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New 2018-2019 Ford Tourneo Courier

In the spring of this year on the 2018-2019 Ford stand at the Geneva International Motor Show held the world presentation of the new Tourneo Courier, established for passenger traffic.
This car has added a wide range of commercial models of 2018-2019 Ford, which have enjoyed great popularity as helpers for large families and reliable business partners.
New meets all the requirements of a truly versatile vehicle.
Developers conveniently combined space in the cabin, fuel efficiency and a high level of safety of the driver and passengers, and have created a car that was the smallest in the lineup Tourneo.

The machine is designed on the same platform with an already known models of B-Max and the C-the Max .
The car reaches a length of 416 centimeters-ti, which is slightly less than that of its main competitors – of Renault the Kangoo and the Peugeot Partner Tepee , the length of which is respectively 421 and 438 centimeters.
Courier New is a pretty spacious interior, because it was originally designed for passenger transport.
The American company is sure – the belief that the design of this class of cars completely unpresentable – false.
Some parts of the exterior 2018-2019 Ford Tourneo Courier has already refuted this opinion.

The car received a chrome inserts on the upper and lower grille and rims with a proprietary bi-color design.
Note that the rear doors in 2018-2019 Ford Tourneo Courier does not swing open to the side and shifted back, but will have to do it manually because the drive door is not provided for a model even for a fee.
Inside, the machine upper part of the dashboard and seats partially trimmed in leather.
Designers added decorative elements in chrome inserts and contrasting red color.
Particular attention was paid to the American engineers of internal space.

It offers rear passengers adjustable in the longitudinal direction of the sofa, as well as folding tables on backside of the front row seats.
The luggage compartment is a special compartment for a package that is height adjustable.
In addition, the rear row of seats can be folded in a ratio of 60 to 40.
A large center console allows you to comfortably accommodate A4 documents or a laptop format.
The 2018-2019 Ford Tourneo Courier has compartments for small things in the ceiling and a niche under the driver’s seat.
Given the fact that passengers in this car will be a lot, the engineers have increased security.

The machine has several types of airbags, which protect certain areas of the human body, and feature reminders not fastened seat belts for the passengers of the second row of seats.
In addition, the model is equipped with rear-view camera and the emergency calling system, which is a set of 2018-2019 Ford SYNC.
For the new 2018-2019 Ford Tourneo Courier will be available in diesel and petrol engines.
Diesel engines – a supercharged 4-cylinder TDCi units Series volume 1.5 and 1.6 liters and output of 75 and 95 horsepower.

1-liter EcoBoost petrol engine with turbocharger series has an output of 100 horsepower.
For all versions provided fuel-Start-Stop system and a mechanical 5 A range gearbox.
Over time, customers will also be offered for a fee preselektivnoy robotic box PowerShift transmission.
Production of 2018-2019 Ford Tourneo Courier organize the new plant of the company in Turkey, and the first batch of cars will come down the assembly line in the spring of 2014-th year.

Note that in the cargo-passenger family 2018-2019 Ford Tourneo Courier includes models except Custom (8 – 9 seats) and Connect (5 – 7 seats).
Courier New is the least in this family, its interior is designed for five seats.
However, Turkish and some other markets will also be available and a 4-seater version of the car.

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