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Hatchback 2018-2019 Renault Sandero Stepway

“All-terrain” hatchback 2018-2019 Renault Sandero Stepway the second generation version of the Russian market was officially shown to the public in the late summer in the Moscow International Motor Show in, and he went on sale only in the second half of November.
It should be noted that 2018-2019 Renault news almost no competitors in the country, so there was nowhere to hurry, and it was possible to faithfully prepare for his debut.

It should also be noted that the engineers from France in fact been able to develop a pretty good idea, and prepared by the Russian climate machine, which, no doubt, will also appeal to our motorists almost at a glance.

Compared with the first generation, 2018-2019 Renault Sandero Stepway the second generation has not changed in size, but has become more interesting in design plan.
Attractive appearance, resulting from the Sandero hatchback standard, complemented by the stylish “all-terrain” body kit, which added aggressive notes of novelty and solidity.

In addition, the French machine has a protective overlays thresholds, inserts of plastic in the wheel arches, Wheel disks made of steel with a diameter of 16 inches, as well as the roof rails.
Speaking in general terms, the resulting change in the maximum pulled 2018-2019 Renault Sandero Stepway in the category of urban “SUV” because in addition to “all-terrain” body kit car has a solid and tall ride height, increased to 19.5 centimeters.

Next, we give others the size of the French news.
Body hatchback second generation reaches a length of 408.0 cm, a width of 175.7 cm and a height model does not exceed 161.8 cm.
The length of the wheelbase reaches the figure of 258.9 centimeters.

The car’s weight in running order is dependent on the power unit and can be of the order 1110-bit or 1127-E kilogram.
With regard to the carrying capacity, the 2018-2019 Renault Sandero Stepway the second generation is capable of carrying up to 444 kilograms.

Inside the car interior also copies of the standard hatchback, but it has a more “advanced” sound insulation that provides greater comfort when driving on dirt and gravel roads.

The interior design of the French engineers used plastic decent quality, with the interior itself, despite its apparent plainness budget segment, very well thought out in terms of ergonomics.
The first row of seats features a large volume of space, but on the back seat is not so rosy, but it is the main drawback of the class of compact cars.

If we talk about the luggage compartment of new items, not to put too much luggage – about 320-year-liters.
However, if you fold the rear row seat, the luggage compartment capacity will rise to about 1,200 liters.
On the territory of our country 2018-2019 Renault Sandero Stepway second generation is available with two engines to choose from.

One of them – it is a 4-cylinder gasoline-valve 8 1.6-liter unit with multipoint injection, developing 82 horse power capacity (5,000 rpm) and about 134 Newton-meters x maximum torque (2800 rpm) .
This motor uses 95-octane gasoline, and is fully compliant with environmental standards Euro-5.

The pair he got a mechanical 5-band transmission, with which the car is capable of accelerating from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in about 12.3 seconds.
A maximum speed hatchback here reaches 165 kilometers per hour.
In mixed mode, the movement of the unit consumes about 7.3 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

The second engine for the 2018-2019 Renault Sandero Stepway – it is also a 4-cylinder 1.6-liter unit, but with 16 valves and configured differently distributed injection.
Therefore, its maximum capacity is for about 102’s horsepower (5,750 rpm) and peak torque of 145 Newton-meters minute (3750 rpm).

This unit also “eats” 95 th gasoline and meets all the requirements of eco-standards Euro-5.
Transmission is the same – 5-band “mechanics”.
Here, the machine dials the first “hundred” on the speedometer in about 11.2 seconds and the top speed increased to 170 kilometers per hour.
Interestingly, the average fuel consumption of the engine is slightly smaller than that of the first motor, namely – 7.2 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

“All-terrain” hatchback 2018-2019 Renault Sandero Stepway The second generation is based on a standard platform and Sandero has driven only on the front axle.
Novelty spring suspension.
The front part of the car is equipped with traditional rack type “McPherson”, but the stern is a torsion beam.

The front suspension is independent, rear – semi-dependent.
Both supplemented by stabilizer bars.
Compared with its predecessor, the 2018-2019 Renault Sandero Stepway the second generation got reinforced stiffer suspension, it is much better adapted to the real conditions of Russian roads.

In addition, the bottom of the machine is covered by the French Stone Chip Protection, fuel “dressed” in a plastic enclosures, all joints and seams are covered with mastic, and the housing of the power unit has received the protection of steel.
The front wheels of the new model have got 259-mm disc brakes with ventilation function, rear French engineers were limited to the usual 8-inch drum brakes.
Car steering assistance received in power.

In Russia, the “all-terrain” hatchback 2018-2019 Renault Sandero Stepway the second generation can be purchased in one of two trim levels – Confort or Privelege.

The first of these features tinted glass, halogen headlights, running lights, decoration cloth interior, power windows for the front windows, heating and electric exterior mirrors, heated seats of the first row, adjust the driver’s seat and steering column, cruise control, heated cabin, central locking, immobilizer, a full spare wheel, EBD system, ABS system and some other options.

The surcharge this version can be equipped with sound system on four speakers, heated windscreen and air conditioning.

The initial value of the “all-terrain” hatchback 2018-2019 Renault Sandero Stepway second generation model year will start with 485-thousand rubles.
For the top-end version of the car with the engine need to put at least 505-thousand rubles.

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