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Land Rover Defender 2011

Land Rover Defender, which is considered an unrivaled reputation in roadless world, translated as defender tramp.
Defender original design knows no change is already fifty years old, all the same clean lines of aluminum body with steel frame.
The angularity of the hood and headlights unable to give this car a real rough beauty.
But in the interior has changed a lot, it does not see that the ascetic minimalism, which has been the hallmark of the car for many years.

The instrument panel, of course, is not the standard, but in comparison with the predecessor Spartan ergonomics, looks quite decent.
It’s pretty simple, but easy to read, and even has a cassette player.
By predecessor had questions about the heating of the passenger compartment in a frosty time, but for a new Land Rover Defender such claims are no longer, the temperature is kept much better.
The engine is also new, it borrowed from Ford.
This 2.4-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 122 hp
He is able to use almost any diesel fuel.

In combination with the 6-band manual transmission car has become more economical.
Fuel consumption is 12 liters per 100 kilometers.
Defender, as before, it is hard to find unmatched off-road ground clearance of 320 mm, making it almost all-terrain vehicle, which is able to overcome almost any obstacle.
Suspension travel contributes to overcoming irregularities and bumps without the discomfort and unpleasant vibrations.
Land Rover Defender Office immediately seem unusual, the gear lever shifts gears with a little effort, but the pedal is pressed tight and slightly shifted to the left.
But the Defender has a tenacious brakes.

On a good road car does not feel at ease, the dynamics does not allow a fast ride.
The first “hundred” car is gaining as little as 16 seconds.
Management on a good asphalt, too, is not impressive.
At high speeds the car is filled with the sounds of the engine, and improved sound insulation at least, but it is still far from ideal.
And at maximum speed the car starts to wag. Land Rover Defender, though changed, but in the soul remains the same freedom-loving conqueror of off-road.

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