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Inner beauty is continuing the traditions of the new generation Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry (XV50) – Japanese business sedan sample will participate in our review of the year. Traditionally detail and meticulously examine the body and interior of the car, we indicate the dimensions and possible to install the tires and wheels, pick up the color of enamel, to assess the level and filling kits, know the price of the Toyota Camry of release in Russia. Open the hood, take a look at the bottom and will deal with the technical characteristics (engine, gearbox, suspension, fuel consumption), will hold a test drive on the country roads and in city traffic jams. For full perception and objective review of our assistants will be reviews of the owners, photo and video Toyota Camry.

Overview Lexus ES second generation .

Before the start of the review will make a small excursion into the history of the legendary model Camry from the Japanese manufacturer Toyota. The current seventh generation business sedan is available in the autumn of , Russia Toyota Camry (XV50) appeared in showrooms in November . Production models for the domestic market at the factory Toyota Motor Manufacturing Russia (pos. Shushary St. Petersburg).

Previous generations of the car for 30 years of production have earned a reputation for popular and reliable cars that support the sale of more than 16 million copies worldwide. The main markets for Toyota Camry are the US and China, Russia accounts for about 3% of global sales (30,000 cars per year).

With these sales results on Russian territory Camry sedan confidently for 10 years is the absolute leader in business-class sedans, and by a wide margin ahead of the nearest competitor Nissan Teana J32 , and the Ford the Mondeo .

The body design of the sedan Toyota Camry can be regarded as a symbiosis of the exterior of the previously produced models of Toyota and Lexus without a twinge of conscience. Japanese artists have tried to put together strict slanted headlamps, compact grille, bumper bizarre arrangement protivotumanok and hood with its characteristic U-shaped vyshtampovki, while seasoned vehicle weight chrome elements.

If the car in front looks severe, the rear of the saloon with a large overall illumination engineering and lean bumper more like a stern inexpensive Chinese cars. Vehicle profile generally devoid of bright strokes – lines straightforwardness and calm surfaces of the sidewalls of the body.

It seems that the designers were challenged to make Toyota a new Camry inconspicuous so as not to attract the attention of others to the person. It seems the Japanese marketers are so confident in the commercial success of the model, which on the exterior car decided not to focus on. On the other hand, the owners in North America, China and Russia have become accustomed to anonymity models and it does not interfere with the car successfully sold.

  • Add faceless design Toyota Camry faded color enamel, all true metallics – black, silver, beige, gray and dark gray.
  • Not class small wheels having a tire 215/60 R16 and 215/55 R17 on alloy disk of radius 16-17.
  • External dimensions body Toyota Camry are: 4825 mm long, 1825 mm wide, 1480 mm in height, 2775 mm wheelbase, 160 mm clearance (clearance).

Due to the wide use of high-strength steel for the power frame body structure and high-quality metal for the outer panels sedan boasts low curb weight of 1505 kg to 1615 kg, the high hardness and corrosion resistance. The drag coefficient of air flow at large sedan Camry (XV50) just 0,28 Cx.

With the appearance understood – dullness and impersonality. Maybe the car interior looks great and allows you to enjoy high-quality materials and original architecture?

Just note that for Russian buyers sedan Toyota Camry is offered in 8 trim levels, ranging from the basic version and ending with saturated Standard Suite.
The car is sold with three petrol engines of various sizes, and of course, the more horses under the hood, the richer the content of the comfort functions.

  • Camry with 2-liter engine is available in versions Standard, Standard Plus and Classic. For the 2.5-liter engine provides a complete set of Comfort, Elegance, Elegance Plus and Prestige. The richest version of the Suite is only available for cars with 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine.

Salon Business Toyota Camry sedan in was created with an eye to the main market – North America. Front seats with a flat pillow completely devoid of lateral support rollers, but stay convenient and comfortable.

Multi-function steering wheel is large in size with adjustable height and depth, optitron instrument panel with three slides over each other radii pleases the quality and quantity of output information. To stay comfortable at the wheel and turn right at the driver of any complexion thanks to a wide range of adjustments seats and steering column (starting with version Elegance electric front row seats, 8-way for the driver’s seat and 4 for the passenger, and a complete set of Lux and the electric steering column).

The front panel and center console in solid form like a SUV, looks solid and presentable. Spoils lurid plastic inserts under a tree on the dashboard, center console and door armrests in the zone maps. Depending on the version the center console will house a simple audio system (radio with CD MP3 radio AUX and the USB connectors 6-speakers), 6.1-inch LCD screen (rear camera), and even an advanced 7-inch screen (navigation Toyota AVN, premium JBL music with 10-Tew speakers).
For the microclimate in the cabin of a sedan meets two or three-zone automatic climate control with a control unit for the rear passengers. Driver and front passenger heated seats add comfort and a huge stock of space in all directions.

In the second row on the soft chairs freely be located three adult passengers, legroom and head over to the enviable margin. In the present saturated versions of the sedan heated rear seats and backrest electroadjustable able to change the angle. To sit down on the second row is convenient thanks to the wide doorways and doors open onto a large angle.
New business sedan Toyota Camry pleased with the excellent sound and noise isolation of interior space in the city traffic in the cabin absolute silence, and only on the track with the growth rate appears discreet rustle of tires of the rear wheel arches, but the noble sound of the engine. finishing materials cause mixed feelings, on one hand, soft, textured plastics and high-quality fabric, interior ceiling and carpet on the floor, and on the other side of the skin slippery and psevdoderevyannye insert scattered through the cabin.
Camry roof rack can accommodate 506 liters of cargo sedan with electric rear seat has a little less than the size of the luggage compartment 483 liters.

It’s nice that the Japanese manufacturer is serious about the safety of the driver and passengers, even the base model Toyota Camry Standard release is equipped with ABS with EBD and BAS, VSC stability control with cut-off function, traction TRC system, 8-Mew airbags, front seats with WIL technology (reduces the likelihood of neck injury in an accident). Also available electrical power steering, central locking with remote control, alarm and four power windows with illuminated.
Interior Toyota Camry really comfortable and easy to use, sound the best in the class, filling comfort features, entertainment and safety at a high level. Certainly Camry interior is worthy of praise, and the interior build quality and carefully thought-through ergonomics do not cause problems. In the full sense of the word interior impregnated with a homey feel and care about the owner and his companions.

Technical characteristics of the business sedan Toyota Camry : Machine built pas peredeprivodnoy platform, the suspension is not completely dependent, front and rear mounted MacPherson strut with stabilizer bars.
In Russia, the Camry is equipped with three petrol engines.

  • The four-cylinder 2.0-liter VVT-i (148 bhp) paired with 4 automatic car accelerates to 100 mph in 12.5 seconds and allows you to dial 190 mph top speed.

Fuel consumption according to the manufacturer of the plant ranges from 6.5 liters on the highway and 11.4 liters in the city. With the initial engine sedan does not enjoy demand in Russia, domestic car owners prefer the more powerful engines.

  • The four-cylinder 2.5-liter Dual VVT-i (181 hp), Automatic transmission 6 automatic transmission, lets you dial 100 mph in 9 seconds and top speed is 210 mph.

Passport fuel consumption of 5.9 liters in the country up to 11 liters in urban environments. The engine in a measured time by the owners of content with real reviews 7-8 liters on the highway and 10-11 liters in city mode, the active driving consumption in the country increased to 9-10 liters, and in city traffic, and may be 13-14 liters.

  • The six-cylinder 3.5-liter Dual VVT-i (249 hp) is aggregated with 6 automatic transmission, engine and gearbox tandem provide dynamics to the first hundred in 7.1 seconds, top speed of 210 mph.

The manufacturer claims fuel consumption of 7 liters on the highway to 13.2 liters in city mode. In real operating conditions fuel consumption of the petrol V6 practically corresponds to the claimed indications, 7.5-8.5 liters on the highway and 12.5-13.5 liters in the urban bustle. An interesting fact is that the appetite six-cylinder engine is almost same as that of a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine.

Test-drive sedan Toyota Camry (XV50): Vehicles designed for vysokokomfortnogo movement of the driver and passengers, but the softness of the suspension indifferent to the quality of the road surface have to pay body roll in cornering, uninformative steering and sluggishness cars. Camry – not “hot sedan”, his charisma in an inconspicuous body design, elegant interior of which you can not go out for hours, years of proven and reliable technical components, high quality manufacturing. Toyota Camry for its reliability, quality and a comfortable lounge for 30 years is more than 500 thousand. New owners every year. To understand and to love the car can only be bought and comparing with others, in many ways the best Camry and generational change does not diminish its popularity even though the causes questions exterior design.

How much is the price in Russia Toyota Camry in showrooms starts at 969,000 rubles for the initial version of the standard, to buy in the cabin of the official dealer richly equipped with a complete set Toyota Camry Suite will have to invest in the cost of 1.479 million rubles. As accessories are offered for the Camry bonnet vents and side windows, moldings, protective film for bumpers and exterior door handles, steel and aluminum protecting the motor and gearbox, sewn plastic wheel arches, as well as a wide variety of carpets in cabin and trunk, seat covers.

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