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In Moscow, will present the new generation of BMW X6 2018-2019

All photos – the current generation model

Moscow Motor Show 2018-2019-year will debut the arena for the new generation of BMW X6 2018-2019 crossover.
So says the portal Autocar, citing its own sources.

The car will be built on the platform of the new model X5 using lightweight construction, through which significantly reduced the weight of the crossover.
Body shape trends remain the same, but the exterior will become more aggressive.
Also will increase by about 3.3 centimeter length of the car – up to 491 centimeters, which, in turn, will add space for the rear seats passengers.
In addition, the increased wheelbase length and track width.

The new all-wheel drive BMW X6 will receive an improved suspension, as well as a special system, which allows to reconfigure all the electronics, starting with adaptive air suspension and ending with complex multimedia and navigation system.

The power range of the crossover BMW X6 new generation will retrofit gasoline 6-cylinder 3-liter units with turbo diesel engines with two or three turbines and 8-cylinder twin-turbo engine volume of 4.4 liters.
In addition, in 2018-2019 th year the car will receive a gasoline-electric hybrid modification.

Recall that the current generation of BMW X6 crossover was first introduced during the Detroit Auto Show back in 2008-th year.

In the Russian market model is available with a 6-cylinder turbocharged petrol and diesel engines, which power from 245 to 381 horsepower, as well as with a gasoline 8-cylinder 407-strong unit with a turbocharger.
The cost of the car will start from 3.22 million rubles.

Note that in the sale of a crossover BMW X6 new generation will appear shortly after the presentation – at the beginning of fall 2018-2019 th year.

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