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Hatchback 2018-2019 Volkswagen Scirocco

This is not the main “Moneymaker” company, but certainly one of the most fashion models of 2018-2019 Volkswagen, which concern, according to the qualitative renewal of the Scirocco, invested with great pleasure: when it comes to the honor of the family, talking about money is inappropriate.
Coupe as a class – that the underwear as clothing: effectively, and hopefully not for everyone.
Appetizing to tachycardia and elegantly blissfully.

With a guaranteed attention and concentration choleric haughty looks of envy from those that poratsionalnee, or simply poprizhimistee.
And let officially 2018-2019 Volkswagen Scirocco hatchback is more correct to call the first option, informal, carries much more emotional charge.

Well suited to this car is formally no sense in principle – update requires careful study.
“Wholesale” it does not take – only “retail”, otherwise many changes corny remain behind the scenes.
And ignore innovations such as adaptive optics, LED lights or trunk opening mechanism in the logo at least annoying.

However, there are things conceptually.
A neat little touches gave the model a more regular geometric shape.
Take a look at the chiseled bumpers or horizontal ledge on the third door – visually Scirocco became broader and stockier.
What dynamic coupe, which a priori should be “lean” even without the horsepower is great.

The comfortable recliners, a small wheel of a truncated Golf GTI and old school stopwatch dials and boost pressure sensor with oil temperature on the front panel are hitting on the same strings – to bring the entourage drayvovy atmosphere.
But practicality is not necessary to write off.

Two full seat with an excellent profile and integrated headrests negate the idea of ​​”segregation” rear passengers.
A 312-liter boot, expandable to 1006 liters of useful not to bury the idea of ​​their use in everyday life.

“Heated” image have added functionality.
With the optional advanced electronics can not be afraid of blind spots, not to worry about switching from the main beam to the dipped and easy to get under way on the rise without fear to slip back.
A blunted sense of dimensions exacerbate the “autopilot» Park Assist – visibility back is really not the best.

Electronic Differential Lock (again optional) positively affects the Scirocco behavior because 220 “forces” in the front-wheel drive – is objectively much.
Accelerates to dissimilar surfaces and fly into the turns with it can be more confident, with little or no stray podrulivany and demolition of the front wheels.

Rides such a car is not only right, as VW, but also excitedly what you expect from a bright Scirocco.
Especially with adaptive suspension, where the degree of emotional changes button Damper Control.
Sam 2018-2019 Volkswagen Scirocco is built on the old platform of Golf of the fifth or sixth generation.

But even added to the interior of the hood of the updated model with three additional instruments borrowed from the newcomer the 2018-2019 Volkswagen the Beetle , and the steering wheel and instruments are taken from fresh Golf GTI.
“The economy must be economical,” – and even strange that it was once said Leonid Brezhnev, not Ferdinad Piech.

When car companies never tire of trumpeting the importance of reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere, and then increase the power of the next model up to the level of a small truck, it looks like a diabetic, was added to the Coca-Cola sugar.
2018-2019 Volkswagen Scirocco was no exception.
The updated model has become not just more powerful – so powerful Scirocco 2015 had never been.

Scirocco R version of the engine develops 280 horsepower – that’s five times more powerful than the base Scirocco 1970 and more than the Porsche 911 Turbo of those years.
Before restyling Scirocco was presented in Russia with three petrol engines TSI with 122, 160 and 210 horsepower, and they got an increase of power: three, 20 and 10, respectively forces.

At the same time line of motors has become 19 percent more economical.
Do not know, no matter what indicators managed to achieve, if not increasing capacity, but according to our calculations, for the year 2054 Scirocco R engine has to develop 600 horsepower and pass on biofuels glass from Düsseldorf to Kyzylorda.
This is the modern dynamics of change in capacity and efficiency.

For 2018-2019 Volkswagen for a long time could consolidate the glory of cars for seniors who need the weekend to get to the club for a game of bingo, if not for the Scirocco, Golf GTI, Beetle and the Passat the CC , which make a dispassionate image of “popular” cars more emotional and maintain the attractiveness of the brand for a younger audience.

Thanks to a competent policy of growth and through unification of the 2018-2019 Volkswagen Group makes a model of the same class more competitors.
A simple example folksvagenovskoy economies of scale is the same system ESP production Bosch – it can be found in some the Audi , as well as under the hood of the Bugatti the Veyron .
A new platform MQB (for 2018-2019 Volkswagen models, of Seat , of Skoda , the Audi) made ​​it possible to reduce costs and development time by 20-30 percent.

If in in China has sold nearly ten million cars, and that was enough to overtake on the historic US indicator, at the moment the capacity of the local market increased even twice.

And the “people’s” car of Statistics of China is precisely 2018-2019 Volkswagen: in the Germans are sold 2,395,696 cars – it is almost equal to the entire capacity of the Russian market.
Despite the absence of the four doors and an elongated base, the Scirocco also buy mostly Chinese, and only then are the Germans and the British.

Especially for buyers from the east range of colors added to attract attention and good luck red shade «Flash», as well as purple «Ultra» and gold «Pyramid».
There is love.
In 2013 in Russia it was purchased 311 Scirocco – in similar volumes sold Land Rover Defender and the Citroen the DS5 .
Among the less popular models of 2018-2019 Volkswagen Beetle and only the Phaeton .

Version R Scirocco sounds like the trumpets of Jericho and looks like Til Schweiger at the Sunday picnic.
The front bumper is now adorned with decorative blades on the machine Gillette manners, rear – a diffuser, although these decorations did not affect the aerodynamics and downforce.

In sport mode, the wheel is filled with saturated Scirocco, but reducing the information content of a reactive force, and the system is mechanically increasing the pulsation in the exhaust system, permeates all the overtones, who sits in the cabin.
Goes Scirocco R tightly and accurately, at least until the winding road that forces you to actively steer.

The Golf GTI with the same wheel radius sloping bottom makes from lock to lock two turns, and in all three Scirocco is constantly tripping over in her hands.
Change the old rack and pinion from the fifth “Course” for a model – it’s expensive and just not part of the priorities.
Germans generally recognized that the Scirocco is not entirely about sports.
The lion’s share of sales accounted for versions with less powerful engines – the main thing that the car was a pseudo-two-door body, where it is possible to paste a sticker Nurburgring Driver, and ride on the Golf «not like at all.”

Chief folksvagenovsky “robot” – is, of course, promoted by the Germans for eleven years Preselektivnaya transmission DSG.
And in the case of the two clutches Scirocco idea is alive and well – buyers of conventional Golf bought it less often.
Although clear in the six-step “mechanics” for Civil drive also exceptionally good.

In the 1970s, the Golf and Scirocco are the first cars with the rear torsion beam, but now there is a more complex multi-link suspension.
The optional active suspension DCC allows you to change modes with comfortable damper on sports.

Starting with the 150-hp Scirocco machine can be equipped with simulated electronic differential lock XDS front axle.
This is not a mechanical system – by means of exchange rate stability of the system electronics retarding the front wheels.

From a technical point of view Scirocco remains as practical for everyday use, as well as any 2018-2019 Volkswagen, but is more emotionally.
During the design have to pay tapering to the rear and a high loading height boot.

Sophisticated update with point visible and voluminous technical changes seriously improved the tone of the model, which is now more responsible concepts of dynamic coupé in all senses.
Or, if you prefer, a 3-door hatchback.

Cost dorestaylingovoy cars in Russia begins with a mark of 122 thousand rubles.
The updated version of the 2018-2019 Volkswagen Scirocco will appear in our market next spring.

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