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Hatchback 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris

The first generation of the hatchback 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris came to light in 1999, the year the debut of the latest third generation of this model took place in 2011, well, a serious “face lift” was held this year.

And even if at first glance restyling Japanese car does not look revolutionary, the manufacturer notes that the upgrade process engineers used more than a thousand brand new parts and components.
Let’s see whether or not so good hatchback 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris model year, as the company said.

The third generation model, including gibribnaya version has been tested more than once.
And virtually all experts say that the Japanese “baby” each time leaving a good impression.

Experts highly evaluated spacious interior, normally associated with larger cars, functionality and ergonomics.
The quality of the materials used for the interior trim and the accuracy of the fit is also not caused serious complaints.
Do I need to in case something else better ?!

But restyling done.
Of course, there will always be elements that you can further tweak, adjust or refine.
In this case, the update car certainly been very successful.
Changes in 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris appearance can be seen quite easily.

Japanese hatchback received a completely redesigned front part of the body, where renewed false radiator grille and bumper.
Also changes were headlights and LED daytime running lights, which considerably increased the coverage and driving lights.

The design of the front of the car, made in the form of letters “X”, reminiscent of the “face” of the new 2018-2019 Toyota Aygo.
Yaris Hatchback model year, acquired, so to speak, even more character and, at the same time maintaining the same calm, so the road will be recognizable from afar.

Inside the car is also slightly changed.
The Japanese automaker says that the company has taken to heart the suggestions and comments of the owners of the current generation model.
Therefore, an even more improved quality of finishing materials, additional colors for the interior design, as well as slightly increased space in the cabin, which, by the way, before it was a sin to complain.

Indeed, the interior is a high level of ergonomics.
The dashboard and center console look and at the same time modest and very elegant.

Clear simple analogue dials “instruments” obviously will appeal to those motorists who are more valued is a classic style, than the various experiments.
In addition, here, everything is in place and to explore with all the features in the cabin does not require a long study instructions.

We would like to mention a niche on the left side of the instrument panel – the perfect place for your mobile phone.
In most cases, the machine costs restyled not only transformations in appearance.
Many innovations can not be seen with the naked eye because they are purely technical.

A small 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris model year, has been further improved to ensure maximum comfort and increase the accuracy of control.
So go to the updated hatchback is very comfortable and pleasant.

The seats, for a compact car, are quite large and quite comfortable.
They can really boast excellent lateral support, but this is not important.
In this class, the focus is on versatility and comfort, and the front seats in the 2015 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris perform this task perfectly – the back does not feel any discomfort, even in relatively long journeys.

The rear seats are no less comfortable than the front.
Free space in the passenger compartment of a hatchback for four adults is just right, with both front and rear passengers should not complain about the lack of legroom.

In addition, for a fee Japanese offer panoramic roof, but in this case, unfortunately, reduced space over the heads of all passengers.
It is also worth noting that even more improved noise isolation, so other sounds in the cabin became an order of magnitude lower.

For an updated 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris model year, the Japanese engineers have provided three power units and a hybrid power plant.
Among the internal combustion engine was a place petrol 1.0- and 1.33-liter unit with a capacity of respectively 69 and 99 horsepower, and the 1.4-liter 90-strong diesel motor series LD-4D.

The smaller of the gasoline engine has undergone a substantial upgrading in order to improve its efficiency, reduce emissions, reduce noise and vibration.
After all the modifications it fully meets the requirements of ecological standard Euro-6.

The second petrol engine (1.33-liter) will, according to Japanese engineers, more popular.
He has good dynamics and sounds quite nice.
With him hatchback 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris model year starts from zero to 100 kilometers per hour on the speedometer in about 11.7 seconds.
As for the average gasoline consumption, the mixed mode of motion it reaches about 6.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

It is worth noting that the overall impression of the driver’s seat is quite positive – no driver, regardless of height and weight (within reason, of course), should have no problem finding the optimal position of the body.

The only pity is that the armrest is too narrow and is installed under the funny angle to the seat.
In practice, this means that instead assist the driver, the armrest on the contrary – prevents it simply.
However, it can be simply removed.

But the multifunction steering wheel leaves a good impression – a small, “muscular” and a flat bottom, as in sports cars.
Thanks to him, hatchback 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris differs enviable agility when driving in an urban environment.

Among the available models for the equipment I would like to mention the latest multimedia system 2018-2019 Toyota Touch & Go II.
Compared with the previous version it has received more than 7-inch touch screen, which is much easier to read and therefore more convenient to use.
On it displays a picture with a rear view camera (by the way, there is no parking sensors).

Multimedia Complex has Bluetooth function where communication is supported with MP3-players and smartphones.
In addition, it is complemented satellite navigation with Google Panoramio, Google Street View, Google Local Search, and notifications of traffic on the route.

In general, we can say that 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris model year – the hatchback is quite modern, quite spacious, functional and quite dynamic.
It is extremely stable even when cornering at high speeds.

In the European market the updated 2018-2019 Toyota Yaris went on sale in the late summer of this year, there its value starts with a mark of 12 000 euros.
Unfortunately, in our country is not officially on sale hatchback, vehicle deliveries to Russia have been suspended as early as, the year due to low demand.

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