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Logan and Sandero 2018-2019 – planned restyling from Renault-Dacia

Updated models from Renault-Dacia sedan Logan, wagon Logan MCV, hatchback Sandero and pseudo-crossover Sandero Stepway 2018-2019 model year – photo and video, price and specifications, specifications Renault Dacha sedan Logan, Renault Dacia wagon Logan MSV, hatchback Sandero and Sandero Steppes 2018-2019, who survived the planned restyling of state employees.

With a difference of just a few days, the Romanian Dacia and the French company Renault presented updated versions of the popular budget models of the Logan and Sandero families. Visitors to the Paris Motor Show in 2016 were able to get acquainted with the restyling versions of the Logan sedan and the versatile Logan MCV, the five-door hatchbacks Sandero and Sandero Stepway with the Dacia logo on the falshradiator grille for the European market. Renowned models of Renault for the countries of Africa and the Middle East, as well as Turkey and Ukraine, are disclosed while in absentia in the network.

Sales of the updated models of the Logan-Sandero family in Europe will start at the end of 2016 beginning of 2017, their price will not change, in comparison with the pre-reform versions , and will be depending on the type of body, the installed engine and equipment from 6890 to 12,290 euros (the cost of cars in Germany ).

Just want to note that the restyling of budget models is cosmetic, affecting the design of the body of cars, and less noticeable in the salon of new products. Also for the family, a robotic gearbox 6 EDC and a new turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline engine are prepared. It’s a shame, but most likely in the next two years, Russian motorists will not be able to appreciate the positive changes in the restyling versions of Logan and Sandero.

All models of the big family Logan and Sandero survived the upgrade received new headlamps with LED corners with a pattern of the chain of daytime running lights, upgraded parking lights with four large LED sections, a stylish falshradiator grille with an original Renault-Dacia Duster crossover pattern, modified bumpers with Other fog lights, as well as a more diverse selection of alloy wheels. Of course, facelifting went to budget models, new details gave the cars a more modern and respectable look.

In the interior restyling versions of Logan and Sandero innovations minimum: a new steering wheel with four spokes (in rich trim sets of the steering wheel rim with Soft Feel material), updated decorative rings around the ventilation deflectors, keys on the center console with a finish for “satin chrome”, more Quality plastic for decoration of interior elements and a greater choice of available color solutions for the interior.

From the new previously unavailable equipment, attention is drawn to the rear-view camera and assistant assistant when starting from the lift, a 12-volt outlet and a holder for the bottle for the passengers of the rear seats, a driver’s window with an Auto mode and a driver’s seat with a folding armrest.

Specifications of the updated models Renault-Dacia Logan Sandero 2018-2019.
Innovations are also present in the technique of budget novelties. First of all, this is a new three-cylinder petrol turbo engine 1.0 Sce (75 hp), capable of working in tandem with 5 manual transmission and 5-step robotic gearbox Easy-R. This engine complies with Euro6 standards and will replace the outdated 1,2-liter engine of the same power.
Also for new products equipped with 110-horsepower 1.5-liter diesel it is possible to order a robotic 6-speed EDC transmission.

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