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FORD MUSTANG GT500 2018-2019

Conservative Europe has always been opposing the American way of life all on display.
One of the areas that is the love of irrational and provocative cars.
However, 2018-2019 Ford Mustang Shelbi is breaking all stereotypes.

European motorists, he liked.
2018-2019 Ford Shelbi – car for real men.
Previously it was thought that the steeper the one who has more “horses” under the hood.
In a sense, it is appreciated now, but show off the power is no longer in vogue.
But 558 horsepower at Shelbi – it All the same, pretty much.
And the times are not reliable brakes are gone.

Modern 2018-2019 Ford Shelbi equipped with powerful brakes from Brembo.
Behind it did not split the bridge to this I could only think of 2018-2019 Ford.
The V8 engine is at the front longitudinal.
Power – 410 kW (558 hp) at 6200 rpm.
Torque – 692 Nm at 4250 rpm.
Drive back.

Transmission – 6-speed manual.
Tires 255/40 – 285/35 ZR 19. Shelbi length – 4780 mm, width – 1880 mm, height – 1410 mm.
Maximum speed – 270 kilometers per hour.
Acceleration to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour is 5.0 seconds.

Average fuel consumption according to the manufacturer is 13.7 liters per 100 kilometers.
Fuel type – A-95.
Price in Europe from 94 thousand dollars.

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