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Honda WR-V 2018-2019 – the new mini crossover

The new Honda WR-V – the first news, photos and videos, the price and specifications, the technical characteristics of the Honda WR-V, the new Honda 2018-2019, the subcompact Japanese crossover. The official premiere pseudo crossover Honda BP-V was held on November 9, 2016 as part of the Sao Paulo International Motor Show. The youngest model WR-V in the crossover line of the company Honda Motors is based on the platform Honda Jazz 3 generation , but it looks more solid and sporty against the backdrop of the hatchback. Sales of a new stylized crossover Honda WR-V starting in the spring of 2017 in South America and India at a price of 16,500 dollars.

It’s interesting that behind the letters WR-V of the new car from the Japanese company there is a full sense of the name – Winsome Runabout Vehicle (literally translated as a charming or attractive compact car for walking).

Whether the new SUV can charm car enthusiasts in South America and India will be shown, but the appearance of the novelty may be attractive, but not charming. Rather, the subcompact crossover from Honda looks solid and can even be said sternly, especially from the front. The frowning eyes are formed by compact headlights of head light, charismatic falshradiator grating and massive bumper with powerful plastic protection like a real SUV.

Plastic weather-cloth – a crossover attribute, by the way, is present on the edges of wheel arches, thresholds, the lower edges of the side doors and on the rear bumper.

In general, and without a plastic protective suit, which protects the lower parts of the body, the novelty looks decent from any angle. The body of the crossover, there is no better and more accurate perhaps to say the upbeat hatchback (standard drive to the front wheels, whether the version with AWD AWD is not clear yet), adorn sharp edges, broken lines and athletic punches, stylish headlights and original headlights.

  • The external dimensions of the body of the Honda WR-V 2018-2019 are 3995 mm in length, 1750 mm in width, 1570 mm in height, with 2600 mm of wheelbase and 170 mm of ground clearance.

The Japanese manufacturer is not yet in a hurry to disclose the interior design of its novelty, but … with almost 100% probability it can be assumed that the interior of the five-door hatchback stylized under the crossover will be an exact replica of the Honda Jazz / Fit donor salon.

So, buyers have the right to count on high-quality finishing materials, comfortable first-row seats with pronounced lateral support, cozy rear seats supplemented with a super Honda Magic Seats system with a mass of transformation options, modern front panel architecture and a central console deployed towards the driver, an excellent set Advanced equipment.

The potential owners of the new Honda WR-V will be pleased with the sports multifunction steering wheel, a highly informative instrument panel with a large speedometer and a pair of smaller radii (tachometer and onboard computer), excellent organization of equipment on the center console in two versions. The first implies the presence of a multimedia system with a 5-inch color LCD-display and an air conditioner control unit. But the second is simply super, with a stylish and modern multimedia complex Honda Connect (7-inch touch screen with USB and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HDMI, navigation and a rear-view camera), as well as a touchpad, which controls climate Installation.

Of the security systems, not only the presence of 8 airbags, but also the mass of electronic systems, assistants and assistants: City-Brake Active and Advanced Driver Assist, Intelligent Speed ​​Assist and High-beam Support System, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning , Traffic Sign Recognition. Most of them are available, however, only as payment options and are not installed as standard.

Specifications of Honda WR-V 2018-2019 year.
The new SUV is based on the global B-segment platform, which is the basis of a large number of models of the Japanese company from Honda City and Honda Greiz sedans, Honda Gienia hatchbacks , Honda Jazz and Honda Fit, to Honda Vezel , Honda HR-V and Honda BR-V crossovers .
So the new SUV with the front completely independent suspension (McPherson strut), the rear semi-independent suspension (torsion bar H-type), disc brakes, electric power steering and standard drive 2WD (Two-Wheel Drive) to the front wheels. It is very likely that in the future there will be a version with an all-wheel drive AWD (All-Wheel Drive) connected.
In the engine compartment of the novelty, petrol and diesel engines will be able to work together with 5 MKPP, 6 MKPP and CVT variator.

Gasoline engines of the Earth Dreams family for the new Honda WR-V:

  • 1.2 i-VTEC (90 HP 100 Nm), 1.3 i-VTEC (102 HP 123 Nm) and possibly 1.5 i-VTEC (130 HP 155 Nm).

Diesel engines for the new car park Honda WR-V:

  • 1.5 i-DTEC (100 hp at 200 Nm) and 1.6 i-DTEC (120 hp at 300 Nm).

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