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Minibus 2018-2019 Mercedes Viano-125

Classic 2018-2019 Mercedes Viano perceived as an assistant in the business, but in recent years it is increasingly purchased as a family car.
And this is not surprising – the seats in the cabin will be enough for everyone.
The roomy interior provides the necessary freedom and flexibility as possible to simplify the trip.
In addition, the Viano has the qualities that have always separated 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz – the extensive package of safety equipment, high comfort and exemplary functionality.
With the Viano your journey will always be enjoyable as seat anchorage system will easily change their position during the trip.

Well, if you need a place for a large load carrying capacity and 2018-2019 Mercedes Viano – 125 – about a ton, the seats can be removed.
Good mood lighting create a comfortable cabin and a soft carpet throughout the car.
The cozy interior can be customized, for example – or a panoramic roof hatch.
Interior fittings Viano can surely only be described in one word -. Minibus refinement captures even at first glance in the interior.
Elegant decorated with strips of black walnut, leather seats with good lateral support, instrument panel, which is an ideal combination of elegance and sportiness, and a variety of boxes, shelves and holders – are able to provide driver and passengers with maximum comfort.

Until exterior differences include 19-inch alloy wheels.
The side moldings lend the car an athletic look.
Bumper new form decorated with a chrome trim strip, chrome-plated, too, and the exterior mirrors.
Inlays in the tailgate emphasizes the elegance and dynamism adds rear of the vehicle.
Stylish and representative for the type of 2018-2019 Mercedes Viano- 125 has the temperament of the athlete need only to start the engine.
This is not surprising, as his powerful 6-cylinder engines are a true masterpiece of engineering.
A choice of two engines. 3-liter diesel V6 SDI with piezo injectors, it ensures driving pleasure at the expense of power in 224 hp.
and maximum torque of 440 Nm.
More has a powerful 3.5-liter petrol V6, issuing 258 hp It is characterized by particularly quiet operation and harmonious build-up of traction.
A dynamic sports chassis impresses with an ideal combination of vitality, resilience and excellent cornering.
In addition, 2018-2019 Mercedes Viano-125 can be ordered with all-wheel drive.
System of permanent all-wheel drive transfers the torque to all four wheels in a ratio of 35 to 65.

I should add that in the Viano minivan introduced all the latest achievements of 2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz engineers.
Environmentally friendly and economical – that’s what you pay attention, and all this thanks to Blue Efficiency, which technology can reduce fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions.
Also in the package includes a function Eco Start-Stop, display switching times, the pump of the hydraulic booster steering gear, engine optimization, regulated fuel pump and tires with low rolling resistance. The price of 2018-2019 Mercedes Viano-125 starts with 3 600 000 rubles.

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