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Honest SUV Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150

SUV Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 series made its debut on the podium of the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009, selling model in Russia was launched in spring 2010. Restyling Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 series is a logical the fourth generation of the iconic model of Japanese hardy vehicles intended for traffic, not only on asphalt roads, but also in heavy off-road conditions. Our review will try to find out what lies the success of expensive car (Land Cruiser Prado price of in Russia from 1732 thousand. Rubles) of the Russian car owners. A closer look at the technical characteristics (size Land Cruiser Prado, engine, gearbox, four-wheel drive, suspension), we estimate the color in the palette of paint finishes, tires and rims, ergonomics and interior filling, carry out a test drive to see how the SUV Toyota Land Cruiser Prada behaves on tarmac and off. We help numerous reviews of the owners Land Cruiser Prado 150 series, photo and video materials.

If you change the new generation Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 Series platform retains its predecessor Prado 120 series, but, as usual, it made a number of improvements and upgrades in its design. Monocoque spar frame became stiffer and more capable of withstanding heavy loads in bending, body design has become more harmonious and stricter, but has retained the familiar lines and proportions predecessors.

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  • Overall dimensions of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado sample year has improved to 4760 mm long, 1885 mm wide, 1845 mm high, 2790 mm ​​wheelbase, 220 mm ground clearance (clearance).
  • The curb weight depending on the engine and fill level version is from 2100 kg to 2475 kg.
  • Prado SUV wheels shod with tires 265/65 R17 or 265/60 R18, made ​​of light alloy wheels 17-18 range. Optionally be mounted on Kruzak and larger wheels in the wheel arch fits easily tire 285/55 R18, 265/50 R20, 295/45 R20, 305/45 R20 and even 305/35 R22, on alloy wheels 18, 20 and 22 size.
  • For painting the body uses ten variants enamel colors: white, pearl white, silver, ash-gray, beige, blue-gray, dark gray, dark olive, dark cherry and black.

The front end of the machine – with big almond-shaped headlamps (version elegans set adaptive xenon headlights), a compact chrome radiator grille embellished with six twin vertical slats and the frame. Front bumper with a slot and optional air protivotumanok spotlights to increase the entry angle (32 degrees), trimmed at the bottom. In reviewing the side highlight powerfully inflated arches front and rear, with the rear inflation has affected even the doors of the second row. The rest Lendkruizer Prado 150 demonstrates the classic proportions of an SUV body with a long bonnet, flat roof, large door openings, a high window sill line and the large glass area.
The rear of the car – with huge tailgate, stylish bars marker lamps, miniature bumper, which is almost impossible to catch at overcoming deep holes or ravines, departure angle of 25 degrees. All his virile appearance Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in hints at the potential for serious off-road, the car is able to overcome a ford deep and 700 mm, the angle of geometric cross body is 22 degrees.

In Russia, the new Land Cruiser Prado 150 series is available in six trim levels: Standard, Comfort, Elegance, Prestige, Prestige Plus and Deluxe, the latter may have, as a 5-seater and 7-seater interior. Salon SUV comfortably accommodate four passengers and the driver, in the presence of two of the third-row seat passengers are provided with no fewer amenities. Landing on the gallery without difficulty, the third-row seats with electric drive. Place in each of the rows in the enviable margin in all directions, it’s best course in the first row. Comfortable seats with pronounced lateral support, multifunction steering wheel, solid and stylish front panel of the instrument, good accommodation multimedia complex, unit separate climate control, comfort control systems, all-wheel drive powertrain and safety systems. Use handles large and comfortable buttons, which is important to deal with the inscriptions and symbols only.
Russians are more likely to buy expensive equipment Prado 150: Prestige, Prestige Plus and Lux ​​and, of course, equipping the salon they will be rich: leather, power front seats with heating, Power steering, touch multifunction display, climate control, an advanced radio with 9 or 14 speakers (CD MP3 WMA DVD USB AUX Bluetooth voice control, navigation), alarm system with tow-volume, all-sky cameras and other chips. The quality of materials and assembly of interior correspond to the image of a large SUV.
Easy access to the luggage compartment provides a huge fifth door with separately opening glass. Trunk volume Toyota Prada with two rows of seats – from 621 liters to 1934 liters. With the seven-passenger car has a trunk of 104 liters by folding the second row and the third will get 1833 liters. The spare wheel is mounted underneath the vehicle.

Specifications Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150: new Prado is equipped with two petrol and diesel engines, steering with the hydraulic booster, disc brakes – front 388 mm, rear 312 mm.
Already in the basic standard permanent all-wheel drive system with a central Torsen limited-slip differential and forced locking center differential, in the presence of ABS, EBD, BAS, TRC and VSC. The suspension is independent, the front of the double wishbone, rear four-lever design.
Starting with version Comfort added A-TRC (Active Traction Control), HAC (assistant lift up the mountain), DAC (assistant when descending a hill).
Options Prestige Plus will appreciate the addition to the Crawl Control Person (care when driving off-road), Multi-terrain Select from four modes (mud and sand, stones, gravel, bumps and ruts, rocks), KDSS (stabilization of the body), it will be possible forced lock rear center differential.
The most advanced version of the suite is not only packed to the eyeballs of comfort features and entertainment, it is also the best prepared for heavy off-road. By filling the previous version Add AVS – adaptive suspension with three modes comfort, Sport, Normal or Comfort and AHC (rear air suspension) through which an SUV may increase the clearance under the rear axle off-road to 4cm and 3cm to squat on the loading.
The motors gasoline and diesel:

  • The four-cylinder 2.7-liter gasoline engine (163 hp) is equipped with a 5 speed manual (automatic transmission 4), heavy SUV accelerates to 100 mph for 14.0 (14.5) seconds, top speed of 165 mph. Real consumption in a city of 15 (17) liters on the highway in the mode of up to 110 mph about 12 liters.
  • The six-cylinder 4.0-liter (282 hp), Automatic transmission 5 automatic transmission, accelerates the SUV up to a hundred in 9.2 seconds and allow to dial 180 mph top speed. The manufacturer claims a fuel consumption of 8.6 liters on the highway up to 14.7 liters in the city. Reviews owners called other figures: on the highway about 12 liters in the urban mode, depending on driving style and traffic congestion of 15-18 liters.
  • The four-cylinder 3.0-liter turbodiesel (173 hp) with 5 automatic transmission deliver the car to 100 mph for 11.7 seconds, acceleration is completed at 175 mph. Passport of diesel fuel consumption by 6.7 liters in the country to 10.4 liters in the city. Real consumption of diesel fuel is almost identical to the manufacturer’s data on the track with the speed of 100-110 mph will 7-7.5 liters, well and in the city – 10-11 liters.

Test drive Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 years, from paved road car rides, as befits a heavy SUV – soft, comfortable suspension, the cabin is quiet, even in the full sense of the broken road allows you to move at high speed without sacrificing comfort. Electronics ground constantly monitors the car, the driver will correct any error. Off Road Pradik 150 new terrain demonstrates wonders, it will go forward as long as at least one wheel will be able to find a foothold.
Phenomenal SUV, and as for the price, it is quite adequate for such equipment.

How much is: buy a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in can be as low as 1.732 million rubles for a modest standard basic equipment in Russia. Cost richly equipped version of the Land Cruiser Prado 150 Suite with a seven-seat cabin and ground electronic systems to help on the roads is 2,704,000 rubles.
Operation Toyota Prado brings a lot of pleasure to their owners, which overcomes the disadvantages and problems of the car, so the detailed reviews of the owners, comparing the pros and cons of the machine, on the network are rare. Maintenance, tuning, buying accessories (mostly blankets, mats), spare parts, repair Land Cruiser Prado – all these questions owners usually rely on a motor show, having the official dealer status (not cheap because in possession of machine important question official guarantees).

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