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New 2018-2019 Citroen C5 wagon already in Russia

2018-2019 Citroen C5 wagon

He is touring in France – 2018-2019 Citroen C5 Cross Tourer with an improved suspension. In early May Cross Tourer can be officially available in Russia. Not surprisingly, the model 2018-2019 Citroen C5 Cross Tourer arrived in Russia in a few months, after the disclosure of new items at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year.


Price new 2018-2019 Citroen C5 wagon, with a complete set of the Comfort, ranges from 1.332 million rubles for gasoline, 150 powerful engine and 6-speed automatic transmission. With a complete set of the Exclusive, that embodies a full set of equipment, the price will rise to 1.763 million rubles blood, but will be equipped with a diesel internal combustion engine, with a 200-ma horses under the hood, and that, as the 6 automatic transmission. It is possible to order to add additional options, the cost of touring France, tipped the scales for 2 million rubles.


2018-2019 Citroen C5 wagon release, almost no special differences from the basic models, only the bright touches make it clear that this is a new car model.
The main difference is the installation of the plastic protection on the edge of the arches, sills, installation of roof rails, which are painted in gray matte color Anthra, protective strips on the bumpers, chrome mirrors, alloy wheels gray, diamond grinding, radius 18, with rubber 245H45 R18. The rest of the cars, both versions are difficult to distinguish.


  • Regarding the dimensions 2018-2019 Citroen C5 Cross Tourer:
    body length of – 4829 mm;
  • width – 1860 mm;
  • width mirrors – 2096 mm;
  • height- 1479 mm;
  • and the width of the wheel base of 2815 mm.

Weight of the car 1534 kg, 1767 kg, this difference depends on the configuration and the vehicle equipment.


As for the suspension 2018-2019 Citroen C5 Tourer Cross, she made a very thought-out and technology. The main difference from its predecessor, the modern 2018-2019 Citroen C5 Cross Tourer has got a set of hydro-pneumatic adaptive shock absorbers, called Citroёn Hydractive 3+, automatic system adjustments clearance, which regulates the distance of clearance, in automatic mode, and taking into account the vehicle speed. The system can be switched to manual mode, and adjust to your liking: if the speed exceeds 70 km / h, it is possible to increase the gap to 15 cm when the speed to 40 km / h, on a 40cm. But if you were on the roads and speed not exceeding 10 km / h, the increase in ride height of 60 cm is possible. At speeds above 70 km / h, automatic triggers to reduce the clearance in order to improve the aerodynamic properties of the car. When there is a need for loading items into the luggage compartment, for convenience, there is a special button, when pressed, the rear suspension is gently lowered.

Curiously, the Citroën C5 Tourer deprived the newfangled consoles Cross, in Russia is sold only in conjunction with hydropneumatic suspension, which contributes to a change in the value of clearance.
Interior Design 2018-2019 Citroen C5 wagon has no differences with the architecture of the 2018-2019 Citroen C5 Tourer wagon. We see the European interior, high-quality, ergonomic, modern business class.
Capacity SUV luggage compartment, the engineers left untouched, as it should be in the wagon, it is a volume of 505 liters in the daily operation, and 1462 liters when the seats in the cabin push.


2018-2019 Citroen C5 Cross Tourer year, will go on public sale in Russia, 2 kinds of equipment, this Comfort and Exclusive. Even with the basic equipment the Comfort, 2018-2019 Citroen C5 Cross Tourer, will be equipped with adaptive halogen headlights, LED headlights bright daylight, foglights, electromechanical handbrake, six airbags, and the seventh to protect the knees of the driver, the presence of on-board computer, cruise control, steering column the regulation of the two planes, heated two front seats, the presence of rear parking sensors, electric mirrors with folding feature automatically, stereo 6 speakers that will read MP3, OGG formats, WAW, and many other formats, with support for wireless technology Bluetooth, and a connector for USB, and of course, complete with off-road suspension Hydractive 3+.

With full equipped 2018-2019 Citroen C5 Cross Tourer Exclusive, will be blindingly bright lights and turn signals, with bi-xenon lamps and glass washers, electric front seats, front parking assistant. Sharma Technology gives decoration, striking compatibility, tissue and skin. But even when buying the most expensive assembly, 2018-2019 Citroen C5 Cross Tourer, will have to pay extra. Alarm system, 7-inch display with support for touch input and navigation eMyWay system, rearview camera, panoramic roof made of glass, covered with leather interior, will require additional funds.


According to the specifications, the 2018-2019 Citroen C5 wagon in Russia is equipped with three types of internal combustion engines, including 2 diesel. All three versions of a same transmission, the automatic transmission is a six switching stages.
In the petrol version, the role of the power unit, performs turbo engine, which is equipped with direct injection of fuel. The four-cylinder in-line engine with a volume of 1.6 liters, to be precise in 1598, which delivers 150 horsepower when the tachometer needle reaches 6000 rev. / Min and torque ceiling, this petrol engine 240 Nm, but they can be accessed even when 1400 rpm, which allows to overclock the 2018-2019 Citroen C5 Cross Tourer- from 0 to 100kmch in just 10.2 seconds. And the ability to reach speeds of 210 km / h. In addition, it is better to fill the fuel is not less than 95, the octane number, the flow of which will be mixed with the style of driving 7.7 liters, with a range of 100km. Engine options, fully meet environmental standards Euro-5.
The younger of the two diesel engines with turbo, is a 2-liter, to be precise 1997sm, the unit in which that serves four cylinders in a row, and is equipped with a direct-injection fuel mixture Common Rail. The smaller brother is able to develop a traction force of 163 hp when the tachometer needle will reach 3750 revolutions per minute. Maximum torque is 340 of Hm, when turnover reached 2000 on the tachometer. Such power resources possible to achieve acceleration in 100kmch, for the most 10.2 seconds. as well as its petrol brother. Though the upper value, according to the standards of high-speed, a little lower, and is 208 km / h, it is more economical fuel consumption that, in mixed mode, showed consumption of 6.2 liters.
Next 2.2 liter engine, to be precise 2179sm, four-cylinder turbo and a direct fuel supply system Common-Rail. Power 204 horses, the engine produces at speeds of 3500 on the tachometer. Queen traction in 450Hm, can be achieved at 2000 rpm on the tachometer, and acceleration with a space and up to 100, is feasible in only 8.6 seconds, when under the hood is a top engine of this model. Reserve rate with characteristics of the engine, 225 km / h, and the fuel consumption is equal to 6.1, at 100, is mixed with driving style. Note that both diesel engines fully meet Euro 5 environmental standards.
The basis of which was created by the new flagship of 2018-2019 Citroen C5 wagon been derived from the basic model of the Citroën C5. Under the front of the body, is mounted on the structure of the independent double transverse arms, with the interaction of anti-roll bar. On the backside mounted multi-link independent suspension. The effectiveness of the clutch at a slippery road surface, 2018-2019 Citroen C5 Cross Tourer, equipped with smart anti-slip system, which will surely start and ride regardless of the road surface, whether it be dirt, snow, sand, wet asphalt or dirt road. In addition, 2018-2019 Citroen C5 Tourer is equipped with high-quality braking system with internally ventilated disc brakes at each wheel, and equipped with electronic systems, EBD, ABS, BAS, ESP. Control of the wagon, the wheel is made, power, and rack and pinion mechanism.


2018-2019 Citroen C5 wagon with a small crossover capabilities, all-wheel drive, excellent lighting, good trim, sound system, a choice of the type of engine in the purchase, low fuel consumption, and other positive traits, be able to win a large number of fans of low-cost and high-quality cars in the Russia. Although the competition of other brands of cars is very high, this car can become a strong competitor, with its sophisticated and at the same time exquisite features a wide choice of equipment, be able to find their clients.
Thus, if you need a reliable and high-quality cars, with the possibilities of an SUV and at the same time with economical consumption of fuel, stuffed with electronics to the teeth, 2018-2019 Citroen C5 Cross Tourer , can already be found in Russia, the official dealer points, or from suppliers.

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