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Kia Stonic 2020 – compact SUV from Kia

The range of Kia cars for 2019-2020 will soon be replenished with the new compact car park Kia Stonic. In our preview, the first news, photos, price, specifications and specifications of the compact crossover Kia Stonik. The world premiere of the novelty KIA of the Kia Stonic is scheduled for the autoshow in Frankfurt in early autumn of 2020. Sales of Kia Stonik in the European market will start in October-November of this year at a price of 17-18 thousand euros, which is comparable to the cost of the sibling brother Hyundai Kona . It’s unfortunate, but official deliveries and sales of a pair of stylish compact crossovers Kia Stonic and Hyundai Kona in Russia are not planned, at least at least.

According to official information from Kia Motors, the original name Stonic of the new compact SUV of the European B-class is formed by the merger of two words – Speedy and Tonic. Thus, the Korean manufacturer hints that the novelty is an agile and tonic car.

Also it is worth noting that when ordering a new Kia Stonic, potential buyers will be offered a lot of options for individualizing the appearance and interior design of the SUV. The choice of the mass of enamel colors for painting the body, the contrasting colors of the paintwork, used for painting the roof, pillars and cases of rear-view mirrors, a huge selection of light alloy wheels. In the salon it is also possible to choose the color range of decoration materials and decorative inserts, color-matching external decor.

Judging by the first official photos, the new Kia stall with the original name Stonik looks more traditional than the Hyundai Kona sister model with its truly futuristic body design. The exterior of Kia Stonic is modern, but discreet. At the same time, the body of a compact crossover, of course, is endowed with all the fashionable chips: charismatic ribs, solid punches, powerfully swollen circular arches, but also, understandably, a generous crossover skirt made of plastic linings that protect the lower body elements from minor damage.

According to preliminary information, the exterior dimensions of the body of the Kia Stonic 2019-2020 will be very close to the dimensions of the hybrid Kune Hyundai.

Interestingly, the interior decoration of the new compact SUV from Kia is almost an exact copy of the saloon of the Kia Rio hatchback of the 4th generation . So in the presence of a German stern instrument panel, a compact steering wheel with a rim cut from below, a slightly deployed in the driver’s side the center console, comfortable driver’s and front passenger’s seats with a dense stuffing.

The manufacturer promised several multimedia systems that support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay interfaces with a screen diagonal of 7 and 8 inches, air conditioning or climate control, a minimum of 6 airbags, as well as a mass of advanced electronic security systems and assistants from Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist and Lane Keeping Assist to Driver Attention Warning and High Beam Assist.

Specifications Kia Stonic 2019-2020 year. At the heart of the new car park Kia Stonik, however, like the Hyundai Kona, lies the newest subcompact platform (the modernized trolley of the new generation of the Kia Rio hatchback). That’s only in contrast to front-drive hatch Kia Rio new compact crossover Kia Stonic is equipped with two drive options – 2WD and 4WD. In the first case, the rear suspension is quite simple with a torsion bar, the second one uses a multi-link architecture. On the front axle is the Muckerson stand.
Under the hood of the new Korean subcompact crossover, petrol and diesel engines from the company with 6 MKPP and 6 automatic transmissions will be prescribed.

Gasoline versions of Kia Stonic:

  • With a three-cylinder turbocharged engine 1.0 T-GDI (100 hp and 120 hp). The same engine is installed, by the way, on Kia Rio 4 generations and Kia Picanto 3 generations .
  • With a four-cylinder 1.4 T-GDI (140 hp).

Diesel version of Kia Stonic:

  • Four-cylinder turbo diesel 1.6 CRDi in two versions of 110 hp and 136 hp.

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