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Liftbek 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid (2018-2019 Skoda Rapid)

History of 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid model includes more than a dozen years, and began in the thirties of the last century.
During this time, production of the car is stopped several times, then again started.
Revival of it modern Rapid started 2 years ago when it was first presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and then started its mass production.
This liftbek legislator is the new style in the design of the entire range of company 2018-2019 Skoda.
New bright exterior elements are concentrated mainly in the front of the car – falshradiatora expressive grille, large headlights and the same great “fog.”

Precise lines and the correct proportions of the body – everything in general, creates a very attractive look.
finishing materials 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid cabin can be called practical rather than luxurious.
Touch the dashboard and you realize that the hard plastic.
Find your fit behind the wheel can each driver, the seat profile is quite good, in addition, get comfortable allowing a large range of adjustments.
Also, the Czechs did not save on the steering wheel adjustments, they are here, and height, and on the flight.
In general, make a complaint to the ergonomics of the driver’s seat in 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid will not work.
All controls are accessible and intuitive.

For small things needed in the way provided for door pockets, cup holders and more compact central box, which also acts as an armrest.
In the free space for the legs and head 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid rear passengers is considered a leader in its class.
At the same time Czech engineers have successfully combined the two most important components of a family car – a spacious lounge and a large luggage compartment.
Roof at the 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid is just a huge, that is admirable.
There are different grid for load securing.
The car body is called liftbek – but 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid looks like a sedan, and the luggage compartment lid opens like a hatchback.

This solution significantly increased the cargo doorway, so that even bulky goods can be easily put into the trunk of 550 liters in volume.
Trump card 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid engineers call practicality, here everything is left to chance.
One of the chips is a vehicle wiper disposed inside of the fuel filler door.
As far as he is required to complete the model – it is a question, but the fact that the scraper will be helpful in the winter – it’s a fact.
Another feature 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid – hook at the back of the body carefully protected by a plastic cap.

The range of engines for the 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid has 3 engines, both petrol and diesel.
Power petrol engines of 75 and 105 hp, while the volume they have the same – 1.2 liters.
More focus on diesel.
The turbocharged 1.6-liter unit delivers superior vehicle dynamics.
The truth is, this engine significantly increases the cost liftbek.
The difference in price is significant, but is justified by driving pleasure. 150-strong turbodiesel is mated with a manual 6-speed gearbox.
Prior to the first “hundred” such a tandem model accelerates in just over 10 seconds.
Although the sensations seems that much faster.

The main advantage of liftbek 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid with a diesel engine – a combination of excellent speakers with a good efficiency.
If you do mathematical calculations, the price liftbek 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid with turbodiesel may seem not so terrible, considering the economical fuel consumption of 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers.
The lively and responsive engine produces an impressive torque that provides confident acceleration throughout the rev range.
Turbodiesel a “superelastic”, it does not require constant switching speeds, while traction is always stock enough.

2018-2019 Skoda Rapid obediently responds to the steering wheel turns, it will quickly and accurately maneuver, but when parking it is necessary to twist – lock to lock steering about three turns.
Visibility in the 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid is twofold feelings.
While going forward – no complaints, but it is necessary to include a reverse gear as you know, that mirrors a little small, and the central mirror does not provide sufficiently good visibility.
Through calibrated suspension 2018-2019 Skoda good road holding when cornering and rebuilding.
At the same time it protects the body from shaking.
The suspension is comfortable enough to not feel like sitting on a stool, and thus allows very aggressive maneuver.

Home sales 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid in Russia began in 2014.
This liftbek come to our country is not one but a couple with the same wagon with the prefix Spaceback.
In addition, the Czech car manufacturer intends to organize an assembly model in Kaluga on the Volkswagen Group Rus plant.

The basic version of equipment liftbek 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid is equipped with steel wheels, halogen headlights, power windows front windows, heated rear window, electric power steering, central locking system, music system, immobilizer, attachments for child seats, airbags for driver and front passenger, a system of aid emergency braking brake Assist, brake force distribution EBD and ABS anti-lock brakes.

Russian costs and equipment 2018-2019 Skoda Rapid for our country the Czechs have not yet sounded.
And, for example, for the Ukrainian market, there are three variants of equipment Active, Ambition and Elegance, cost from 122 800 to 189 580 hryvnia, that in terms of Russian money is about 454 800 – 701 450 rubles.

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