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Lexus UX Concept 2018-2019 – the harbinger of the serial crossover

Conceptual crossover Lexus UX 2018-2019 – photos and video, equipment and specifications Lexus UH, fantastically stylish and original model of the Japanese manufacturer, shocking bold design and unusual interior of the Paris Motor Show 2016 . You can safely say that the show car UX from Lexus all concepts concept. This bold exterior exterior design and futuristic interior, perhaps, was not in the history of the world car industry. Especially with an eye to the fact that the serial Lexus Wicks will not be much different from the concept shown in Paris. At least, the Japanese promise to almost completely preserve the fantastic concept of exterior and interior design of the prototype in the serial version of the compact Lexus UX crossover.

The new Lexus UX will be located in the model line of the Japanese company a step below the Lexus NX . By the way, the forerunner of the serial Lexus NH show car Lexus LF-NX Concept also struck at one time motorists with a bold and not usual design, but as a result, the crossover got on the conveyor with a much quieter and traditional body. Whether the management of the Japanese company will dare to shock the fans of the brand with the brutal and cosmic appearance of the new Lexus UX will show the time, but there is no reason to doubt the new Lexus RX .

Carefully considering the conceptual novelty from all sides and you want to call the show car mad Lexus (crazy Lexus), so unusual, powerful and even rude is the prototype of the crossover. The huge mouth of the falshradiator grille, the predatory squinting LED headlights, the towering hills of the front wheel arches above the bonnet surface, the complex surfaces of the doors and the sides of the body, the huge 21-inch wheels with an unusual design shod in low-profile tires 255/50 R21, a broken roofline, compact Glazing, majestic fodder with fantastically stylish overall lighting equipment. The new Lexus UX looks like an alien from another universe.

  • The external dimensions of the body of the Lexus UX Concept 2016-2017 are 4400 mm in length, 1900 mm in width, 1520 mm in height, with 2640 mm of wheelbase.

The Japanese company has not yet disclosed the terms of the official premiere of the Lexus UX production version, but the parent Toyota has already reserved at least three names for the new UX200, UX250 and UX250h for the new crossover. It is also for certain that the new Lexus UX is based on the TNGA platform and is in direct relationship not only with the Toyota C-HR crossover, but also the Toyota Prius 4 generation hatchback .

Thus, you can even preliminarily evaluate the technical characteristics of the serial versions of the Lexus UX 2018-2019. Lexus UX200 will receive a petrol four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine (150 hp 193), a variator, a front-wheel drive in the base or a full-wheel drive as an option.
Lexus UX250 is also equipped with a four-cylinder gasoline engine, but a 2.5-liter (184 hp 235 Nm).
Lexus UX250h is equipped with a hybrid power unit Lexus Hybrid Drive, which includes a petrol 2.0-liter engine and an electric motor (the total return of about 200 hp).

With the technology figured out, and it’s time to look into the space of the show car, opening the swing doors. Such a design of doors, of course, will not become available to the production model, but is intended solely for better demonstration of the interior of the concept at exhibitions (the absence of a central counter improves the perception of the interior).

The interior of the prototype demonstrates the newest concept of the Human Machine Interface (human machine interface). Innovation inside the Lexus UX Concept sea: transparent front polycarbonate racks, improving visibility and blurring the border between the saloon and the body, the wonderful Kinetic Seat Concept chairs with an elastic web-web stretched over the front seat frame (pillow and back), breaking stereotypes front panel And a central console with a complete lack of physically operated keys, color screens and displays (instrument panel, multimedia system, separate monitors displaying images from rear view cameras).

Kinetic chairs are able to adapt to the individual characteristics of the human body and provide not only a previously unavailable level of comfort, but also reduce the burden on the skeleton.

Fantasy, and only. About such familiar chips, as the heating and ventilation of seats with massage function, you can not say. It is possible that in the future cars will learn to stroke the head and scratch behind the eye …

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