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New 2018-2019 Lexus RX

The hero of this review – updated crossover 2018-2019 Lexus RX. Restyling 2018-2019 Lexus RH sample , it was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year. Previous generations so popular Japanese off-road vehicle on the open spaces of Russia and Ukraine were among the best-selling 2018-2019 Lexus lineup. Today in showrooms started accepting orders for the new 2018-2019 Lexus RX 270, 350 and 450h model year.

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The front of the new RX is decorated with two particularly striking element, false radiator grille X-like shape and light with already traditional for many cars tapes LED lights.

In the case of RH technical stuffing washers includes halogen and xenon lamps, stylish L-shaped arrow LEDs at the lower edge of the headlight unit. The new form of the grille will become a tradition for all models of 2018-2019 Lexus, the review gives the impression of a fresh and stylish. For someone it is an association with a spindle, and someone seen an hourglass.
The front bumper also redrew designers, giving it a more aggressive look. The main novelty of the updated model, perhaps, is the ability to order a car with a package F-Sport versions 2018-2019 Lexus RX 350 and 2018-2019 Lexus RX 450 h of . The package includes a unique front bumper with aerodynamic chips (ducts, spoiler, skirt), large lower air duct, sports suspension, paddle blades gear selection of a new 8-speed automatic transmission.

2018-2019 Lexus RX F-Sport

With this appearance the new RX F-Sport looks evil and energetic. The rest of the body of new items has not changed, the usual lines and curves, hollow side wall, large wheel arches with ease placing wheels 235/60 R18 or 235/55 R19. Familiar harmonious body profile, sloping roofline, sculpted feed.

At the rear of the updated 2018-2019 Lexus RX boasts a slightly enlarged shades of lighting (LED lights), modified bumpers and subtly … everything.

The rest of the distinguished behind dorestaylingovoy machine from the new is almost impossible, and why fix successful solutions. The new 2018-2019 Lexus RX was a bright front part which lacked his predecessor, the rest at the crossover, and so everything is in order.
Changes in appearance affected mainly the front part of the news. Dimensions have not changed and saved indicators dorestaylingovoy model.
External dimensions 2018-2019 Lexus RX are as follows:

  • Length – 4770 mm, width – 1885 mm, height – 1720 mm, wheelbase – 2740 mm.
  • Ground clearance (clearance) – 180 mm.
  • The trunk can carry from 496 liters in the five-seater version to 2130 liters with the seats folded second row.

Interior: content, quality and trim

Inside it is also not without the intervention of light interior designers. The updated RX received a new interior with “donut”, a modified instrument panel backlit Optitron and the second generation of the four-way Remote Touch. The steering wheel is small, with excellent grip, pleasure lies in your hands. At the hub is located weight control.

Joystick Remote Touch is capable of outputting to a central color LCD «Multi-display» (diagonal 20 cm) simultaneously three types of information. Front dash, as seen in the photo salon with fanciful lines and curves of the original console switches, which are located conveniently and ergonomically CONTROLS comfort and entertainment features. Front seats with an excellent profile, heated, electric rollers lateral support, it is possible to order the drive and settings (8 or 10 lines) with three memory positions. The steering column is also electrically adjustable and telescopic with memory settings. The interior with this set will allow the driver to any height and build to find the optimal position.
rear seats are moved in the longitudinal direction and have a backrest adjustment, rear passengers will be convenient and comfortable interior has plenty of room in all directions.

Trim materials used for the updated RX – high-quality, natural and artificial leather and wood. For interior comfort meet the separate climate control, electric mirrors and heated, light and rain sensors, full-time music and CD MP3 AUX USB speakers with 9-12 (in rich pickings music Mark Levinson 15-speaker), color LCD «Multi-display “working together with Remote Touch, a rearview camera, and more. The rear tailgate is equipped with an electric drive.

Technical and performance characteristics

Technically, the 2018-2019 Lexus RX restyling is exactly the same model produced in . The only exception is the new RX 350 F-Sport (8 automatic transmission and sports suspension). Specifications: Front suspension – MacPherson struts with, the rear double wishbone, suspension completely independent with stabilizer bars. Disc brakes with ABC, EBD, BAS (assistant during emergency braking), HAC (Hill-start assist uphill), TRC (traction control), VSC (Vehicle Stability System), VDIM (dynamics control system). Electric Power Steering (variable characteristics depending on speed).
Engines, as before, are available in three versions:

  • 2672 cm3 four-cylinder (188 hp) with 6 automatic transmission for front-wheel drive 2018-2019 Lexus RX 270 – not particularly in demand in Russia and is not delivered to Ukraine.
  • 3456 cm3 V6 (277 hp) 6 automatic transmission – for all-wheel drive 2018-2019 Lexus RX 350.
  • And 3456 cm3 V6 (249 hp) with two electric motors (total capacity of the hybrid installation 299 hp) and an automatic continuously variable transmission (E-CVT) for the all-wheel drive hybrid 2018-2019 Lexus RX 450h.

On the actual running characteristics of the updated RX too early to say, wait a “real” machine. Although now it is safe to assume that the test will demonstrate – crossover, of course, it goes well (with an eye on dorestaylingovoy RX). Tuned Suspension 2018-2019 Lexus RX so as to combine the comfort and refined handling. By car enjoyable to drive on any road with a hard surface, it does not matter – a great road under the wheels or broken dirt, he does any of smooth fabric. At the same time roll in corners is minimal, excellent machine sustain the desired trajectory and is stable at high speed. Alas, like most modern crossovers, the present roads for RX contraindicated.

Price for and

Price 2018-2019 Lexus RX release (sample ) Prestige 270 in Russia will start with a mark of 1.9365 million rubles, the new RX 350 in would cost 2.625 million rubles, the hybrid 2018-2019 Lexus RX 450h minimum estimate in 2.995 million rubles.

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