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New 2018-2019 Honda HR-V in – the second genereatsiya

Presentation of the new car company 2018-2019 Honda – HR-V will be held at the Motor Show in Los Angeles November 19, . full adaptation and a willingness to enter the North American market will be demonstrated. This model will be the smallest crossover company.

2018-2019 Honda HRW

Japanese 2018-2019 Honda SUV-hr in to the current model year received enough updates that improve comfort and safety with lower fuel consumption.

Cars can be safely called the second generation, as 2018-2019 Honda HR-V has replenished range of the Japanese manufacturer, since 1999 and until 2006.


and got quite – yet expressive design. US – European 2018-2019 Honda NRW in is identical with the Japanese variation Vezel. The only difference is the location of the steering wheel (in Europe and America, the steering wheel to the left). Both of these cars have evolved from Urban SUV, which was first svetanulsya at the Motor Show in Detroit in early .

Nonda hr-v front view

Also in the list of the differences can be attributed more sophisticated grille, a sloping roof and a raised sidewall and concealed rear door handles. 2018-2019 Honda NRW in got a new trim: bumper with foglights in rectangular air intakes, chrome lines on the grille made more gracefully, protecting the bumper is painted under the metal color, LED lights also nove.

back door window has a chrome trim, rear reflectors moved. Unlike the older little sister Wezel in XP-V present turn signals integrated into the exterior mirrors. kupeobraznaya – Body Shape. On the grill, between the air intake and the hood has to insert the logo. It should be noted is not very good cover for air intake – The distance between the stripes, and large holes in the mesh. This is not good, because so will adversely affect the ability to delay the rubble.

Lights new Nonda hr-v

The main drop-shaped headlights, sharp corners, abutting in the grille. On the sides of the mass contour forgings.

2018-2019 Honda NRW , rear view

The rear part also worked out well. Lanterns 2018-2019 Honda NRW are arranged horizontally. Tailgate Overall. But this time will facilitate convenient access to the luggage compartment. Due to the overall door bumper quite small.

Interior HONDA HR-V

Beauty news in the style of a sports coupe five-seat layout. 2018-2019 Honda xp-in can offer its future customers the most comfortable, spacious interior.

Salon 2018-2019 Honda NRW

This is possible thanks to the central location of the fuel tank. Inside, there will be new seats Magic Seat. Their uniqueness lies in the ability to increase cargo space by broad configuration possibilities in the second row can be easily folded into the flat floor.

Dimensions HONDA HR-V

  • Length – 4.295 m;
  • Width – 1.770 m;
  • Height – 1.605 Meir;
  • The length of the wheelbase – 2,610 meters;
  • Min. turning radius – 5.3 m

Dimensions fairly compact, but due to the spacious interior XP-B can claim to be the quite deliberate crossover.

luggage space

By the way the luggage capacity of 404 and 453 liters, depending on the modification.

Components HONDA HR-V

More is known about what 2018-2019 Honda will offer a complete set, and what they will name. In Japan Wezel represented by five trim levels, but it is reasonable to assume that they will have less.
The dashboard display is presented. On it displays all the necessary information. It is traditionally behind the steering wheel.

Dashboard 2018-2019 Honda NRW

The very versatile wheel. The center console – with a 7-inch touch screen. For the convenience of the driver it is tilted. This configuration console is available, which will follow the base. There is a bonus for the second row passengers – in the back of the driver’s armrest located ducts of the heating system, which are regulated. The climate system has a touch-sensitive controls.

Climate system

The rear door can be opened and closed using a remote control or via a button on the dashboard. But to make it possible, as in the past – by pressing the button on the door or else manually. When you open the door while driving smart drive it instantly closes. The maximum configuration is present cruise – control, braking and maintaining a certain speed, as well – as the tracking system for the movement in its row and automatic braking when obstacles arise. LaneWatch system with the control of the blind zones, will be available as standard on all versions except the base.

Specifications HONDA HR-V

The platform borrowed from the 2018-2019 Honda Fit 3 generation (known as Jazz 3 on the European market). But the wheelbase increased to 2,530 m. To 2,610 m. Was made possible placement of the fuel tank under the seats, which provided a spacious interior With this platform. and the Jeep Renegade .

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