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New 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator – Update American giant

American SUV 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator model year officially present at the Chicago International Auto Show (Chicago, IL, USA) February 8, . Start of production of the updated 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator at the factory conveyor in Loulsville (Kentucky) will be in the summer and buy the SUV in North America will be the second half of the year autumn.

Price SUV giant’s new Navigator has survived and received restyling instead of atmospheric 5.4-liter V8 engine is a turbocharged V6 EcoBoost volume of only 3.5 liters, according to preliminary information from 57-58 thousand dollars for the version with the standard dimensions of wheelbase and 4×2 drive rear-wheel drive.
Officially Autonovelties will not ship to Russia, but the gray dealers, of course, will ensure the presence of the new large size American SUV on domestic roads. The price here is only for the 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator for Russian fans is not less than 3.8 mln. Rubles, but for a richly packed with all-wheel drive version of the 4×4.

On the updated 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator guide the Ford Motor Company About enterprise | (company 2018-2019 Lincoln is the luxury division of Ford) holds great promise, but as a new Ford Expedition in which will premiere February 19, in Dallas DFW Auto Show. The new flagship is simply obliged to sell well, because at the turn of the century the first generation of the SUV was the best-selling cars in the class at home. Navigator sales accounted for more than 41% of the release of all models from 2018-2019 Lincoln logo. According to the results of the last in , even the more expensive the Cadillac the Escalade (in the database stands at US $ 12,000 more expensive) found in the United States more than 22,500 owners and dorestaylingovoy Navigator only 8.6 thousand. Apparently the new 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator will be difficult to fight with the updated Cadillac Escalade year , which by the autumn will be in Russian. Painfully stylish and chic turned rival.

It should be noted that the new Navigator is deeply modernized version of the third-generation SUV 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator (index U326 models) produced from 2007. In the process of renovation American has changed dramatically inside and outside (see. Photos and videos). As I mentioned above, the received new engine with fewer cylinders, and a modest amount of moderate fuel consumption.

Let’s start with the appearance of the surviving restyling Navigator, but it is appropriate to first specify the external dimensions of the body of the American car produced with the standard – 3023 mm and increased – 3327 mm wheelbase.

  • Dimensions of the standard 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator: length – 5268 mm, width – 2001 mm (with rear-view mirrors 2332 mm), height – 1989 mm, base – 3023 mm ground clearance – 234 mm for the version with a drive 4X2 and 231 mm for all-wheel drive version.
  • Dimensions Body extended version 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator L: length – 5646 mm, width – 2001 mm (with external mirrors 2332 mm), height – 1984 mm, base – 3327 mm ground clearance – 231 mm (available only with all-wheel drive).

Before us is an SUV, and therefore interesting geometric cross body parameters 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator (2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator L). The data for off-road vehicles with four-wheel drive transmission 4X4: the approach angle – 21.8 (22.2) degrees, the ramp angle – 19.2 (18.4) degrees, departure angle – 21.8 (20.5) degrees.

Updated 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator through the efforts of American designers got a completely new face in the new corporate style of cars sold under the brand 2018-2019 Lincoln and stylishly decorated stern.
The front of the SUV has got a flat hood, dressed in a stylish chrome false radiator grille, headlights compact head optics with LED filling (parking lights and low beam). For further meet xenon adaptive headlights. Miniature for huge cars with bumper strips-protivotumankami (three high-intensity LED lights in each headlight). The beauty of the fog lights and the bumper emphasizes the compactness of the narrow chrome insert, radiating across the entire width of the front fairing.

The impressive appearance of the body Navigator side really able to surprise. SUV just huge, even with the standard wheelbase dimensions. What can we say about the long version. The updated version of the 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator flaunts as giant wheels with wide tires 275/55 R20 or 295/40 R20, clad 20-inch wheels. Available as an option even 22 aluminum wheels with tires size 285/45 R22. Well, this is not the limit, wheel arches open to R24 wheels with tires in size 295/35 R24 or 305/35 R24.

I restyling dramatically changed for the better feed the new 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator, back light and became visually dynamic. Overall lighting is integrated into a single composition. In short one large rear light with garlands LED lamps and stylish chrome crossbar.
Body of American giant SUV is painted in one of the eight color options: white platinum, sand, silver, dark gray, dark blue, ruby ​​red, dark brown and black.

Changes in the cabin restyled versions of the American SUV, the Navigator gave interior decoration solidity and restraint. The interior is far from the sophistication of European representatives of luxury SUVs, but it looks good, and the assurance of the representatives of the American company, has become more quality, not only in terms of the materials used for decoration, but also in regard to the installation of modern equipment providing comfort, safety and leisure passengers.

By American standards Navigator – a luxury SUV. Available leather-trimmed seats in all three rows, wide armrests in the front row, the gearbox control knobs, front panel and center console. Steering wheel with a combined finish – natural wood and leather. Door Card with leather armrests, inserts of wood used in the decoration of yachts present at the doors, center console and tunnel (only in the maximum configuration).

Armed with the interior of the SUV of America the instrument panel with a color 4.2-inch screen, an 8-inch touch-screen multimedia system SYNC (music, video, telephone, navigation, rear-view camera), three or four-zone climate control, keyless access and start button engine, LED backlight interior bottom of the (activated when opening or closing doors), power seats of the first row with heating and ventilation, electrical control of the steering column, mirrors, tailgate, an entertainment system for passengers rear seats with color screens, the built in in the headrests. Seven (two captain’s chairs in the second row) or eight (sofa for three) spot configuration in the cabin and a phenomenally huge luggage compartment.

Trunk 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator with the standard wheelbase sizes able to accommodate 513 liters behind the back of the third row, 1540 liters for the backs of the second row, and 2925 liters in the presence of the driver and the passenger cabin in the front seat.
Luggage compartment 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator L (extended database) has much larger dimensions and allows for the download of the third row backrest 1206 liters, for the backrests of the second – 2444 liters. Folding the third and second row seats vans obtain volume – 3630 liters.
As options are available adaptive suspension Continuously Controlled Damping settings with three modes – Normal, Sport and Comfort, facilities monitoring system in the blind spot, Hill Start and Descent Assist.

Specifications of the new 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator involve the use of a modern petrol engine. Under the hood of the American SUV took a small revolution, there are registered turbocharged V6 (two turbochargers and direct fuel injection into the cylinders), the name of the motor 3.5-liter EcoBoost (375 hp 583 Nm), it is in the automatic transmission 6 SelectShift help with manual shift. The engine and transmission are able to provide towing a trailer weighing up to 4082 kg. The ship on wheels, in a word, like a cozy cabin in the yacht and such power.

Drive back 2WD or full 4WD, electric power steering, fully independent suspension – double wishbone front, multilink rear, the brakes all-wheel disc with ABS, available stability control and traction control.

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