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Japanese crossover 2018-2019 Honda Vezel

The debut of the new crossover 2018-2019 Honda Vezel held at the Tokyo Motor Show.
At first, the compact SUV will be available only on the Japanese market, where it has recently launched on the market.
Over time, the Japanese company plans to bring the model to other markets, including in Russia.
New 2018-2019 Honda Vezel should have to compete with such famous models as the Peugeot 2008, Opel Mokka, Renault Captur and Nissan Juke.
At the heart of the exterior appearance of the new crossover is a concept car called Urban, which was shown at the beginning of this year.
It was very similar to the concept of design solutions and outlines.

Appearance of a novelty rather attractive, dynamic and, even, is not devoid of personality that meets modern standards of automotive design.
As already mentioned, the vehicle has a compact size.
Its length is 429.5 cm, width up to 177 -th centimeters, height – 160.5 cm.
The wheel base of the car reaches a length of 261 cm.
Vehicle turning radius is not less than 5.3 meters.
Shop the new 2018-2019 Honda Vezel designed for five seats, and looked through the style of a sports coupe in its decoration.
When looking at the dashboard visible futuristic features, and 2 -Color contrast interior makes an additional emphasis on the sporty style.

Despite the small external dimensions crossover, its 5-seater cabin is very spacious and comfortable.
In addition, 2018-2019 Honda Vezel salon can be attributed to the most thoughtful in its class.
Last but not least this definition contributes to system transformation seats of the second row Magic Seats, through which the luggage compartment capacity to transport bulky cargo markedly increased.
Note that depending on the version of the crossover luggage capacity in the standard position may be 404 or 453 liters.
To date, the motor line of 2018-2019 Honda Vezel includes only two power units.

The base engine for the crossover is a gasoline 4-cylinder 16-valve 1.5-liter engine L15B series.
Its maximum output is 131 horsepower and maximum torque is achieved at 4600 rpm 155 Newton-meters.
This engine is equipped with direct fuel injection, as well as a function of variable valve timing, electronically controlled i-VTEC.
In a pair of power unit is offered a stepless variator.
This motor is characterized by a fairly good economy, according to the automaker’s fuel consumption on the combined driving cycle is 4.8 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.
But the dynamic performance of the machine is not yet known.

Also in the motor range of new crossover 2018-2019 Honda Vezel includes hybrid propulsion system, which consists of the same 1.5-liter gasoline engine and a small electric L15B increased power engine (22 kW).
In sum, the maximum power of the hybrid power plant achieves 152 horsepower -x, and this, as the Japanese say, provides crossover Vezel dynamic performance at 2018-2019 Honda models with 2-liter engine.
In addition, the hybrid version of the crossover boasts the best in the Japan market fuel efficiency, on average consumes about 3.7 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.
The powerplant is mated to a 7 A range of robotic gearbox with double clutch.

In addition to the base front-wheel drive for the hybrid and gasoline versions of the crossover 2018-2019 Honda Vezel will also be available and the system AWD all-wheel drive (Real Time All-Wheel-Drive ) with an advanced electronic control, which distributes torque between the rear and front wheels most effectively, given the state of the road surface and committed maneuvers.
It should be noted that the all-wheel drive system AWD hybrid models 2018-2019 Honda’s previously equipped, so that the new Vezel here, so to speak, the discoverer.
For the Japanese market the new crossover has received as many as five variants of equipment.

In the basic version of the car includes multimedia complex, full power, increased safety package, air conditioning, soundproofing “premium” class, shock absorbers with variable stiffness, the parking brake Electric Parking Brake and several other options.
The surcharge offer assistance in emergency braking system in the city City Brake Active System.
In Japan, the domestic market price of the new crossover 2018-2019 Honda Vezel starts at 1.87 million yen, in terms of Russian rubles is about 600 thousand.
In the European market, including in Russia, the novelty is not coming soon.
According to preliminary data here crossover sales will begin only in 2015-th year.

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