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New 2018-2019 SsangYong Rodius (Stavic) – Second Life Korean minivan

Huge Korean minivan 2018-2019 SsangYong Stavic (name for Russia), for other markets the car will be called the 2018-2019 SsangYong Rodius or Korando Turismo, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show the company 2018-2019 SsangYong. Europeans Korean Autonovelties get called New Rodius. The new minivan is the second generation model, the precursor produced in the period from 2004 to 2010 and, to say the least, sold very poorly. The reason for sluggish sales has served as an extraordinary appearance of a large family car. South Korean designers and engineers within 3 years created a new minivan and spending as a result of developing a new Rodiusa about 165 million dollars, the car was put on public display. In our review, try to figure out how efficiently funds are spent – we estimate the new exterior and interior design trends, find out the dimensions of the body and full specifications 2018-2019 SsangYong Rodius sample – year, we will try to place in the family minivan 11 !!! person or weight of cargo in the luggage compartment. Ssangyong Stavik (Rodius, aka Korando Turismo) – New car, the first impression of the exterior and interior design, we obtain with the help of photos and video materials.

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Appearance of the first generation Rodius parents frighten naughty children, was so unattractive cars. New Sung Yong Rodius minivan, received for the Russian market Stavik name, to name a handsome, too, is impossible, but with colossal dimensions of the body and with an eye to the bus cabin layout Korean designers managed to create an attractive appearance of the car 2018-2019 SsangYong in corporate style.

  • External dimensions minivan Ssang yong Rodius are: 5130 mm long, 1915 mm wide, 1815 mm (with roof rails 1850 mm) in height, 3000 mm wheelbase, the minimum clearance (clearance) 185 mm front and 200 mm at the rear , the length of the front overhang 975 mm and 1155 mm rear overhang.
  • Depending on the engine installed, the gearbox, the drive-type (2 or 4 WD WD) and equipment level curb weight of cars ranging from 1968 kg to 2235 kg.

Body dimensions are huge, but only saw a minivan alive can really appreciate its size. South Korean designers managed to blend harmoniously with the help of soft lines, wavy and smooth transitions vyshtampovok body panels give the body an attractive and original appearance. The front of the car – with large headlamps, strong false radiator grille and bumper monumental, modern looks.

The rear of the new Saneng Rodius – with beautiful chandeliers overall lighting correctly functional – a compact rear bumper, rectangular tailgate.

That’s just a side car looks a bit overloaded with the huge stern. Overall Saneng Stavik not get lost in the parking lot and in the flow, not only because of its size immodest, but also good looks.

  • For greater brightness perception of body minivan 2018-2019 SsangYong Rodius is colored in five different color options: Grand White (white), Fine Silver (Silver), Cyber ​​Grey (Grey), Wine Black (red-wine) Space Black (Black).
  • Depending on the trim level 2018-2019 SsangYong Stavic is equipped with tires 225/65 R16 tires or 235/60 R17 alloy wheels in the 16-17 range.

To say that the cabin San Yeung Stavik minivenovski in large – would not be true, it’s huge. Just imagine the 4 !!! rows of seats. In the first row driver and passenger, and the remaining three rows can be planted for three people, so in the cabin comfortably accommodate 11 !!! human. Chairs of the second and third row can be moved along the passenger compartment independently of each other, the central chairs in rows can be removed providing a royal space.

Options for a great variety of transformation, it is possible to remove the fourth row of seats or a third row of seats, leaving only the driver in the cabin and passenger seats while receiving the trunk capacity of 3240 liters. This cabin is not in any modern minivan. And how do you solution the front panel, which is located at the center of the instruments and center console with large and comfortable climate control units and the installation of a multimedia system, a huge amount of storage space for small things and coasters, tables in the back seat.

The dream of a family man in the fullest sense of the word, you can download not only his wife and children, but the parents and the mother-in-law with. The driver will not be distracted from the road mowing eyes on the dashboard, he relied more and more devices are traditionally placed behind the steering wheel rim.

New family car Ssangyong Rodius Stavik will be offered in three trim Luxury Touring, Grand Touring and Royal Touring. Already in the initial configuration space for rear parking sensors, heating not only the zone of peace wipers, but the first and second rows of seats, the steering wheel rim, EBD and ABS, seat covers made of artificial leather, adjustable steering wheel height and depth, air conditioning, radio (CD MP3 with connectors for USB and AUX), power mirrors heated, and other pleasant things. In more advanced versions will be climate control, active cruise control, 7-inch color touch screen (audio system, Bluetooth, navigation, rear-view camera), electric sunroof, keyless entry Smart Key with engine start button, power driver’s seat, seat upholstery leather.

Smart car would still be an adequate price for Russia. For example, in South Korea for 2018-2019 SsangYong Korando Turismo asked of 24800000 won (about 703,000 rubles) to 35.64 million won (about 1.01 million rubles).

Specifications 2018-2019 SsangYong Rodius Stavik : the machine is equipped with a choice of diesel or gasoline engine, rear-wheel drive 2WD, as an option available all-wheel drive 4WD Part-Time, the suspension is fully independent front double wishbone, rear mnogoryichazhka – attached to the body by stretchers.
Diesel four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine with the recoil force 149 is paired with a 6 speed manual (5 Automatic). The engine propels the heavy minivan up to a maximum speed of 180 (181) mph. Diesel fuel consumption in the combined cycle is declared producer at 11-12 liters.
The gasoline six-cylinder 3.2-liter engine produces 220 forces and aggregated only with a 5-speed automatic transmission, maximum speed 191kmch.

Buy new Korean family car with a huge interior 2018-2019 SsangYong Stavic it will be possible with the announcement of the cost and the start of sales, which is scheduled in Russia for May – July . According to preliminary information 2018-2019 SsangYong Stavik in the initial configuration with the seven-seater saloon, diesel engine mechanics and front-wheel drive is valued at the cost of 1029 thousand. Rubles per machine is necessary to pay 60,000 thousand rubles, and the all-wheel drive version will cost at least 1159 tys.rukbley. 2018-2019 SsangYong Stavic with a gasoline engine 3.2 (220 hp) by default equipped with all-wheel drive and, depending on the trim level starts at 1459 thousand. Rubles to 1 679 thousand. Rubles.

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