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2018-2019 Kia K2 Cross – brutal hatchback Kia Rio

Model range Kia 2018-2019 replenished with a stylish hatchback Kia K2 Cross, presented at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2017. The new Kia K2 Cross (in the photo review, price, specifications, specifications of the model) is an off-road version of the five-door hatchback Kia K2S (on the Russian market of Kia Rio) and is intended exclusively for the automotive market in China. Sales of the new cross-hatch Kia K2 Cross with a brutal crossover body kit around the perimeter of the body and a ground clearance of 175 mm will start in China in May this year at a price of 89,000-90000 yuan .

Against the backdrop of the sprint sources – the Kia K2 sedan and the Kia K2S hatchback, the Kia K2 Cross raised above the road looks like a real crossover (exactly what is needed for Chinese motorists), but in fact we have a conventional five-door hatchback with a drive to the front wheels only, more serious ground clearance And the body, flaunting the original bumpers with powerful skirts and metal inserts, plastic pads on the edges of wheel arches, thresholds and lower parts of the doors.

Add to the arsenal of a strict and solid image of the cross hatch, the neat eyes of the fog-light and the LED daytime running lights on the front bumper, the bright LED garland of the rear position lamps, 16-inch alloy wheels with rubber 195/55 R16 and roof rails.

  • The external dimensions of the body of the Kia K2 Cross 2018-2019 goals are 4240 mm in length, 1750 mm in width, 1505 mm in height with 2600 mm of wheelbase and 175 mm of ground clearance.

Despite the fact that the height of the body of the off-road version of the hatchback is 45 mm larger than that of the usual hatch, only 15 mm was added under the bottom of the novelty (the initial model has a clearance of 160 mm), the rest of 30 mm is the height of the rails installed, by the way, standard.

Salon Kia K2 Cross is exactly the same as the usual versions of the sedan Kia K2 and hatchback Kia K2S. However, the manufacturer assures that the cross-hatch already in the basic configuration will be pleased with its excellent equipment.

Such chips as a multifunctional steering wheel, a key access system with a start button of the motor, a multimedia system with a color screen, air conditioning, exterior mirrors with electric drive and heating, heated front seats and artificial leather seats are standard.

Specifications Kia K2 Cross 2018-2019 year. Cross-hatch equipped with a choice of two petrol four-cylinder engines, able to work in tandem with 6-speed gearbox: mechanical or automatic.

  • The initial motor is 1.4-liter (100 HP 132 Nm).
  • More powerful engine 1.6-liter (123 HP 151 Nm).

Suspension of the front wheels is independent with the McPherson struts, the rear suspension is semi-dependent with a beam bending. The drive is by default front, the disc brakes are circular, the power steering is electric.

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