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New 2018-2019 Acura NSX – the second generation of the Japanese sports car

The new sports car 2018-2019 Acura NSX model year was one of the most anticipated new products presented in the framework of the Detroit Motor Show . The production version of the Japanese mid-engine sports car 2018-2019 Acura NSX (Honda NSX) second-generation debut after as many as 25 years after the first generation NSX model from Honda.

Novelty can boast the presence of hybrid with a gasoline 3.5-liter the V6, is equipped with a pair of turbochargers and three electric motors, all-wheel drive SH-AWD, 9-speed robotised gearbox DCT transmission, elegant interior and exterior styling, cutting-edge materials for the production of car body and chassis . Price of new Japanese super-car 2018-2019 Acura NSH year will start from 150 thousand. dollars in the United States. Auto novelty will also appear in Russia and Europe, however, under the name Honda NSX, the cost for the preliminary information is not less than 130 thousand. Euro.

NSX sports car of a new generation has come a long and bumpy ride from the beginning design to final production version. Back in 2007, the direction of Honda Motor Company , it was decided to start developing a new generation of mid-engine sports car, but in 2008 due to the global financial crisis, the project was closed. Two years later, in 2010, to develop a new generation NSX was resumed.

Then there were the concepts 2018-2019 Acura NSX Concept and Honda NSX Concept , 2018-2019 Acura NSX Prototype in and the Honda NSX Concept II prototypes participated in international showrooms and nearly two years of road testing. Work by experts of the American branch of Honda in Ohio done a lot, and the result speaks for itself. The new generation 2018-2019 Acura NSX looks in the photo downright gorgeous. We hope that on the road the Japanese sports car are not saved to its main competitors Audi R8 V10 and Porsche 911 the Turbo .

Official photos and photo materials from the Detroit Auto Show to help our readers to independently assess and consider the body design of the exterior and interior design Japanese hybrid sports car. We will focus on the technical aspects, which are not noticeable look.

  • Let’s start with the external dimensions of the body 2018-2019 Acura NSX in , constituting the 4470 mm long, 1940 mm wide, 1215 mm in height with 2630 mm wheelbase and 110 mm ground clearance (clearance) when installing a low-profile rubber Continental Conti Sport Contact 245 / 35Z R19 on the front axle and 295 / 30Z R20 at the rear, dressed in the stylish forged wheels measuring 20×11 19×8,5 and according to the original design.

The body of the first generation NSX sports car was aluminum. But at the core of the second generation model space frame manufactured using modern technologies with the use of aluminum and high-strength steel. carbon fiber floor panels and hinged body panels made of polyester composite sheet produced by special technology (has stiffness, like forged metal) and lightweight aluminum.

One should note that the ideal in terms of the aerodynamic body shape, the configuration of a great many air intakes and ducts, fairings and spoilers, their placement on the body of a sports car is the result of a long pre-production finding new items of instances in the wind tunnel. The manufacturer does not inform the frontal aerodynamic body resistance values, alleging restraint 2018-2019 Acura NSX in , that the performance is better than the competition.

Double interior of the new generation of Japanese hybrid sports car NSX in full degree corresponds to the value of the car. Natural skin tightened, not only sports seats with anatomic profile and pronounced lateral support, but the front panel, center console, tunnel and high separation doors cards. In addition to the skin and insertion of Alcantara metal. Before the driver multifunction steering wheel, multi-function instrument panel with TFT display, change the color of the image displayed and a set of tools depending on the owner of the driving mode – Quiet, Sport, Sport + and Track.

Quiet Mode implies movement only with the help of electric motors, the other three modes are different settings characteristics of all the engines, the DCT gearbox, steering response, composure or comfort suspension, the sound issued by the exhaust system, as well as the response time of the stabilization system. At present, of course, an advanced multimedia system with a color touch screen, premium music, dual-zone climate control, electronic handbrake, and other modern chips.

Technical specifications 2018-2019 Acura NSX , the very original, unlike the bulk of today’s sports cars. Suspension is fully independent with a two-lever architecture front and rear shock absorbers electronically controlled, disc brakes uglerodokeramicheskie, six-piston calipers up front with, and behind with chetyrёhporshnevymi suportami.

The movement of the next generation 2018-2019 Acura NSX (Honda NSX) bring as many as four !!! Engine: Front mounted two electric motors, rotating every one wheel, behind the backs of the driver and passenger seats has registered gasoline 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 paired with another electric motor (internal combustion engine and the electric motor rotates the rear wheels). Transmission – 9-speed robotised Preselektivnaya with two clutch discs, complete with torque converter (9DCT). According to preliminary information, the total output of all motors is at least 550 hp, dynamics of dispersal to first hundred less than 3.5 seconds and a top speed of about 330 mph.

Such an interesting arrangement of electric motors allowed to provide second-generation sports car NSX original system SH-AWD all-wheel drive.
Production of a new generation of sports car 2018-2019 Acura NSX will be carried out exclusively in the enterprise Performance Manufacturing Center (Marysville, Ohio, USA), and the job of painting the body and complete the assembly entrust less than 100 highly skilled workers who have been specially selected and trained.

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