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Hatchback Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018-2019

Giulietta – a breakthrough model in the history of Alfa Romeo.
In 1954 her first generation made a real revolution in the history of the brand.
Prior to that, Alfa Romeo collected by hand in small batches expensive sports cars.
However, new times have forced the company to change strategy and go on the issue of the mass of cars, which, however, did not lose his hot southern temperament.

Giulietta Second Coming took place in 1977 – it was one of the last rear-wheel drive Alfa Romeo.
Today, the name Giulietta is a C-Class hatchback.
He appeared in 2010, the year, and recently completed planned update.

The original design of the hatchback Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018-2019 model year has turned out very successful, so the exterior changes are minimal.
Many features of the stylists of the exclusive borrowed from the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione .
The similarity can be seen in the drop-shaped headlights, rounded front end and in the form of the air intake in the bumper.

Of course, saved and corporate triangular “beak” grille, but now it is decorated with chrome.
This element unites hatchback Alfa Romeo Giulietta with the legendary 1954 model year.
In front of the optics, new LED running lights.
Profile with a raised rear portion is as dynamic and reinforce the impression of hidden in the roof rack rear door handles and sharp spoiler.
The width of the “stern” emphasize the elongated lights.

The charged version Quadrifoglio Verde looks brighter.
It is distinguished by aerodynamic body kit, 17-inch alloy wheels, rear diffuser, and clearance reduced by 15 mm.

The car – a full-fledged 5-door hatchback C-class, as is easily seen, sitting on the sofa back, legroom back enough to not feel slighted.
And the supply of sufficient headroom for the person who is taller than 180 cm.

Unlike his younger brother MiTo , finishing materials chosen more carefully, as well as their colors.
The unusual combination of red, silver and black front panel is perceived to be extremely harmonious, and even brown leather on the seats does not disturb the idyll of style.

Very pleasing architecture of the front seats with a pronounced emphasis on sport.
Is that the pillow could be a little longer, to what we have already taught some German “classmates”.
Plump leather steering wheel with distinctive burly on the “quarter to three”, adjustable in two planes, amazingly comfortable and endowed with quite convincing feedback.

In Dynamic mode, it may seem too hard and even sharp, but personally I prefer this informativeness.
Inside improved finishing materials: in particular, the hatchback Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018-2019 completely new door card.
Salon imbued with sporting spirit: the interior is diluted with bright red stitching, the same color and lighting.

On the front panel – silver insert multiple “aluminum”.
The Quadrifoglio Verde version provided metal pedals.
On trehtspitsevy wheel can be brought audio control keys and phone.

The dials of the speedometer and tachometer placed in separate wells.
Between them is the display of the onboard computer, as well as pointers residue fuel tank and coolant temperature.
In the central panel is a new 6.5-inch touchscreen UConnect multimedia system.
Thanks to him, significantly reduced the number of audio blocks switches and climate control.

For small luggage, in addition to a cooled glovebox and pockets in the doors, provided an office in the center console and in the armrest box.
However, the port for connecting a mobile phone located near the transmission lever, which is not very convenient.
The steering column is adjustable in height and depth.

Hatchback Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018-2019 received a new front seats: they are comfortable and nice to hold back.
The Quadrifoglio Verde version installed special sport seats, decorated with perforated leather and Alcantara.
The boot capacity is 350 liters and with the rear seats folded increases to 1045 liters.

Equipment hatchback Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018-2019 significantly expanded.
The initial version of the Impression received electric windows and mirrors, air conditioning, CD-player, 6 airbags, stability control and tire pressure monitoring.

The most expensive version Exclusive Quadrofoglio Verde and added dual-zone climate control, connection Bluetooth, parking sensors, light sensors and rain, cruise control.
The list of options includes a panoramic roof and sound system Bose.

All the engines for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018-2019 equipped with turbocharging and direct fuel injection, the engine is provided and jamming technology at stops Start & Stop.

The initial 1.4-liter petrol “four” is developing 105 or 120 liters.
to be higher in the hierarchy -. its 170-hp version.
He shows good traction in the middle engine speed range, for maximum torque of 250 Nm is achieved from 2500 rev / min.
At the same time the “quartet” cheerful disposition and she quickly and effortlessly reaches a maximum of 6500 rev / min.

Hatchback Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018-2019 accelerates to 100 km / h in 7.8 seconds and is capable of reaching 218 km / h.
In the urban cycle, it consumes 7.6 l / 100 km, and in the country – 4.6 l / 100 km.
«Hot» Quadrifoglio Verde received a 1.8-liter turbo engine capacity of 235 liters.
His character is surprisingly calm, “four” is flexible.

Already from 1900 rev / min are achieved maximum 340 N • m of torque.
Result – 6.8 seconds to 100 km / h and maximum 242 km / h.
At the same time fuel consumption is very moderate: 10.8 l / 100 km in town and 5.8 l / 100 km – on the highway.
The base diesel engine – a 1.6-liter 105-hp, also available 2.0-liter engine, developing 150 and 175 liters.

Once finalized, they differ in the quiet and smooth operation.
In addition, they are flexible and high-torque, because the maximum torque increased to 380 Nm decent.
A more powerful version accelerates to 100 km / h in 7.8 seconds and develops 220 km / h.
In the urban cycle fuel consumption is 5.2 l / 100 km in the urban cycle and 3.9 l / 100 km – on the road.

Manual 6-speed gear shift demonstrates excellent precision.
The surcharge for the 170-strong version of the proposed 7-speed transmission with double-clutch TCT.

Of course, all the advantages of excellent engines and gearbox can easily nullify the ill-conceived chassis.
History knows many cases when the dynamic performance of the car required a much more thoughtful work with his handling.
In the case of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018-2019 it no worries.

Rear “mnogoryichazhka” surprisingly allows to refuel the car, even in the most treacherous turns rainy mountain serpentine.
And only an overabundance of traction on the front axle provokes her to a small demolition output – Dynamic interference in electronic “collars” mode in the car, the driver is minimal.

Updated hatchback Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2018-2019 is already sold in Europe.
Prices have not changed: the basic version costs 19 900 euros, but the Quadrifoglio Verde will cost 30 000 euros.

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