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Ford Tourneo Custom 2020 – updated Van Ford

New Ford for 2019-2020 replenished with a new Ford Tourneo Custom, which experienced a major restyling. In our review, the updated Ford Torneo Castom 2020 – the photo, price, configuration and technical characteristics of the Tourneo Custom van, received a new front end design, a completely new front end, a host of advanced security systems and advanced equipment, a premium interior. Sales of the new Ford Torneo Castom in Europe will start in early 2020 at a price of 32,000 euros.

The car, as well as the person, is met by clothes. So right away we’ll start our review “from the clothes”, or rather with a new front end of the updated Ford Tourneo Custom. Moreover, the profile and feed of the van have not changed and exactly repeat the appearance of the pre-reform machine, which debuted in 2012.

The front part of the body restyling versions of the van Torneo Castom is decorated in the style of modern passenger models of Ford. In the presence of large drops of headlights with LED sections of daytime running lights (the top version flaunts xenon headlights – HID Xenon), an impressive size falshradiatornaya lattice with chrome beams and a frame, a new bumper athletic shape with stylish rectangular fog lights in the original loopholes.

Updated Ford Tourneo Custom in front looks very menacing, like a predator ready to jump. It seems that we are not facing the front part of the body of a large van that can accommodate 8-9 people in the cabin, and the front part of the body of a sports compact. In a word, the updated Tourneo Custom front looks as bright as the Ford S-Max .

It only remains to add that Ford Torneo Castom is available to order with two wheelbase dimensions and overall overall body length: L1 (short base) and L2 (long base).

  • The exterior dimensions of the body of the Ford Tourneo Custom L1 (2019-2020) are 4972 mm (5339 mm) in length, 1986 mm wide, including the rear-view mirrors, the body width is 2290 mm, 1972 – 2020 mm (1976 – 2022 mm) in height, with a 2933 mm (3300 mm) wheelbase.
  • Regardless of the length of the body and the dimensions of the wheelbase, the length of the front overhang is 1011 mm, and the length of the rear overhang is 1028 mm.

The useful volume of the luggage compartment of the Van Ford Torneo Castom is impressive. At version L1 (short base) from 1180 liters behind backs of 3 lines of armchairs to 2940 liters behind backs of 2 rows of seats. The version L2 (long base), of course, even more, respectively, from 1930 to 3690 liters. It’s hard, really, to imagine that the owner will have a desire to load the luggage compartment under the ceiling with an eye to the new interior of the premium class of the renovated van.

In the cabin Tourneo Custom with great comfort can accommodate 8-9 people, and the top version of the model will please 6 individual seats of the second and third row with the possibility of organizing this conference room (passengers of 2 and 3 rows sit facing each other).

The front panel and the center console in the salon of the renovated van Ford are completely new. A large color touchscreen of the multimedia complex Sync 3 with voice control, support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and a rear view camera (standard for Titanium and Sport), a convenient and logical control unit for air conditioning is installed.

The manufacturer claims significantly improved noise and sound insulation of the interior, the use of new seats with a more dense packing, as well as the use of better materials for finishing (fabric or leather on the seats, soft plastic on the upper part of the cabin).

In addition to Pre-Collision Assist systems with the Pedestrian Detection emergency braking system, Lane Keeping Alert, Side Wind Stabilization and Adaptive Cruise Control available on pre-reform versions, the manufacturer offers new electronic systems: speed limiter with intelligent control and the ability to read road signs, Traffic from behind and a system for tracking objects of blind areas of rear-view mirrors.

Specifications of the Ford Tourneo Custom 2019-2020. The updated van is equipped with a new four-cylinder turbo diesel 2.0 TDCi Ford EcoBlue Motor in three power variants (105 HP 360 Nm), (130 HP 385 Nm) and (170 HP 405 Nm) in the company with 6 manual transmissions. As an option for the 130-horsepower and 170-horsepower engines, the automatic gearbox 6 SelectShift is offered. Also as an option, the rear air suspension.

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