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Land Rover DC100 Sport 2018-2019

Land Rover DC100 Sport 2018-2019: this is the combination of the roadster and SUV under the slogan of “Land Rover Sport” has never reached mass production.
But it is possible to note the future design line.

The first Land Rover Sport 2018-2019 was radically open – an open modification DC100 concept, which allows to look at the claimed Defender’a successor.

Convertible top, folding windscreen and a short 100-inch wheelbase (2.54 m) – a kind of link to the history of the brand: pramodel was even shorter.
Technical differences from the DC100 closed, demonstrated in the same place, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, consist in the fact that the open crossover called DC100 Sport 2018-2019 is equipped with a 2-liter turbodiesel, while the indoor brother is driven by petrol unit.

The whole architecture of the car is designed for the possibility of equipping a hybrid power plant. Land Rover Sport version 2018-2019 is slightly shorter, its front overhang angle even slightly better than that of Station then, because there is no integrated winch the latter.

Both show car fitted with an 8-speed automatic transmission and permanent all-wheel drive with rear-wheel drive function off directly in the transfer case.
Theoretically version of Land Rover Sport 2018-2019 front-wheel drive only has to help save fuel on Defender’a successor.
The show car is equipped with stylish 22-inch wheels and air suspension with ride height up to 32 cm.

The chances for realization of this SUV-crossover-roadster on the name Land Rover Sport DC100 almost zero – too small niche market.
It is more likely the emergence of the classic version with a soft convertible top, roll bar and higher, but not folding windshield.

Land Rover 2018-2019 was able to for a long time to keep a secret this concept.
Version sport- roadster successor Defender DC100 – it is a utopia of pure water?


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