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New 2018-2019 Citroen C4 L

New 2018-2019 Citroen C4 L sedan designed specifically for the rapidly growing Russian and Chinese automotive markets. Vehicles with four-door sedan are from domestic motorists and shoppers from China strong demand, the mentality obliges to stop the choice on trehobemnikah.

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New 2018-2019 Citroen C4 L is designed to ensure the concern PSA Peugeot 2018-2019 Citroen sedans significant share of the market in the European class C. At PSA in this segment will now have two players, a conservative Peugeot 408 and avant-garde C4 L. Sales of 408-th in Russia started in June , well, 2018-2019 Citroen C4 Long soon as in . Cars are built on a common platform and will compete with Ford Focus 3 sedan, of Opel the Astra J sedan and Mazda 3 sedan.

body Design

The front part and the profile of the new 2018-2019 Citroen S4L model year echoes the appearance of a hatchback 2018-2019 Citroen C4, but the designers have added a lot of chrome highlights sedan body, emphasizing its focus on Eastern buyers.

The first photos of 2018-2019 Citroen C4 L make it possible to evaluate the appearance of the new French sedan. Headlights complex shapes, sculpted bumper which is located on the currently two-storey falshradiatornoy grille and beautifully complemented by inserts protivotumanok and daytime running lights, performed like a mirrored basic lighting. Upper air intake framed by a stylish frame, the main element of which is a large “double chevron”. The lower duct with three rungs and is decorated with a U-shaped chrome frame.

Additional lighting is from the “eye” protivotumanok and LED daytime running lights strips. A bumper edge is designed as a spoiler and ensures proper distribution of the air flow. Hood with bright longitudinal ribs through the “air” A-pillars to the roof rises, it begins to slowly fall line and goes into fry feed with a miniature boot lid. Profile of the French sedan 2018-2019 Citroen C4 L is replete with fins and vyshtampovki, decorated with stylish mirrors legged, chrome moldings on the bottom of the door and the bottom frame glasses.

Body new items stylistically resembles the larger 2018-2019 Citroen C5. Feed cars powerful, beautiful and stylish. Large inflated rear arches, huge rear bumper with an integrated diffuser. The large “chandeliers” rear lighting with soft lines taper towards the center of the car and through a chrome bar on the trunk lid are merged into a single composition. It looks new 2018-2019 Citroen C4 L harmoniously, presentable and expensive when viewed from any angle. Car is built on a stretched platform of 10 cm hatchback the C4 , the external dimensions of the Citroën C4 L: length – 4620 mm, width – 1789 mm, height – 1502 mm, wheelbase – 2710 mm. Ground clearance or clearance 2018-2019 Citroen C4 L – 160 mm. On the new land based on 205/55 R16 tires, discs or 225/45 R17.

Interior and trunk

The internal component of the new 2018-2019 Citroen C4L copies the architecture of the front dash, console, placing the control and comfort of bodies, and in general the whole interior hatchback 2018-2019 Citroen C4. Here are just a place for the passengers of the second row by a stretched-wheelbase sedan became more. Convenient, grasping the steering wheel hub with a large mass of auxiliary functions and buttons, column adjustable for height and depth. Seats front row correct anatomical form with characteristic lateral support rollers, adjustment range lacking in abundance. Stylish and informative devices with on-board computer, the backlight is adjustable and changes color from white to deep blue. The center console in the saturated versions accommodate a 7-inch touch screen with navigation and DVD, music system with CD MP3 connector for AUX USB, climate control.
Information on the equipment yet, but with an eye on the hatchback can be assumed that there will be four. Starting from modest Dynamigue and finishing rich Exclusive, will be located between the well-saturated Tendance and Optimum. Such familiar to modern cars ‘bells and whistles’ as rotary xenon headlights, a rearview camera, cruise control, electric parking brake, heated mirrors and front seats, panoramic roof, leather seats in the 2018-2019 Citroen C4 Long will be present.
Special thanks to the comfortable seats of the second row. Legroom and over the head enough, the width – it is better to sit together. The back is set at an angle of 29 degrees, the slope is optimal comfort on long journeys. Roof 2018-2019 Citroen C4 L can accommodate 440 liters of cargo, not a record figure in the class, but more than the hatchback C4. We can expect that customers will please trim materials, ergonomics and interior build quality. Sound and noise insulation on the sensations are also worthy of praise, giving the cabin quietness, even at high speed.


On the new sedan 2018-2019 Citroen C4 L depending on market implementation will be set different motors.
Chinese version of the 2018-2019 Citroen C4 Long planned to be equipped with a gasoline 1.8 Vti (136 hp) and is paired with a 5 or 6 INC sequential automatic transmission type. For the China market cars will be produced in Wuhan (China).
Specifications 2018-2019 Citroen C4 L for Russia and the CIS countries – by car will install high-tech turbocharged gasoline engines jointly develop PSA Peugeot 2018-2019 Citroen and BMW. Sedans for Russians and neighbors from the neighboring countries will be produced in Kaluga (Russia) at the joint plant PSA Peugeot Citroën and Mitsubishi. Engines for Russia:
2018-2019 Citroen C4 L engine 1.6 THP (150 hp and 170 hp) with a sequential 6-speed automatic transmission. Selection of gear carried on the joystick tunnels or paddles “petals”.
2018-2019 Citroen C4 L engine 1.6 vti (115 hp and 120 hp) with 5 ITUC, a robot or a 4-speed automatic.
Guessing about the driving comfort and the behavior of the new 2018-2019 Citroen C4L will not. It is safe to say only that the new drive will not be worse than the hatchback 2018-2019 Citroen C4. But the assurances of representatives of Citroën cars will be more comfortable and not lose his drayvovy potential. We can only be patient and wait a bit new sedan 2018-2019 Citroen C4 with the proud prefix Long.
that any information will be price 2018-2019 Citroen C4 L – is still unknown. According to preliminary information the new sedan Smtroen S4L for Russian motorists will be assembled in Kaluga, the initial cost of basic kit 2018-2019 Citroen C4 Dynamique (1.6 115 hp 5 speed manual) of 579000 rubles.

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