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New Kia Sorento 2019 – with a new 8-speed automatic transmission

Restyling version of Kia Sorento 2019-2020 year went on sale in the home market of South Korea. The updated version of the 3rd generation model, known to us as Kia Sorento Prime , has undergone an easy adjustment of appearance, improved equipment slightly, acquired a new 8-step “automatic” and got on the sporting Tuon modification. At home, a modernized car is offered at a price of 27,850,000 to 34,250,000 won (1,466,000 – 1,803,000 rubles). Exact dates for the appearance of new items in Russia are not called, but, apparently, the start of sales should be expected not earlier than the beginning of 2019.

Note that Kia Sorento Prime (3rd generation) Kaliningrad assembly in the Russian market is among the leaders of its class. In 2019, 3,386 copies of the model were sold, in 2019 the picture was even more rosy: in six months, 2,687 cars had already been handed over to customers. Behind him were serious players such as Ford Explorer and Nissan Pathfinder , which sold last year at 1,532 and 1,505, respectively. Do not forget that in our market is still sold and Kia Sorento 2nd generation , following the results of 2019, ahead of its “fellow” with the prefix Prime, reaching an index of 3,713 cars sold.

In general, the family of the “Russian” Sorento business goes up the hill, and therefore, skip the next update of the model, albeit in the Korean version, we have no right. So we present a detailed overview of the crossover with photos, complete sets and prices, equipment, technical characteristics.

Easy external transformation

Outside, the new Kia Sorento of 2019-2020 from its predecessor differs only in minor details. Perhaps the most notable of these is the four-section square fog lights, familiar to us, for example, according to Kia Sportage . Among other innovations in the frontal part of the car, we distinguish the revised head optics (the running lights bands moved from the top to the lower edge of the headlights), the corrected grille design (the structure of the cells has changed), and a different bumper configuration. The front lighting equipment is now not bi-xenon, but completely LED with new graphics of optical blocks.
Photos of Kia Sorento body 2019-2020

At the stern of new items we find modernized lanterns with a different pattern and a modified bumper with a double exhaust pipe instead of the former single. The profile of changes is not observed, but the lateral perspective provides an opportunity to evaluate a new version of 19-inch alloy wheels.

Rear design

Sports version of Tuon issued black-painted falshraditor, side mirrors, rails and rims. Other features of the exterior – chrome door plates, footsteps with a pimply surface and a trapezoidal exhaust nozzle.

The dimensions of the Kia Sorento body were preserved at the dorestyle level, except for the length. It increased from 4780 to 4800 mm (+20 mm). The width is also equal to 1890 mm, height – 1690 mm, wheelbase – 2780 mm.

Point improvements in the interior

Transformations in the interior of the new Kia were reduced to the appearance of a new four-spoke steering wheel, a different gear lever (with the installation of 8AKPP), wireless charging, leather trim with a beautiful diamond-shaped stitch, multimedia support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Interior of the novelty

As standard and optional equipment for the new Kia Sorento Prime, power windows are available in a circle, front and rear parking sensors, front seats with electric and ventilation, electric steering column adjustment, a media center with navigation and a rear view camera (screen size up to 8 inches) , the electric drive of the tailgate with the possibility of adjusting the lifting height and the function of non-contact opening (it is enough to stand in the back for a few seconds with a key fob), covered with curtains, hlazhdeniem, dimension 18-19 inch wheels (tires 235/60 R18 or 235/55 R19).

Technical characteristics of Kia Sorento restyling 2019-2020 year

The only innovation in technology – the replacement of a 6-speed automatic box on an 8-band “automatic”. The new transmission, developed by the engineers of Kia-Hyundai, has a smaller weight (lighter at 3.5 kg), better efficiency and increased by 34% power range (the ratio between the largest and the smallest gear ratios). The increase in the latter index on the idea should contribute to an increase in fuel efficiency due to a more accurate alignment of engine and box operation modes.

The range of power units Kia Sorento for the South Korean market has not changed and looks like this:

  • Turbo diesel 2.0 liter capacity of 186 hp;
  • Turbodiesel 2.2 liters with a return of 202 hp;
  • The gasoline turbo engine of 2.0 liters capacity of 240 hp.

The new 8-speed box is combined with only 2.2-liter diesel and 2.0-liter petrol unit. The “younger” diesel engine is forced to content itself with the old 6-band “automatic”.

Upon arrival in Russia, the restyling Kia Sorento Prime will receive a somewhat different range of engines. It will only have one “Korean” unit – a 200-hp diesel engine of 2.2 liters. The remaining two places will be occupied by gasoline engines: 2.4 GDI (188 hp) and 3.3 MPI (250 hp)

At home, the crossover is available in front-wheel and all-wheel drive versions. The Russian specification traditionally provides only a four-wheel drive.

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