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New Mercedes C-Class 2018-2019

The official debut of 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class of new generation will be held in mid-January of this year at the Detroit auto show, but the German company before the premiere declassified nearly all information about your new product.
When creating a new generation of car engineers focused on the flagship S-Class, and this can be seen in the exterior novelty.
Outside the car is quite attractive, dynamic outlines, all the body parts are in place and complement each other.
At the same time 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class model year, compared with its predecessor slightly increased in size, which, no doubt, has added solidity to the vehicle.

The length of the vehicle reaches 468.6 centimeters (+ 9.5 cm), width – 181 cm (+ 4 cm), but the height of the model fell by 0.5 cm – up to 144.2 cm.
Wheelbase length of 284 cm (+ 8 cm).
Although the dimensions of new items and were increased weight on the contrary decreased by about 100 kilograms by using more aluminum parts in the body structure and the use of a new type of light platform.
The interior of the new 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class conversion is less than in the exterior.
There is also emphasis in the direction of the flagship S-Class.

The interior was much more flowing lines, the center console now has fewer buttons and other controls, and built-in display screen was replaced by acting as a tablet.
However, this type of display is very much not like.
Perhaps the only thing that has not changed in the car – it is a luggage compartment.
Its capacity increased by only 5 liters, and now amounts to 480 liters.
Initially, sales in Europe (and in Russia too) new 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class will be available in three versions C180, C200 and C220 BlueTec.
In the first, the car will be equipped with a gasoline 4-cylinder 1.6-liter turbocharged engine, which develops 156 horsepower and 250 Newton meters of maximum torque.

The second modification will get gasoline 4-cylinder 2-liter turbocharged engine with 184 horsepower.
Its maximum torque is 300 Newton-meters.
To modify the C220 BlueTec diesel is offered 4-cylinder 2.2 liter turbocharged unit, issuing 170 horsepower and 400 Newton-meters of torque.
The couple to all engines will be offered initially only 7 A range automatic transmission 7G Tronic Plus, which was slightly improved, and eventually will be available and a completely new 6 -speed manual transmission.

Moreover, later in the power line of 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class will be a new generation of diesel volume of 1.6 liters, developed jointly with Renault engineers.
This unit will be available in two power versions – 115 and 136 horsepower, torque, respectively, 280 and 320 Nm.
In addition, it expects to see a hybrid version of the car.
Significant transformations undergone suspension 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class.
Front seat classical pillars “McPherson” took two wishbone and rear 5 -rychazhnaya design was substantially upgraded.

Moreover, in that early for 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class has been available as an option will offer customers the Airmatic air suspension.
Such transformations are made ​​possible through the use of a new rear-drive modular MRA platform, which is already going to S-Class models.
In addition, next year the Germans will be offered to customers as an option 4Matic all-wheel drive system.
It is also known that the model of the new generation will get a big list of active safety features.
In particular, the car will be equipped with adaptive cruise control Distronic Plus, which controls the set speed and maintains the desired distance to the vehicle in front.

Also, the car is equipped with several radars, due to which the space is scanned at the front and on the back of 30 meters by 200 meters.
In addition, we note the presence of systems that control the “blind” zone and driver fatigue, as well as automatic parking attendant.
It is worth noting the high interior equipment of the new 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class.
For example, a color head-up display can display a much larger amount of information than is offered in the main competition.
The navigation system has been supported images in 3D based on Google StreetView service.
For a surcharge, customers will be offered a music Burmester system, which supports all current formats of information carriers.

Already at the beginning of this year, the Russian Germans voiced value of the new 2018-2019 Mercedes C-Class generation.
Car sales in Russia will start in the spring of 2014-th year.
Prices start with a mark of 1.52 million rubles for the modification of the C180 in the complete “Special Series”.

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