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Hatchback 2018-2019 Mini Cooper

2018-2019 Mini Cooper has already become a cult classic British car.
The premiere took it back in 1959, and the car immediately created a furore.
Of course, it produced a completely different 2018-2019 Mini – he became more comfortable, more powerful, richer equipped.
And if the original model was produced for four decades without radical changes over the past 13 years has held two shifts generation 2018-2019 Mini Cooper.

Now the baton takes its third generation.
Despite the fact that the debut of the new generation 2018-2019 Mini Cooper specifically dedicated to the birthday of Sir Alec Issigonis (the man who for the British brand means roughly the same thing, that Ferdinand Porsche for the Volkswagen ), original and modern model connects, in fact, only the name .

And it’s not so easy with the name.
The first 2018-2019 Mini Cooper has enriched the English language a new term – supermini.
It became known as the cars a class above quite tiny (3054 mm long) British character 60s.
A current 2018-2019 Mini Cooper turned himself into a supermini.

British stylists differ enviable conservatism, so the new 2018-2019 Mini Cooper is not so easy to distinguish from its predecessor, and features in the design of model 1959 are reviewed.
It retains the familiar two-volume silhouette with a small angle of inclination of the roof rack and a high window line.
There remain large and almond-shaped headlights and elongated lights with chrome rings.

Optics, by the way, can be completely LED.
But grille somewhat increased in size.
The Cooper version is chrome, and charged version Cooper S – black.

2018-2019 Mini has not so “mini”.
He grew up just 100 mm and now stands at 3850 mm in length, that is half a meter higher than the legendary ancestor.
Wheelbase reached 2495 mm, width – 1727 mm, and height – 1414 mm.

Indeed, it is foolish to pretend to be a toddler, when you have grown up and matured.
Add 28 mm wheelbase, seat design changed, extended adjustment range – and the modern 2018-2019 Mini Cooper 2015, finally became a full-fledged four-seater car.

Is not this the dream Issigonis Sir?
After all, in his 2018-2019 Mini four also placed.
But then people were slimmer, and security requirements are not as strict.
And how do you trunk capacity of 211 liters?
For the owner of the 2018-2019 Mini Cooper is incredibly much.

But at home, in the UK, hatchback valued not for its economic power (though in the 2018-2019 Mini range has and utility version), and for the excellent handling and a real drive.
Reduced weight, more rigid body, a new rear suspension stiffness control system of shock absorbers new 2015 2018-2019 Mini Cooper should go only on advantage.

At the same time, the interior style has remained the same – with an abundance of circular elements.
In a familiar spirit holds a compact three-spoke steering wheel.
Speedometer migrated to the central panel at a familiar place – a tachometer.
Machinery, by the way, are regulated with the steering column.
These, by the way, can now be projected on the windshield.

Switches audio blocks and climate control air reminiscent of the tumblers, and above them is placed 8.8-inch screen multimedia system.
Press the backlight button can change the interior, and the car can be personalized by using inserts that mimic wood or carbon fiber.

In an embodiment, Cooper S fitted special sports seats trimmed with leather.
The list of options expanded new electronic “helpers.”
Now for the 2018-2019 Mini Cooper 2015 available parking autopilot, adaptive cruise control with automatic deceleration system, traffic sign recognition technology.

Park Distance Control warns of the dangerous convergence in the parking lot.
Driving Assistant will support the distance to the car in front, slow down before the pedestrian light will switch from long to short-range, detects road signs, help with parallel parking.

Initially, for the hatchback will be offered a choice of three engines, all turbocharged and direct fuel injection.
The base 2018-2019 Mini Cooper 2015 received a new 1.5-liter three-cylinder petrol engine capacity of 136 liters.

At Cooper S under the hood – a 2.0-liter 192-strong “four”, which allows to accelerate to 100 km / h in 6.8 sec and develop 235 km / h.
There Cooper D with a 116-strong turbodiesel (also a three-cylinder), spending an average of 3.5 l / 100 km.
The car received a new 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions.

It has an all-new multi-link rear suspension, and are available for a fee adaptive dampers.
In addition, you can select chassis tuning technology that allows to change the sharpness of the steering, suspension stiffness, and sensitivity of the accelerator pedal.

Cost hatchback in Europe starts with a mark of 19 700 euros, and the 2018-2019 Mini Cooper S will cost 23 800 euros.

Runaway 2018-2019 Mini size could be stopped if a British company launched a series of concept of 2018-2019 Mini Rocketman.
“The Rocketeer”, of course, did not return to the size of 2018-2019 Mini brand the late 50’s, but was shorter and smaller than all existing models in the lineup – “only” 3419 mm in length.
The concept, first shown at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, was landing formula 3 + 1, and carbon fiber body.

2018-2019 Mini even released a second version of the Rocketman – for the summer Olympic Games in London 2012, but then the prudent German leadership gave the all-clear.
Plans to launch the concept in the production decided to give up: it was necessary to develop a new platform, then issue costs would be considerably higher than the likely returns for mini-2018-2019 Mini.

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