100 mph in 11.5 seconds at a maximum speed of 170 mph, the fuel requirement of 8 liters on the highway 12 liters in the city and for long shaped FL 5 ITUC (4 automatic transmission) – up to 100 mph for the 11.7 (12) seconds, with a top speed of 185 (175) mph and fuel “appetite” of 7.6 (8.1) liters in the city and 11.4 (12.5) liters in the city. In real terms the average fuel consumption is 10-12 liters of gasoline.

Sea trials, reviews of the owners, and independent test drive with confidence suggest a stable behavior of the crossover on the road with asphalt and off paved roads. A car with a stiffer suspension, responsive steering, but when traveling at speeds above 120 km / h driving stability becomes worse, a crossover requires constant attention, and fuel consumption increases significantly. With a light off-road car handles effortlessly, for heavy road sections is a lockable differential and permanent four-wheel drive, so that if handled adroitly, with the gas pedal and the experience of driving on the roads, our hero can boost rather complicated plots. Do not just forget about the speakers at the bottom of the individual elements of the car in the face of the transfer case, the exhaust system and about the fragile front and rear bumper.

How much is the price of the updated 2018-2019 Suzuki Grand Vitara FL for Russian buyers will start from 895 000 rubles for JX-A 3-door 1.6 liter. (107 hp) with 5 INC. Cost of JX-E 3-door 2.4 liter. (169 hp) with 4 automatic transmission starts at 1,095,000 rubles. Sale Grand Vitara 5-door 2.0 liter. (140ls), depending on configuration and transmission – from 1.015 million rubles to 1,215,000 rubles. The new Grand Vitara 5 dr 2.4 l. (169 hp) is from 1.145 million rubles to 1,305,000 rubles for maximum configuration with automatic, leather seats, touch-screen navigation.

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