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2018-2019 Mercedes-AMG E 63 Estate – crazy Mercedes E-Class wagon

The new Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-AMG E63 4Matic + Estate and Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4Matic + Estate replenished with a couple of crazy car dealers in 2018-2019. In the review of photos and videos, the price and specifications, the specifications of the Mercedes-AMG E 63 versatile person with a 571-horsepower engine and a more powerful 612-strong version of the supplemented letter S.

The public and world premiere of the most “charged” versions of the E-Class Estate are scheduled for early March 2017 in Geneva Geneva . Receiving orders in Europe for the hurricane version of the E-Class S213 wagon will start in April this year at a price of 112,000 euros with supplies to customers in early summer. According to preliminary information, sales of E63 Estate and E63 S Estate models in Russia are not planned, but Mercedes-AMG E63 4MATIC + and Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4MATIC + sedans will appear in Russian salons of official Mercedes-Benz dealers at the price of 11.8 million from the beginning of March. Rubles.

With the launch of the top-end version of the five-door E-class wagon with the designation E63 4Matic + Estate, and even more so E63 S 4Matic + Estate, the main competitors from Audi urgently need to take measures to improve the Audi RS6 Avant and Audi RS6 Avant performance models . Due to the complete loss in all indicators of the “charged” wagon with four rings (Audi AG logo) vis-a-vis the three-beam star on the falshliatron lattice. It is enough to compare several figures from the technical specifications in order to understand that the obvious preponderance on the side of the Mercedes-AMG E 63 Estate.

The power of the Mercedes-AMG E63 4Matic + Estate (Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4Matic + Estate) engine is 572 (612), acceleration from 0 to 100 kmh 3.5 (3.6) seconds, with the optional AMG Driver’s package 300 km / h (factory testers dispatched station wagons on a closed track to a maximum of over 330 km / h), fuel consumption for a measured driving of 9.1-9.4 liters, and this is for an all-wheel drive station wagon with a curb weight of about 2 tons (exact figures 1985-1995 kg ), A useful volume of the luggage compartment from 640 to 1820 liters.

The power of the engine Audi RS6 Avant (Audi RS6 Avant performance) is 560 (605), from 0 to 100 kmh universal Audi Audi overclocked for 3.9 (3.7) sec, the maximum speed without an electronic limiter 280 (305) kmh, fuel consumption In the combined mode of movement 9.8 (9.6) liters, the weight in running order 2010 (2025) kg, the trunk is able to take from 565 to 1690 liters.
Yes, and the price of the top station wagon E63 Estate, starting from a mark of 112 thousand euros, is almost identical to the cost of the Audi RS6 Avant, for which in Germany they ask from 111 thousand euros.
So in Ingolstadt it is necessary to do something urgently for a worthy answer to the novelty Mercedes-AMG.

Coming back to the heroes of our review, the Mercedes-AMG E 63 and Mercedes-AMG E63 S universals want to note that the “charged” five-door super estate Estate (T-Model or Wagon) is endowed with all the modern attributes of the super-sedans Mercedes-AMG E 63 and Mercedes- AMG E 63 S.

In the presence of a gasoline engine monster 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, 9 automatic AMG Speedshift MCT, 4Matic + all-wheel drive system, AMG Dynamic Select system with 4 modes – Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus and Individual (for E63 S Estate Optional Race mode), a powerful braking system with 360 mm front brake discs at the E 63 Estate and 390 mm for the more powerful version of the E63 S Estate (for the latter, carbon brakes with 402 mm discs are available as an option), standard air suspension and a host of other modern Chips in the face of large 19-20 inch wheels, respectively Low-profile tires 265/35 ZR 19 in the front and 295/30 ZR 19 at the rear or 265/35 ZR 20 and 295/30 ZR 20, self-locking differential.

That’s just AMG wagons 63 a little longer (for 0.1 sec) are accelerating to 100 km / h due to a greater 110-115 kg of body weight than the brothers of AMG E 63 sedans. You will think, the difference in dynamics, But the station wagon is more practical than the sedan due to the bottomless cargo compartment, and looks very impressive in profile.

In equipping the most “charged” modifications of the station wagon and sedan Mercedes-AMG E63 copy each other and will be pleased with an excellent set of premium finishing materials (Nappa and Alcantara leather, carbon and aluminum), LED interior lighting, two 12.3-inch color displays (the first – A virtual instrument panel, the second one is a screen of a multimedia system), comfortable driver’s and front passenger seats with heating, ventilation and 9 massage modes, or AMG Line sports buckets with integrated headrests and a developed side Support, and a premium Burmester audio system.

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