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New 2018-2019 Honda BR-V – seven-seat crossover

Indonesian Motor Show less known than Frankfurt, but will present many modern cars on it. One of them, submitted in August , 2018-2019 Honda BR – V – a new crossover from the Japanese brand with promising characteristics represented directly on the announcement to the public in Indonesia. Not surprisingly, the seven-seat development is primarily intended for Asia, Europe and Russia will get a modest party.

The new seven-seat crossover 2018-2019 Honda BR-V year

As for the platform on which to build a car, it borrowed from the notorious minivan Mobilio of the same brand. By creating this car, pursued the idea to reunite the functions previously said a minivan and a new design to cater to family people, travelers and other groups of people simultaneously. Will it? We’ll see.

Exterior crossover 2018-2019 Honda BR-V

As novelty is designed almost exclusively for Asian design completely futuristic. Asians, particularly the Japanese, are big fans of futurism, which is why the look introduced this style.

Massive and pear-shape front part of the new 2018-2019 Honda BR – V is distinguished by its attractive lamps of head light. This LED lights of unusual shape, bordering falshradiatornoy chrome grille, the design of which is partially borrowed from predecessors, as mentioned earlier.

2018-2019 Honda BR-V , front view

On the front bumper air intakes are small and two small niches for fog lamps, looks pretty – it’s interesting. Rounded bumper, by the way, has two bright stamping on the sides, they give the image of modernity.
New found its muscular body with dynamic vyshtampovki, which is enough to visually increase the volume of the vehicle.

Thresholds machine as well as wheel fenders and are protected with special plastic structures, resistant to shock and various kinds of scratches.

Novick 2018-2019 Honda DFS , side view

As typical of the crossover, the windows in it big enough, it’s a big plus for motorists with a family to look after in the spacious window during a long journey much more pleasant than in the lower.
Describing the back of the body, the first thing I want to draw attention to the trunk lid, namely – by its size, because it’s huge. The reasons why it is so not worth explaining. Lanterns look stylish, but they are too bulky for the crossover.

2018-2019 Honda BR-In , back view

Due to the fact that the rear door is so great, the rear bumper is little, it is – a small strip of plastic, which can hardly be called and the bumper. Under the rear door glass is LED stop – sounds, and the door – a small spoiler.

Salon 2018-2019 Honda BR-V

Salon able to comfortably accommodate special just seven people – a big plus for the model, because not every car is capable to carry out this manipulation. Materials taken to trim quality, judging by the predecessors, but the exact names and definitions materials nobody can not give.

Salon, dashboard 2018-2019 Honda BR-V

The central panel looks more fresh than the successors. At the heart of it is standard touch screen that controls all multimedia functions, as well as climate – control and other options.

Three-spoke steering wheel and now it even more different buttons that control the characteristics of the steering wheel and its location.

In general, for its class interior it looks pretty good, so should come to mind as the Asian and Russian and European motorists.

Dimensions 2018-2019 Honda DFS

  • crossover length – 4398 mm;
  • width – 1683 mm;
  • base is 2652 mm;
  • size of ground clearance – 185 mm.

Configurations 2018-2019 Honda BR-V

In the so-called “base” includes front airbags, a variety of intelligent systems that help the driver to absolutely everything, and many other pleasant things.

Naturally, over time developers will improve the model, and will be for at least two complete, but will have to pay for them, of course, more.

Specifications 2018-2019 Honda BR-B

1.5 – liter engine capacity of 120 horsepower – is currently the only option the engine offered by the company. It is possible that in the near future will have more variations, as well as complete sets. All the power of the car is only transmitted only on front-wheel drive, and that power translates six-speed gearbox.

Price 2018-2019 Honda BR-V

As the price of the car, 16 000 – 19 000 US dollars – the approximate price that will ask the manufacturer to the start of sales, and they have to start at the Indonesian Karavange at the beginning of .

Videos 2018-2019 Honda BR-V year:

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