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Ferrari Portofino 2020 – a novelty in the stable of Ferrari

New Ferrari 2019-2020, replenished the new coupe-cabriolet Ferrari Portofino. The novelty is named after the Italian resort town of Portofino and will replace the Ferrari California model, launched in 2008, in the Ferrari SpA lineup from Maranello. In our review Ferrari Portofino – the first news, photo, price, configuration and technical characteristics of a stylish Italian sports car with rigid hardtop roof from Webasto. The world premiere of Ferrari Portofino is scheduled for early autumn of 2020 as part of the Frankfurt Motor Show. Sales of the new Ferrari Portofino coupe-cabriolet with petrol 600-horsepower V8 start in the spring of the future in 2020 at a price of 190-200 thousand euros.

Photo Ferrari Portofino 2019-2020

The new Ferrari Portofino is the most affordable car available today in the production line of the Italian company and, by and large, it is necessary to recognize that we have a more modern, improved and modernized version of the model of Ferrari California (more precisely Ferrari California T, which debuted in 2014).

photo Ferrari Portofino 2019-2020 front view

The main thing for sports cars is, of course, the motor, and under the hood of the new Ferrari Portofino there is a 3.9-liter V8 beet-turbo (model F154 with a flat crankshaft), a new product from the California T. Italian motorists, of course, improved the engine performance by changing the control program , Equipping the engine with pistons and connecting rods with better performance, while changing the geometry of the exhaust path to reduce the effect of the turbojam.

  • As a result, the gasoline 3.9 twin-turbo V8 gives the coveted 600 horsepower and 760 Nm of maximum torque over a wide range of engine speeds from 3000 to 5600 (California T engine boasted only 560 horses and 755 Nm of torque). The dynamics of acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is only 3.5 seconds, the maximum speed is 320 km / h.

photo Ferrari Portofino 2019-2020 side view

Also in the technical stuffing of the new coupe-cabriolet from Maranello there is an electronically controlled rear differential E-Diff3 (3rd generation unit), shock absorbers filled with magnetorheological fluid and an electric power steering providing a more sharp response to the steering wheel rotation (the steering wheel is 7% sharper, than at Ferrari California). The box remained the same 7-speed automatic with push-button control on the central tunnel (you can change gears with the help of convenient keys on the steering wheel).

  • External dimensions of the body of Ferrari Portofino 2019-2020 year are 4586 mm in length, 1938 mm in width, 1318 mm in height.
  • Weight distribution along the axes is not ideal, the front axle accounts for 46% of the mass, and the rear axle 54%.

The manufacturer does not specify exact data on the loaded weight of the car and the stiffness coefficient of the body on torsion, but at the same time assures that the novelty is noticeably lighter than the Ferrari California and has a stiffer body due to the use of modern technologies and components used in the manufacture of bodywork and chassis.

photo Ferrari Portofino 2019-2020 rear view

The exterior of the body of the new Italian sports car was designed by experts from the Ferrari Design Center. The coupe-cabriolet will not only get a modern look in the style of the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso and Ferrari 812 Superfast models, but also the Fastback bodywork with a rigid hardtop roof designed and manufactured by Webasto. The novelty looks flawless, both with a raised roof (a gorgeous two-door coupe), and with a folded roof (super stylish convertible).

Photo interior of the Ferrari Portofino 2019-2020

Bright front part of the body with boomerangs of LED headlamps, a bonnet with an unmatched relief and a massive bumper with huge air intakes and a splitter.
On the side of the body, every detail shows dynamics, pressure and excitement. In the presence of a long sloping bonnet, a heavily lined back windshield frame, powerfully inflated wheel arches, intricacies of vyshtampovok, waves and depressions on the sides of the body, solid feed.
The rear part of the body strikes with the dimensions of the exhaust pipes, stylish LED eyes of the parking lights, a powerful bumper with a huge diffuser and a majestic trunk lid.

Photo interior Ferrari Portofino 2019-2020

The saloon of the new Ferrari Portofino with landing formula 2 + 2, but according to the manufacturer in the rear seats of the novelty is noticeably more comfortable and more comfortable than in the second row of the model of Ferrari California due to the thinner backs of the front seats. Addition is finite miserable, but for the inhabitants of the back row even a couple of extra centimeters a gift.

The architecture of the front panel and center console, the location of controls, multimedia complex and other equipment in the cabin of the new coupe-cabriolet is made in the corporate style of the Ferrari models. There is a sports steering wheel with a rim cut from below, a highly informative instrument panel (a combination of an analog tachometer with a pair of digital displays on the sides), a modern multimedia complex with a 10.2-inch color touch screen, an additional display on the front panel in front of the passenger, With more performance and a new control unit, new sports seats for the driver and front passenger with excellent lateral support and electrical adjustment in 18 directions tions.
For the interior trim exclusively high-quality materials are used (genuine leather, Nappa leather, Alcantara artificial suede, polished aluminum and carbon).

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